12 Best Alternatives to Track Lighting in The Kitchen

Searching for the perfect track light alternatives to give a fresh look to the kitchen?

If so, this is the article spot. Here we will share a list of some of the most trending alternatives to track lighting for residential cooking spaces. 

There is a wide range of kitchen lights available in the market that one can use as the track light alternative. However, light is an essential part of any kitchen, so it should be both functional and stylish. Keeping that in mind, we will explore the hottest kitchen lighting ideas in this post.

Those looking specifically for kitchen island lighting ideas can get some inspiration from this Caesarstone guide.

Kitchen lights for different purposes

  • Task lighting: Task lighting is used for working on kitchen counters. One can install LED strips underneath their kitchen cabinetry. Another alternative to this is a pendant light. 
  • Accent lighting: Kitchens barely have any accents in terms of artwork and decoration, but one can make use of accent lighting to highlight various parts of the kitchen and make it look aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Ambient lighting: It helps create a general light in the kitchen, and it is also known as mood lighting. It can be easily created by combining several layers of light. 

Track lighting alternatives for a kitchen: what’s trending? 

1. Recessed light

Conventional lights might seem boring in modern kitchens, and hence homeowners are choosing recessed lights nowadays. However, this term may seem technical, but it simply means the lighting has been installed in a way that’s hidden in other elements in a space.

Homeowners looking for a modern yet minimalist option can opt for recessed lights. These are generally installed under the cabinets (used as task lighting), ceilings, and over the sinks. 

2. Modern statement lights 

Homeowners that wish to give their kitchen a funky look can settle for the flamboyant pendulum lights. Choose oversized statement lights with contrasting hardware to break the monotony of an all-white kitchen. Flamboyant pendulum kitchen lights are the best for highlighting the kitchen island or dining area. 

3. Chandeliers 

Large-scale lighting fixtures are one of the top trends in modern kitchens because they help create a bold statement. Whether installed over an island, right above the dining table, or in the middle of the kitchen, a statement chandelier is sure to be the most elegant centrepiece!

The statement chandeliers are available in several colours, textures, designs, and even materials, so one must pick the one that best fits their kitchen’s theme. 

4. Flush mount fixtures

These are ideal for low ceilings but can be incorporated into almost any design. These lights look good with rustic or monochromatic kitchen themes. One can go for the flush mount fixtures that feature brass, bronze, or polished nickel to add a slightly contemporary look to the kitchen. 

5. Hourglass ceramic pendant 

Ceramics have the power to add a chic, handmade feel to a kitchen and what could be better than a beautiful piece of pottery hung on the ceiling? Hourglass-shaped hand-finished ceramic pendants are in trend nowadays because they are a perfect way to introduce an accent to the space.

6.     Opaque disks fixture

Homeowners nowadays want to give their kitchens a chic lift, and an oversized fixture featuring opaque discs is a wonderful way to do that. Vibrant light reflecting from the opaque discs will uplift the entire vibes of the kitchen. 

7.  Textured wicker pendants

Love hand-weaved pendants? If so, wicker pendants made with a combination of wicker and metal wires are the best thing to invest in. It will help give the kitchen a lovely rustic feel with a touch of modernity. The natural texture present in such pendants serves to soften the overall kitchen décor while introducing a timeless vibe.

8. Boho themed fixtures

Homeowners can go with a boho-themed fixture to introduce some colour to the kitchen. Boho fixtures featuring bamboo and shiny metal are trending nowadays and are sure to turn any kitchen into a breezy coastal space. 

9. Glass globe pendant 

A globe pendant light is a wonderful candidate with the power to uplift any modern kitchen. Glass embellishment helps radiate the light evenly to the entire kitchen, making it look more open and brighter. 

10. Cylindrical metal cage pendant 

Want a classy and chic update for the traditional kitchen? Settle for a Cylindrical metal cage pendant that looks unique. These cage pendants are available in different colours and finishes — from brass and bronze to industrial black. 

11. String lights

Homeowners that are thinking outside the box can opt for string lights. It is quite a unique idea, especially for a special area like a kitchen. Homeowners that have exposed beams in their space can hang modern string lights to highlight that area. 

12. Industrial-themed lighting

Wish to give a modern, minimalist, industrial touch to the kitchen all at once? If yes, industrial-themed metal fixtures will be one of the best alternatives to track lighting!

Frequently asked questions

How large should a kitchen pendant light be?

It completely depends on the area where it will go. For instance, if it is for a kitchen island, one should measure its width and choose a pendant that is smaller than the island. Homeowners thinking to use a pendant light as an accent should ensure that the pendant is not too small. 

What’s an ideal distance between kitchen island pendant lights?

It is suggested to install pendant lights at least 12 to 16 inches apart.

Is under-cabinet lighting necessary?

It is not necessary. However, most homeowners prefer these lights because the upper cabinets usually block the light and create trouble for people to prepare food on the counter. Under-cabinet lights make the work easier and more efficient. 


Lighting can totally make or break a perfectly styled kitchen space. Therefore, selecting an appropriate kitchen light is highly essential, just like any other elements such as cabinetry, hardware, countertop, appliances, tiles, etc.

Choosing lights can be one of the most challenging tasks. So, we shared 12 trending alternatives to track lighting, which will help homeowners choose the best lighting and fixtures for creating a perfect ambiance in their space!

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