Colored Acrylic Wall Panels: Make Your Office Artistically a Unique Workplace

The wonderful alternative to glass is acrylic. What many people don’t know is that it is available in a variety of colors and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.  Acrylic wall panels are extremely flexible and lightweight. The highly durable material gives every type of commercial interior space a stylish finish because[Read More]

Bungalow In Jodhpur As A Response To Evolving Cohesive Living | Genre of Design

Bungalow In Jodhpur As A Response To Evolving Cohesive Living | Genre of Design House to every individual is a personal space where they can be themselves. Enjoy with their family, spend all the good and bumpy rides of life together. It is important for an architect to visualize the house beyond walls and the[Read More]

4 FabWays To Adorn Your Commercial Property With Outdoor Lighting

If your commercial property looks dull and ill-lit from outside and people have reported visibility issues inside the premises, you should know it’s time to fix the exterior lighting.  Your building’s exterior lighting can greatly influence its safety, security, and visual appeal. The right kind of illumination can offer many perks if equipped strategically. No[Read More]

Tips on Having Fiber Cement Siding on your Modern Home

As an experienced contractor, I know of tips on having fiber cement siding on your modern home. I would like to share them with you so that you can make a better choice and get the results you want. There are a number of professional contractors that can give you advice on fiber cement siding.[Read More]

Chandigarh House with Prayer Room | Charged Voids

Chandigarh House with Prayer Room | Charged Voids The architectural studio Charged Voids was inspired by the architecture of Le Corbusier and built a house in Chandigarh with a link to the Assembly Palace. Visit : Charged Voids Chandigarh is Le Corbusier’s largest project. Of course, he did not work alone, but it was Corbusier who[Read More]

5 Beautiful Metal Exterior Home Designs & Ideas

Metal has been used in the construction of commercial buildings for many years. However, it is only recently that it has become commonplace in residential builds. This is surprising because the metal is much stronger than the traditional wooden approach. It can be as visually appealing and doesn’t suffer from termite infestations. Of course, the[Read More]

Rustic Exterior and Sleek Finish Interior | webe design lab

Rustic Exterior and Sleek Finish Interior | webe design lab TUT -The house, in the heart of Tuticorin has a very deciduous character which can be felt as one moves from the rustic exteriors to sleek finished interiors. The layout of the built-in site consciously distinguishes the inside and the outside. The built is broken[Read More]

Pressure Washing – The benefits you can count on

Homeowners want their homes and their exteriors to look clean and impressive! One of the best ways to achieve that is by saying yes to pressure washing. Today, it is becoming popular in business, commercial, and residential locations. From the residential home exteriors to patios and the sidewalks, pressure washing is essential. Simply put, pressure[Read More]

The Difference Between Wood and Composite Exterior Shutters

Recently, we have been receiving quite a few enquiries on the difference between Wood and Composite Exterior Shutters and which one would be better exterior shutters for windows. This article is here to answer your long-awaited question. They are both good materials with individual perks that will suit different people under different conditions. That’s why this[Read More]