Colored Acrylic Wall Panels: Make Your Office Artistically a Unique Workplace

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The wonderful alternative to glass is acrylic. What many people don’t know is that it is available in a variety of colors and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

Acrylic wall panels are extremely flexible and lightweight. The highly durable material gives every type of commercial interior space a stylish finish because of its reflective surfaces. 

What makes colored acrylic wall panels ideal for office interiors?

One of the greatest things about using colored acrylic wall panels for office interiors is that you can turn a dowdy or old space into a classy and professional one in no time. With hardly any effort you can use the color of your choice to create something outstanding. 

There are many advantages to using acrylic wall panels in your office interior: 

  1. Flexible and easy to install

Remodeling is a dream with acrylic wall panels because they are lightweight, flexible, and extremely easy to cut and install. Ordinary woodcutting equipment can be used to model the different shapes and sizes. Panels can be secured with double-sided foam tape or neutral cure silicone for a super-fast installation time. The panels can also be drilled and fastened to walls with decorative hardware. 

2. Low maintenance and durability

Office interior walls that are painted or tiled need frequent maintenance. But acrylic panels can save your business a lot of time and money because they are easy to clean, durable, and need no maintenance. 

For cleaning, you just need a soft cloth and warm water. Acrylic is highly resistant to UV rays, cracking, and chipping, and any accidental chips can be buffed away easily. 

3. Hide flaws and conceal cabling

Old offices tend to show the signs of age, and their walls have unsightly cracks, holes. Also, there is usually damage to the walls from previous installations for concealed electric wiring and plumbing pipes. Acrylic wall panels are a wonderful way to conceal flaws and create a beautifully decorated wall. 

4. The colored wall makes a vivid ambiance

The use of a colored wall can create an illusion of depth and texture that can highlight your office space. Use it to give your office a vivid ambiance, energy, and vibrancy that matches your business and brand. 

Which offices use colored wall panels to synchronize their brand color? 

Brand colors and designs are so important because they allow your consumers to recognize your business instantly. Coca Cola, Nike, Amazon, and Apple are just a few examples of extremely successful branding using colors. 

Strategically placed wall panels in your brand colors can make your brand stand out to your clients. Don’t just stop there, but add a few other features to your brand colors for maximum effect, e.g. your logo, chairs in your band color, etc. 

Offices that can benefit from brand color strategies are: 

  • Customer care businesses
  • Fashion brands
  • Cosmetic product brands
  • Real Estate
  • Medical practices
  • Construction companies
  • Architect and civil engineers
  • Software companies
  • Marketing and graphics design

Best areas to install such colorful walls

Consistency in branding is important, yet most people forget this and concentrate their efforts on external elements like their websites, packaging, and advertisements. 

We all know that color is important to your brand and business image for customers, but it is also important to your office employees. One vital aspect of company branding is to incorporate the branding colors into the office color scheme to help reinforce your brand values to your employees. It also allows your clients to get your branding experience when they visit your offices. 

Integrate your branding colors throughout your space in a clever way to create a consistent flow. The best strategy when using color for branding is to focus it on areas where it makes the most impact. For clients it is the reception and waiting area, for employees, it could be the meeting room or staff eating area. 

Incorporate colorful walls to the following areas: 

  • First impressions count and the entrance to your office, usually the reception desk needs a splash of color. Welcome visitors with a back-wall color panel and your company logo displayed on it. 
  • Make your visitor waiting area pleasant and include an acrylic wall panel in your brand color. 
  • Demarcate the outer wall of the boardroom or meeting room with colored panels. 
  • Create office dividers for personalized office spaces within an open office.

The importance of color schemes in your interior 

Depending on the type of pressure your staff work under, you may not want to add too much color that may be distracting. Balance your color scheme to relate to your brand and type of business. 

One important element is to create an office layout that enhances the brand colors but also encourages communication and teamwork. Mobility within an office is essential and adding colored wall panels offers the colored elements required without blocking off office space. 

Use acrylic wall panels to add colored wall details, balance them out with suitable office furnishings, and accentuate your logo with LED downlights. These are the basics of a well-decorated office space that also enhances your brand and keeps your employees productive. 

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