4 FabWays To Adorn Your Commercial Property With Outdoor Lighting

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If your commercial property looks dull and ill-lit from outside and people have reported visibility issues inside the premises, you should know it’s time to fix the exterior lighting. 

Your building’s exterior lighting can greatly influence its safety, security, and visual appeal. The right kind of illumination can offer many perks if equipped strategically. No wonder it could do wonders in enhancing your professionalism and helping visitors in navigating through otherwise hard-to-see places inside the premises. 

Here are four doable steps to improve your commercial building’s outdoor lighting:

Mark Entrances/Exits With Prominent Outdoor Lighting  

Your visitors need to be clearly guided as to which path leads them to the inside of the building, and once moving out, they need to know the exit to head back to their cars. That’s why it’s imperative to pay special attention to your doorways, lighting them more vividly than anything else on your property will highly favour you as well as your guests.  

What you can do: Install light posts on both sides of your entry and exit doors or secure overhead flood lighting to illuminate your entrances and exits. 

The same goes for illuminating your entrances and exits to parking lots, garages, or all other spaces where people might get confused. Instead of employing a handyman, assigning this task to expert commercial general contractors is advisable. 

Play  with Motion-Activated Outdoor Lighting 

If you know a commercial renovation contractor who can remodel your exterior lighting, you can give motion lighting a serious thought. Automatic lights only turn on when movement is detected within a specific range. 

These motion-activated lights are effective energy savers as they help you cut electrical costs while still letting pedestrians navigate better. 

What you can do: Get in touch with a landscape professional to include motion-activated lights in combination with your permanent night lights to lessen your energy footprint.

Choose High-Powered, Minimalistic Lighting 

Minimalism is on the rise — not just indoors, but outdoors as well. People these days are drawn more towards less-cluttered exterior areas.

While dim lighting can absolutely look great under the right conditions— establishing an intimate atmosphere and mood— think of options that diminish the effect of the overwhelming number of lights with more compact, minimal options. 

What you can do: Choose landscape lights that glow brightly in high-traffic areas and accessories that aren’t bulky. LEDs can be a good option to go with. They use up to 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, according to Energy.gov

Illuminate Walking Paths 

After the sunset, it can be hard for people to accurately spot sidewalks, gravel paths, and steps. Someone can unintentionally veer off and step on your elegantly maintained garden beds, but more importantly — improper visibility can injure people. 

Even small elevations or cracks in your walkways can be missed, resulting in twisted ankles or stubbed toes. Other trip and fall accidents could lead to more severe injuries. Not only is a well-lit pathway critical for safety, but illuminating your paths is also important for improving your property’s security. 

What you can do: Install line walking trails with walkway lights — even more, helpful if they’re eco-friendly or solar-powered. You can also add overhead light posts to glow on sidewalks, steps, and areas where guests may be navigating in the dark.


Your commercial building’s outdoor lighting should go beyond the ordinary. It’s the client’s first hint to the environment inside. We hope the tips mentioned in this article will help you design exquisite lighting for your building’s outdoors.