5 Beautiful Metal Exterior Home Designs & Ideas

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Metal has been used in the construction of commercial buildings for many years. However, it is only recently that it has become commonplace in residential builds.

This is surprising because the metal is much stronger than the traditional wooden approach. It can be as visually appealing and doesn’t suffer from termite infestations. Of course, the look of metal is generally considered to be less appealing than wood or even brick.

But, this is something that has also changed in recent years. Just take a look at reputable steel suppliers Sydney to discover the array of possibilities.

In fact, consider the following 5 beautiful metal exterior home designs and start planning your next project today.

  1. Combination Cladding

If you’re concerned about cladding your entire home with metal then consider using several different materials. Metal cladding can be purchased in any color and an array of styles, use this as a contrast against the original wood finish. Add is a little cement rendering and you’ll have a home that everybody admires.

  1. Feature Walls

The exterior of your home isn’t just the actual building. You can also create features in your garden that will transform the look, feel, and even the light level in your home.

Try adding a metal wall with holes in it. Place it in front, but not too close, to a section of the home that you would rather hide. Alternatively, position it to give you privacy between the metal wall and the house.

From the street, you’ll transform the look of your home and make it a more practical, as well as comfortable, place to live.

  1. Copper Strips

Copper is a gorgeous metal. However, you should factor in that the initial shine will tarnish and create a rustic look. This can be used to your advantage when adjusting the exterior of your home. 

Copper cladding or sheets can be used around windows, doors, or even across the walls to create a definitive pattern.

The pattern can be anything you like but it is certain to be distinctive.

  1. Shape-Changing

Adding metal cladding or sheets to your home does more than changing the look of the property. It also gives you the opportunity to change the shape of the home. Instead of a square box, use the cladding to add shapes n, the extra space created can be used for storage and will make your house stylish and distinctive.

  1. Vertical Cladding

When you think of cladding most people will assume the house is clad horizontally. However, you can put the cladding vertically or even ix the vertical with the horizontal. The effect is inspiring, especially if you mix the colors. 

You’ll create a stunning looking and highly personal home with very little effort.

Don’t forget that cladding your walls will help to protect them from weather damage, that means metal can be incredibly functional as well as beautiful. The key to getting this approach right is in taking your time visualizing and planning your finish. The results will be worth it.

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