How Often Do You Have to Repaint a Brick House?

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Brick is versatile and gives your house both a traditional and modern look relying on its treatment. In addition, painting the bricks is also crucial to refresh and stunning your home.

Now, questions may come to your mind about how long paint lasts on a brick home and how often a brick house should be repainted as it is a matter of cost, right? 

Well, The Brick Industry Association recommends repainting exterior brick every 3 to 4 years. But, before repainting, you have to consider a few things like location, quality of last pain, & more.

Here, in this write-up, we will discuss, How Often Do You Have to Repaint a Brick House. If you have been confused regarding the subject for a long time, we can assure you that you don’t have to be stumped about it anymore.

How Often Do You Have to Repaint a Brick House?

It can’t be denied that brick homes bring lots of advantages to their owners.  A brick-made house can safeguard you and your family members and confers safety from natural disasters like storms, earthquakes, dust storms, etc.

However, most house occupants usually paint their brick house to increase its outer & inner beauty. But the problem is, after a couple of years, the paint wears off over time; thus, it needs to be repainted.

The majority of house owners don’t know how often they should repaint their brick house if the previous paint is worn off. As we mentioned before, it actually depends on a few things. A good paint job on brick can last about 15 to 20 years in the proper condition.

If you notice that the bricks are in proper shape and don’t affect the look of your house, you don’t need to repaint it. But, if the bricks are chipped, getting worse, or in other deterioration, we’ll suggest repainting it with a professional one.

What Things You Should Consider Before Repainting a Brick House

In the above segment, we have shown how often a brick house should be repainted. Nevertheless, there are a few things that should be contemplated first before doing it. These are,

  1. Location
  2. Quality of Last Paint
  3. HOA/Historic District


Location is the initial thing that should be taken into consideration. The painting of the bricks of your house may fade quickly if you live in a sunny and warm area. On the other hand, the brick house near the beach often requires more paint jobs due to the salt from the water, sun, and sand that lead the bricks to deteriorate faster.

Comparatively, a brick house in a cold climate requires less frequent repaint, though extreme snow, harsh winter, and winds can reduce the luster of your house. However, if you are in an Indian subcontinent that has the combination of these mentioned climates, you may repaint your brick house every 5 to 7 years.  

Quality of Last Paint

If your previous brick paint is inferior, then you may need to repaint your brick frequently. Sometimes, painting contractors use cheap and deplorable paint that can’t adhere to the walls, and after a couple of days, that paint starts fizzling out. That’s why you have to make sure that the best brick paint has been used on your brick house to avoid repainting oft-times. You can check out the Best Brick Paint for Interior Walls & exteriors here.

HOA/Historic District

There are some districts where a house owner should follow the rules of the Homeowner’s Association to repaint a brick house.  If you live in a historic district, you must abide by the rules more than the other district’s house owners. According to HOA, “ A house built before 1978 must be repainted by EPA Lead Certified contractors”.

Things That Should Be Followed to Keep the Paint Looking Good Longer

How long your brick house paint lasts longer relies on multiple things. Here, we have given some maintenance tips that can be tracked down to keep your paint stunning for a long time.

  1. Preparation for Exterior Painting
  2. Get The Right Paint
  3. Keep it Clean
  4. Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

Preparation for Exterior Painting

Before painting the exterior of your house, you have to be adequately prepared. What type of preparation should you take? Well, before painting the surface of the exterior, make sure that the surface has been cleaned and sanded appropriately. If you notice any holes on the surface, you need to seal or fill them. In short, before painting, ensure that the surface is smooth enough so that the paint can adhere to it.

Get The Right Paint

Try not to use cheap paint while painting your brick house. Using keenly priced paint won’t ever last and will start wearing off after a couple of days or months. That’s why we recommend having costly and well-known brand paint that will last longer.

Keep It Clean

How long will your paint last also depends on how clean you keep it. To keep the exterior immaculate, you must tidy the dirt on a regular basis. But, never use a high-pressure spray to make your exterior dirt-free that can damage your paint.

Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

This is the most vital thing that you should consider before painting your brick house. Never appoint an unprofessional and amateur contractor to paint your brick. Because they can’t choose the right paint depending on the wall’s surface, consequently, the paint can’t adjust to your walls & lose intensity after a certain period.

Final Thought

Painting on a brick house indeed increases the beauty, but it won’t last long if you don’t do it properly. Usually, if you paint your brick-made house once, it will last around 15-20 years. But, in many cases, the duration can be reduced or increased as it depends on several things like location, quality, and more. Relying on them, you have to decide how often you should repaint your brick house.