The Elegant And Rustic Interiors Embraces its Love for Nature | Alter Architects

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The Elegant And Rustic Interiors Embraces its Love for Nature | Alter Architects

The artistic wall alcove is created with a foreground grooved veneer chest with a sea-green backdrop and beautiful art pieces to create whimsical outdoor illusions.

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The beautiful outdoor with tan chevron-patterned wall and darker rustic ambience create a pleasant built oasis. The entrance gives a gist of the interior of this house and its love for nature. An exposed brick wall with a brown ceiling and grey flooring creates an overwhelming warmth in the entrance of this house. Elegant rustic chandelier with warm lights gives grandeur to space.

In Foyer, all the planes are jazzed with wooden surfaces to add on the warmth with a gist of gold to glam up space. A cabinet designed in black with gold leaf in backdrop creates a sense of interior and a picture-perfect frame.

In the living room, the designer wanted to reflect the outdoor in the interior of the living room. So starting from the wooden flooring, a contemporary mid-century modern sofa in sea green fabric, grey wall in texture as a backdrop to white ceiling are aptly designed to give a soothing aesthetic and serene environment. To reflect the essence of flora a colour splashed pillows are used and to reflect the fauna beautiful wall painting of birds in nature are arranged in a way you feel you are in the lush green garden. Here, Italian marble is used in a corner table with a wooden base to give the eclectic interior style. Heavy centre tables are used to balance the extra light coming from tall windows and create harmony in design. Curtains are extended to the ceiling to add extra height to space and add a sense of grandeur and lux.

In the dining room, flooring is kept the lightest in white and the ceiling the darkest to create focus on the dining table more than anything else. Here, the 8-seater dining table and chair are designed in Italian marble and wood with grey fabric modern upholstered chair with wooden legs giving a luxury, style and aesthetics altogether in space. Beautiful wallpaper with floral prints is added as the backdrop with beautiful wall cabinets for functional aspects. The lower part of the cabinet is kept lighter to add the extra space visually.

Also, a T.V. unit with the wooden member to provide transparency along with fluted glass and crafted wooden pieces are used to create a beautiful partition with the visual connection of spaces.

The powder toilet is designed in a beautiful matte blush pink and dull grey Italian marble to create a minimalist modern toilet design along with the retro touch. The kitchen is designed with a quartz platform and high platform with seating on one side to keep it minimal yet extravagant.

The artistic wall alcove is created with a foreground grooved veneer chest with a sea- green backdrop and beautiful art pieces to create whimsical outdoor illusions.

The parent’s bedroom is kept minimal with streamlined furniture and an elegant ambience. The bed is cushioned with leather for safety and usability.

The Master bedroom designed for a young client is in a contemporary minimalistic style and the interior of this room resonates with the choices and lifestyle of the user aptly. Wooden bed with metallic legs and bed back with designed tiles in up-down pattern with a wooden border gives a cosy yet airy aesthetic. Large windows allow light to trickle in spaces reflecting the sensibility of designers and serene ambience. Side tables with a blend of wood and pop yellow drizzle the colour with paintings in the backdrop add crisp to the composing design.

Here, the master bedroom 2, designed in a modern design style with a bright ambience. The wooden bed contrasted with Italian marble extended to the ceiling. Bedside cylindrical chest crafted with wooden strips backdrop creates a jaw-dropping warm ambience and shifting the attention onto finely crafted pieces. A lighter ceiling is juxtaposed with darker flooring to create visual symmetry and enhance the ambience of the interior of this room. The tan leather seater is tailored to add extra hygge into the life of users. Also, the bathroom is designed in the same palette.

The mandir is assigned a special place with lots of natural light and is designed to add glory and nourish the relationship of one with the self. Here, the ceiling is designed in wooden Patti and veneer with an adjacent wall of exposed brick to show the grandeur with cultural values. The back wall crafted in corrugated MDF with golden finishes. The seater puff with colourful floral fabric and wood just endures the vibe of this space. 

The storage here is hidden behind the beautiful shutter designed in mixed shade responding to darker ceiling and lighter flooring with no visual handles, knobs or profiles. The furniture is designed with exquisite details and craftsmanship.


Designed by : Alter Architects

Project Type : Residence

Project Name : 10, EMRALD ELITE

Location : Sevasi

Year built : 2018-2019

Size: sq feet : 4,500 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx : Around 1 crore

Principal Architects : Aditya Umrajkar, Chitra Sindhkar, Parth Patel, Shil Shah

Team Design Credits : Chitra Sindhkar, Parth Patel, Ushma Trivedi, Dhruvil Patel

Text Credits : Arjavi Patel

Photograph Courtesy : Tejas Shah Photography

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