• Top 45 Architects in Noida

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    Noida is a Northern city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where it resides 168 residential sectors. The architects in Noida derive inspiration from the planned city itself and the modern development of the town. Architects in Noida are known for designing modern infrastructure, meticulously planned urban spaces, and a perfect blend of residential, commercial, and recreational areas. The city offers a canvas brimming with possibilities, where architectural visions can be transformed into awe-inspiring structures.

    Noida’s vibrant atmosphere, cultural diversity, and growing population make it an exciting playground for architects. Architects in Noida are opportunistic when it comes to contributing to the city’s development and leaving a lasting impact on its landscape.

    Below are the top architects in Noida who are exploring and evolving from the traditional languages and designing intriguing fusion structures.

    • Moi Den Interiors
    • Vir.Mueller Architects
    • Team3 
    • BDAA Architects
    • Portal 92
    • Hashu Associates
    • Nack Studios
    • Design Pendulum
    • Envisage
    • groupDCA
    • Flyingseeds design studio
    • GeoGreen Architects 
    • J+AM storey
    • Design Ethics Architecture Studio
    • Studio Bipolar
    • Delhi Collective 
    • Dada And Partners
    • Ant Studio
    • Loop Design Studio
    • Studio Built Environment
    • Charged Voids
    • architecture aNew
    • FORUMaDvaita
    • Architect Suri and Associates
    • Studio Mohenjodaro
    • Studio Ardete
    • Projected Rays Design
    • Studio Vasaka
    • Urbanscape Architects
    • Vijay Gupta Architects
    • Amit Khanna Design Associates
    • Studio AVT
    • Studio Symbiosis 
    • CP Kukreja Architects
    • Creative Designer Architects
    • Studio IAAD
    • Riwaas
    • Studio Ma:Ya
    • Ultraconfidentiel Design
    • Arch Studio 18 
    • 4D 
    • Cityspace’ 82 

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    Ant Studio (Noida)

    This is definitely not a studio that you’d anticipate it to be. We’re a miscellany of Architecture ,Nature and Technology inspired by teamwork and intelligence of Ants. Pondering upon the intersections of art, architecture and design, the studio was founded in 2010 by Monish Siripurapu, a graduate from the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi, with a sole motive to bridge the gap between craft and machinery embracing all the spheres of art, architecture, technology and materiality fusing with nature.

    Vir.Mueller Architects (Delhi)

    Prior to establishing the firm, both partners worked for renowned architectural offices in the United States, Europe, and India. vir.mueller architects strives to create timeless aesthetic relationships, evoking the spirit of contemporary culture, ecology, and technology. According primacy to the process of design, our work evolves as a response to the particular character of each program, site, and budget.

    Firm Name: Vir.Mueller Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Vir.Mueller Architects

    Dada And Partners (Gurugram)

    Firm’s Name: Dada And Partners

    Firm’s Website: Dada And Partners

    Loop Design Studio

    Firm Name: Loop Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link:  LOOP Design Studio

    Studio Built Environment (Delhi & Chandigarh)

    Studio Built Environment has a very industrious and proficient team who is diligently committed to delivering rational and ingenious design solutions. These brilliant people aptly know how to efficiently utilise nook and corner of the space. I would specifically like to commend the efforts of Siddharth and Swati who did thorough research, meticulously proposed the drawings, gave us substantial support and flawlessly crystallized our thoughts into an aesthetically pleasing design.

    Firm Name: Studio Built Environment

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Built Environment

    Charged Voids (Chandigarh)

    Charged Voids is a Chandigarh-based architectural firm that explores the possibilities of a transcendent and spiritual character in architecture. The work of the award-winning practice is underpinned by a purposeful dialogue between Western modernism and elements of Indian architecture. Each project’s objective is to honour architecture’s universals: gravity, light, human perception, and nature.

    Firm’s Name: Charged Voids

    Firm’s Website Link: Charged Voids

    architecture aNew (Mohali)

    Firm’s Name: architecture aNew

    Firm’s Instagram Link: architecture aNew

    FORUMaDvaita (Chandigarh)

    Aman Sohal, a graduate from Chandigarh College of Architecture has worked as an architectural assistant to Architect Balkrishna Doshi and Artist Jatin Das in Ahmedabad for his project JDCA (Jatin Das Centre for Arts, Bhubaneswar) for a year (2010-2011).Post that he worked with CnT Architects, Bangalore where he was largely involved in housing and institutional projects including IIM –Trichy.(2010 – 2014). After that he came back to Chandigarh and worked with Architect Namita Singh before starting Forum aDvaita.

    Firm’s Name: FORUMaDvaita

    Firm’s Website Link: FORUMaDvaita

    Architect Suri and Associates (Chandigarh)

    Architect Suri and Associates is a leading Architecture and Design Consultancy Firm established by Ar.Bhupinder Suri and Ar.Himanshu Suri in Chandigarh in 2009. Architect Suri and Associates was founded with the objective of creating buildings which are both aesthetically refined and environmentally responsible.

    Firm’s Name: Architect Suri and Associates

    Firm’s Website Link: Architect Suri and Associates

    Studio Mohenjodaro (Chandigarh)

    Studio Mohenjodaro is a multi-disciplinary design firm that was established in the year 2014. Spearheaded by Ar. Tarunpreet Singh Bhatia, the practice deals with a variety of projects, regardless of the scale or the kind of style and detailing required. Designing of interior spaces is given as much attention as the planning of larger, architectural assignments.

    Firm’s Name: Studio Mohenjodaro

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Mohenjodaro

    Studio Ardete (Chandigarh)

    Believing that every problem has the capacity to inspire unique and creative solutions that motivate growth, the young duo of Badrinath Kaleru and Prerna Kaleru, founded Studio Ardete in the year 2010. Located in Chandigarh, India, the team at Studio Ardete aims to make each project they undertake, a study in logical and comprehensive designing. Their vision is to design spaces that would evolve into art, enriching the lives of people inhabiting them.

    Firm’s Name: Studio Ardete

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Ardete

    Projected Rays Design (Chandigarh)

    Firm’s Name: Projected Rays Design

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Projected Rays Design

    Studio Vasaka (Panchkula)

    We are a small team of architects and designers who help clients with Big Ideas. We want to make a difference – Create things that change people’s lives.

    Firm’s Name: Studio Vasaka

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Vasaka

    Urbanscape Architects (Delhi)

    Urbanscape Architects is based out of New Delhi, India, the firm is engaged in the design of multifarious building typologies such as residences, schools, offices, industrial buildings, mixed-use buildings, etc.

    Firm Name: Urbanscape Architects

    Firm’s website Link: Urbanscape Architects

    Vijay Gupta Architects (Delhi)

    Vijay Gupta Architects (VGA) was founded by Mr Vijay Gupta in 1964. Based out of New Delhi, it is an established and renowned master planning, architectural and interior design practice with a pan-India presence and a diverse body of work across varied scales and typologies in both public and private sectors.

    Firm’s Name: Vijay Gupta Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Vijay Gupta Architects 

    Amit Khanna Design Associates (Delhi)

    Amit Khanna graduated from the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi in 2002, followed by a Master in Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Oxford. He is a recipient of the Moira Barrie Award (UK) & held the Kellogg Scholarship at the University of Oxford. He founded and is the design principal of AKDA, a globally recognized multidisciplinary architecture & design firm, based in New Delhi, India. He combines a deep involvement in design with his primary responsibility for the strategic direction of the practice.

    Firm Name: Amit Khanna Design Associates

    Firm’s Website LinkAmit Khanna Design Associates

    Studio AVT (Delhi)

    “An-V-Thot” is a hybrid of two words Anvit (Sanskrit) & thought (English). “Anvit” means followed by so, it’s actually a studio followed by a thought.

    With numerous awards and international recognition across leading media platforms, Delhi-based Studio AVT is the face of an immense passion-driven team of young designers tethered & focussed towards the craft of making lives more LIVEABLE through their designs.

    Firm Name: Studio AVT

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio AVT

    Studio Symbiosis  (Delhi)

    Studio Symbiosis is an architectural, master planning & interior design studio based in Stuttgart Germany, and Delhi NCR India involved in projects of various scales and sectors. The design philosophy is to create integrated design solutions imbibing amalgamated, efficient, robust, and sustainable designs leading to performative architecture. The research and intent of the practice are to create a performance as a design driver, to achieve Sustainable and Smart buildings.

    Firm Name: Studio Symbiosis 

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Symbiosis

    CP Kukreja Architects (Delhi)

    Started in 1969 with a vision to redefine architecture and planning in India, CPKA is one of the most revered architectural firms in the country. A multidisciplinary Architectural firm based in New Delhi, India, we have a portfolio of 1000+ projects, 200 + employees, and have worked with clients from more than 30 countries in the last 50 years of practice. Our firm is ranked among the Top 100 architecture firms in the world and the Top 5 in Asia.

    Firm Name: CP Kukreja Architects

    Firm’s Website LinkCP Kukreja Architects

    Creative Designer Architects (Delhi)

    Creative Designer Architects (CDA) is an interdisciplinary architectural practice that is an established design leader in healthcare, commercial, and retail projects. With an international team that has successfully delivered over 150 projects, CDA has a trusted clientele of more than 120 entities that continue to engage in fruitful partnerships with the firm. The design process across projects is driven by a core purpose: integrating innovation, adaptability, and sustainability to create transformative spaces for people, organizations, and businesses.

    Firm Name: Creative Designer Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Creative Designer Architects

    Studio IAAD (Delhi)

    Studio IAAD is an award-winning architecture and interior design firm located in India’s millennium city, Gurugram. Founded in 2007 by Rachna Agarwal, Co-Founder, and Principal Architect. We are a multi-disciplinary practice committed to creating memorable spatial experiences. The studio has provided lauded interior space articulation for a diverse range of projects, including offices, retail stores, experience centers, hospitality spaces, clubs, cinemas, institutes and residences. Our design philosophy is centered around seamlessly blending function and aesthetics, and evolving our design’s past established paradigms to best fulfill our client’s visions.

    Firm Name: Studio IAAD

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio IAAD

    Riwaas (Delhi)

    The urge to be applicable, to eliminate monotony, and attention to detail is of utmost importance to us. We at Riwaas intend to transform the lives of its clients by providing a space that is wonderful, luxurious, and comfortable yet practical with the only constant being luxury and elegance.

    Firm’s Website Link: Riwaas

    Firm Name: Riwaas

    Studio Ma:Ya (Delhi)

    Studio Ma:Ya is a young dynamic studio in New Delhi delivering ambitious living spaces that combine functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics with elegance. The studio relishes current trends, and lifestyle patterns and amalgamates them into day-to-day living scenarios. We as a studio fulfill the requirements of the clients in a symbolic manner to stand as a landmark at a spatial scale.

    Firm Name: Studio Ma:Ya

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Ma:Ya

    Ultraconfidentiel Design (Delhi)

    We are specialized in High-End B2B projects such as innovative offices, experience centers, and hospitality and boutique retail chains. We offer global turnkey processes from conceptual design to execution at the site, including technical development and production. We maintain a close working collaboration with the different stakeholders, involved with us on the building sites.

    Firm Name: Ultraconfidentiel Design

    Firm’s Website Link: Ultraconfidentiel Design

    Arch Studio 18  (Delhi)

    Firm Name: Arch Studio 18 

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Arch Studio 18

    4D  (Delhi)

    We specialize in telling a brand’s story to its consumers using the art and science of design thinking, architecture, interior design, visual merchandising, communication, phy-gital technology, and engineering and assist in realizing them in its environment.

    Firm Name: 4D 

     Cityspace’ 82 (Delhi)

    Sumit Dhawan, the Principal Architect of Cityspace’ 82 has been a forerunner in residential and commercial design across India. Known for his eclectic facades, his aesthetic sensibility has found its way to design the celebrity homes of cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, etc.

    Firm Name: Cityspace’ 82 

    Moi Den Interiors (Delhi)

    Inspired by modern and eclectic design, we unite different ideas to produce unique, serene interiors that elevate the meaning of Luxury.

    Firm Name: Moi Den Interiors

    Firm’s Website Link: Moi Den Interiors

    Team3  (Delhi)

    We see a successful design as being equally responsive to programmatic fit, aesthetic values, and an informed position in the world of ideas. The lively interaction between these must be carried out through a process of communication that involves all, to result in a robust design.

    Firm Name: Team3 

    Firm’s Website Link: team3

    BDAA Architects (Delhi)

    BDAA Architects was established in 2017 in Noida, India. It was born out of a passion to transform spaces of any scale, friendly to the user and the environment. Our aim is to find balance in a space that responds to the user and its surroundings. In addition to projects of Residential, Industrial, retail, and workspaces, we are also passionate about creating public spaces to complement the Urban fabric of that space.

    Firm Name: BDAA Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: BDAA Architects

    Portal 92 (Delhi)

    Our team at Portal 92 desires to create works to defy stylistic categorization, focused on creative solutions and innovations centered around Architecture Design, Landscape Design, and Interior Design. Founded by Sagar Goyal and Aanchal Sawhney, The studio combines architectural research, practice, and artistic expression to provide bespoke holistic/design Solutions.

    Firm Name: Portal 92

    Firm’s Website Link: Portal 92

    Hashu Associates (Delhi)

    Hashu Associates each project as a new design exercise that requires a fresh perspective and an open mind. our design approach is also towards vastu and reconnecting architecture with nature, making optimum use of space, natural materials, lighting & landscape to reinvent and transform living environments and urban spaces.

    Firm Name: Hashu Associates

    Firm’s Website Link :  Hashu Associates

    Nack Studios (Delhi)

    We are a Delhi-based Architecture and Interior Design Firm.

    Firm Name: Nack Studios

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Nack Studios

    Design Pendulum (Delhi)

    Design Pendulum is a spatial design firm providing housing, architecture, interior design, and exhibition design consultancy. The firm is also engaged in related design disciplines at the ends of the scale spectrum, namely landscape urbanism and furniture design.

    Firm Name: Design Pendulum

    Firm’s Website Link: Design Pendulum

    Envisage (Delhi)

    Commencing formal operations in 2007, Envisage was formed by two partners – Meena Murthy Kakkar and Vishal Kakkar, graduates of the esteemed School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. As an interior and architecture firm that specializes in Design and Build projects, the firm offers turnkey solutions from conceptual design to execution.

    Firm Name: Envisage

    Firm’s Website Link: Envisage

    groupDCA (Delhi)

    Since its inception in the year 1996, group DCA has been focused on its approach as a skillful balance of talent, experience, and hard work. The studio provides services in Architecture, Interior design, and Design Coordination across a wide range of building types including Workspaces, Residences, Retail, and Hospitality.

    Firm Name: groupDCA

    Firm’s Instagram Link: groupDCA

    Flyingseeds design studio (Delhi)

    flYingseeds is a pragmatic practice by an aspired interdisciplinary team of young Architects and designers who are passionate about innovation in designing and crafting spaces for living, work, and leisure. We learn and share.

    Firm Name: Flyingseeds design studio

    Firm’s Website Link: flYingseeds design studio

    GeoGreen Architects  (Delhi)

    Firm Name: GeoGreen Architects 

    Firm’s Website Link: GeoGreen Architects

    J+AM storey (Delhi)

    J+AM STOREY is a multidisciplinary design practice based out of New Delhi, led by Architects Amit Bhatia and Jaanshi Bhatia. Our pallet of work covers a variety of commercial, residential, and office projects. Team J+AM incorporates a pool of talented architects, skilled site supervisors, and interior designers who practice comprehensive design and are committed to producing innovative works.

    Firm Name: J+AM storey

    Firm’s Website Link: J+AM Storey

    Design Ethics Architecture Studio (Delhi)

    At DE studio, we all come to work every day because we love to get involved in the design process. We offer design solutions based on an unbiased perspective and strive to inculcate essential aspects by putting ourselves in the shoes of the end user. We give thoughtful insight into our daily experiences.

    Firm Name: Design Ethics Architecture Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Design Ethics Architecture Studio

    Studio Bipolar (Delhi)

    This feeling of balancing our opposing personalities and design styles is what led us to call ourselves Studio Bipolar. We are an award-winning architecture & interior design firm focused on creating spaces that are living art.

    Firm Name: Studio Bipolar

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Bipolar

    Delhi Collective  (Delhi)

    Delhi Collective is a young multi-disciplinary design studio started by Sidharth Khatri and Mitali Kedia. The studio works across various scales and disciplines. We actively solve problems through design thinking and develop human-centered design solutions. Our philosophy is to create adaptive and sustainable designs with respect to their socio-cultural context. We offer total design services customized and accommodated to clients’ requirements.

    Firm Name: Delhi Collective 

    Firm’s Website Link: Delhi Collective

    Space Race Architects (Jalandhar)

    We design your space with the tools of your emotions to support the edifice of not just a building but a place you connect with, every day. Indian born Designer cum Architect Udayveer started his career with MNC Arcop Associates Pvt Ltd based in Noida office gaining a handy skillset with great friends and the team. To pursue a long term dream Udayveer moved to start his own firm in his native city – Jalandhar.

    Firm Name: Space Race Architects

    Firm’s Website Link: Space Race Architects

    And Studio (Delhi)

    AND STUDIO is an architectural and design studio founded and established in New Delhi. We aim to devise the best radical, innovative and sensitive ways of shaping our environment through a pragmatic response to the needs of our clients through extensive design endeavors. We thrive to realize our beliefs and ideas by providing contextually appropriate, green and affordable solutions.

    Firm Name: And Studio

    Firm’s Website Link: And Studio

    Purple Studio (Noida)

    Purple Studio was co-founded by Deepti Bansal & Joaquim Rodrigues in 2014 in Delhi. Studio has architectural & Interior projects spread across Delhi, Goa, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon & Faridabad. Our design motto is to design solutions without compromising the integrity of materials, while respecting the environment and achieving the functional needs with playful experimentation.

    Firm Name: Purple Studio

    Firm’s website Link: Purple Studio

     Amsel Designs (Gurgaon)

    At Amsel, we work together to take your ideas from inception to execution. With an attitude that is open to new challenges, we aim to deliver only the best to all our clients. We pride ourselves in our unique designs, exceptional styling, superior product quality and timely deliveries across all projects and have made them essential aspects of Amsel’s mission.

    Firm Name: Amsel Designs

    Firm’s Website Link: Amsel Designs

    Conclusively, architects in Noida are thriving with their expertise in areas of not only residential but also commercial and institutional works. Especially the young start-ups and studios help change the city’s fabric with their bold ideas and explorations.

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    -New Delhi





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