A House Having Modern Amenities, Technology And Designed With Vastu Principles | Nirmanam Design Studio

We had to design this house for a family of 4 who started with very humble beginnings. Though luxury is what they all like to soak in, they love to make their family and friends a part of their journey and celebrations. Their brief was very clear – they wanted a residence that was spacious,[Read More]

Communication With Spaces Through Green Design And Open Circulation | AURA

Nature’s Abode is a residence designed for the Gargs who are located in the town, Shahabad, Haryana – A place of extreme temperatures. In a setting of such extreme temperatures and dry weather condition, creating a residence came with few challenges of its own. Proposing materials that cater to the weather conditions throughout the season[Read More]

A Play With Openings Create Exciting Connections With The Outdoor Spaces | TEAM3

Urban residences today are often characterized by cramped living spaces amidst urban jungles with little to no connection to the outdoors. The design of the Mehra Residence seeks to redefine this stereotype using a series of strategies to take advantage of its location. The design intent was to craft spaces that establish a strong relationship[Read More]

Minimalist Home with Graphically Sound Aesthetics | DIG Architects

A minimalist home, Stacked Dwelling is a visually soothing piece of graphical architecture. Your eyes are harmoniously guided to move along the language of its offsetting context and keeps building up on curiosity. Impacting with a powerful visual hierarchy, the color block façade makes a fearlessly bold statement with contrasting subtle interiors. A rather modern[Read More]

Modern Take on Classical Design Elements Graces this Residence in Gujarat | Tvashta Architects

This house is designed to meet and desires and needs of each family member in mind. We believe a home must be a reflection of one’s persona. Here the idea was to create this house in the modest, 5215 sq.ft. east facing plot, overlooking to the beautiful trees in the front. Understanding the family needs was[Read More]

A State of Calm and Closure, this Residence redefining Indian Architecture in Kerala | Roy Antony Architects

Alankar Residence for Mr. Shahabudeen is one of the recently completed projects by our firm. It is located within 4kms of the Changanassery town-center, in a residential neighborhood. Situated on a 4400 sq.ft. property, with an average site elevation of 1.2 m., the total building area surmounts to 4900 sq.ft aiming to redefine Indian architecture. Visit: Roy[Read More]

A Testament to Modern Indian Architecture Through the Safdarjung Residence | Amit Khanna Design Associates

A treat to the passers by and the residents alike, this tribute to the legendary Louis Kahn strikes a conversation of modern Indian architecture with immense material complexities, one brick at a time. Mindful of the structural strength, the colossal brick façade breathes through gigantic voids, which stages brick gaze moments throughout the day. Complimenting[Read More]

Residence Design With A Warm And Natural Ambiance | Axial Studio

Residence Design With A Warm And Natural Ambiance | Axial Studio A grey-colored homey home that resembles a well-defined modern space to spend the weekend for two. Situated in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, the grey structured three-storey HM house stands on an area of 160 square meters. Visit: Axial Studio Prior to building the project, the architect had encountered the uniqueness of the existing site that lies[Read More]

Courtyards Creating Memories At Kecherile Veedu | Finder Studio

Courtyards Creating Memories At Kecherile Veedu | Finder Studio Traditional Kerala homes are rich in memories; of the long-forgotten smell of the first rain, the sound of raindrops falling in the courtyard, people sitting and conversing around it, the feeling of the warmth of mud walls and wood, the coziness of spaces; one may find[Read More]

A Façade Design With Intrinsic Exterior Details At J House | y0 Design Architect

A Façade Design With Intrinsic Exterior Details At J House | y0 Design Architect Originated from the owner’s wish for a new house with a simple & modern yet comfortable design concept, after living in an old-fashioned house for the longer part of their life, a small part of the land is obtained in a[Read More]