Outhouse – A Place Design For Relaxing, Luxe, And Comfort | Alter Architects

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Outhouse – A Place Design For Relaxing, Luxe, And Comfort | Alter Architects


Our conversation with the client started with a discussion on what desire for gathering space should be in-home which later came up with a decision to design outhouse. “I often find myself among people.” were words of Mr. Patel. The client was looking inwards to search for ideas in design to justify entertainment and interaction in one place. That’s how this outhouse took place. Mr. Patel said, “I want to use this place which needs to be relaxing, luxe, and comfort at the same time.”

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It is a correlation between the interiors and exteriors where in the built-up area stands inequality with the open landscaped area. As built- up area is 2200 SQ. FT.

While planning, Priority was given to the functions of space. The outhouse mainly consists of 3 zones: Public Space, Private Space, and Servant Space where the ground floor of the outhouse serves space for entertainment mainly as public space. The first floor is divided into two parts linearly, front side with dining area and bedroom and the backside is for the servant.

The basic idea is to provide accessibility for servants from the backside of the outhouse not to disturb the rest of the area of the house. Starting from the garden between the home and outhouse, which leads the main entrance of the lounge area. Corner fabricated staircase box connects two floors and acts as an element of the structure itself.

Even to make the landing of this staircase interesting, we have made patterns from slate stone and beautified it with wall art and add plants to make that area live. As we go upstairs, the entire balcony edge along the dining area and bedroom is open up in the garden side, not only providing better view and interaction but also bringing in plenty of light and warmth.


A lounge with a garden view occupies the heart of the home. To prioritize interaction and entertainment in the lounge area we placed the furniture layout in such a way, that the steps of the lounge area can be used as a sitting place. The use of colour, material, and texture convert a place in entertainment and interactional space at the same time.

We toyed with the idea of using acoustic material in the lounge area to achieve soundproofing without compromising the look. We have used acoustic sheets in the ceiling with molding in such a way that, it can flush into the molding and also used it on the wall and beautified it with art. Even the rug on the floor from ‘Imperial Knots’ and the selection of thick fabric for curtains in the lounge area are playing an important role as sound resistant material.

As we didn’t want to compromise the classy look, we have customized side tables, center table, and even side lamp. We got perfect sofa from ‘BE Komfort‘for lounging which also completes the look.

Most of the art displayed on the acoustic wall predominantly made by collecting photographs of Mrs. Patel’s choice and customized them with black frame. Cozy bar area took place in the corner of the lounge with the use of veneer and mirror which maintain a rich and classy look.


The powder toilet was the most challenging part as the client wanted to spend the minimum for this particular area following the same allure. Therefore, we have decided to use contras of the dark-toned tiles on the wall and wooden tiles on the floor, which gives a cozy vibe also to achieve a visually wider view, a full mirror used on the basin wall.


As we step up from the fabricated staircase, a neutral-toned dining area welcomes us in a very pleasant space where Pops of coloured ceramic tile adds a bit of drama, accenting the subtle dining area against the beige colour. As to add character in the dining area we have wall art from ‘bent chair‘along with a customized crockery unit which adds values to the character. The dining table from ‘BE Komfort’ takes a position in the center of the area making its stand as the main element.


The bedroom is placed beside the dining area even offering a view of the garden outside.  As this bedroom is, an extra guest bedroom and going to be used rarely Mr. And Mrs. Patel wanted to work on minimalism with a minimum budget, that’s how this bedroom sports a subtle beige colour palette with wooden furniture, which satisfied their urge to maintain simplicity. Even the attached bathroom follows the same simplicity, maintaining the same colour palette with a highlighted wall.

Fact File:

Firm: Alter Architects

Name: Outhouse

Location: Gotri, Vadodara

Type: Residential (Outhouse)

Completion: 2019

Area: 2200 Sq. ft.

Principal Designer: Chitra Sindhkar, Shil Shah, Parth Patel, Aditya Umrajkar

Photography: Tejas Shah Photography

ABOUT FIRM: After graduating from different institutions of Vadodara, We Chitra Sindhkar, Shil Shah, Parth Patel, Aditya Umrajkar worked in different reputed firms initially to gain work experience and to face the reality of the field.

Alter Architects, an Architecture and Interior Design firm was established with a vision of creating a design that is a perfect blend of Architecture with Interiors in the year 2017 at Vadodara. We at Alter Architects try to employ the experiences of all the partners to produce something extraordinary. The Strength we believe is our experiences in different areas backing us working on all kinds of projects. Our key philosophy is to prioritize our client’s needs and fulfilling the same with our creativity. We have worked on several residential & commercial projects in and out of Vadodara. Along with the team of young and creative architects and designers, we work dedicatedly to make each project unique & better from the previous one.

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