SADKRUT- A Serene House | Alkesh Patel and Associates

SADKRUT- A Serene House | Alkesh Patel and Associates The luxury was achieved keeping in mind simple forms, monochromatic ¬schemes, soft curves, textures, and lights. “SADKRUT” is the amalgamation of the names of the family members. Collectively it becomes a beautiful name for the residence. This 4BhK apartment was designed for a nuclear family, where our idea[Read More]

Tropical Fusion with Contemporary Tones | Limehouse Design Studio

Tropical Fusion with Contemporary Tones| Limehouse Design Studio The challenging & crucial part of this project was closing in on the design concept – the clients wanted a rustic, earthy and at the same time modern concept integrated with their love for nature and greenery. This is a home done up in fusion style –[Read More]

Duplex Penthouse Finding Classical in Modern | Ace Associates

Duplex Penthouse Finding Classical in Modern | Ace Associates Good design is all about blurring the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors. And Ace Associates has managed to do that, and more. If there’s one word that most (if not all) homeowners seek across the world, it’s “ideal”. And even though the word is loaded[Read More]