An Abode With Sober Beauty And Spirited Spaces | Design Storie + Fenix John

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An Abode With Sober Beauty And Spirited Spaces | Design Storie +  Fenix John 

The sophistication of a design lies in its minimalism and thorough detailing. Here is an apartment interior project by Design Storie, Mumbai. Abode expatiates its poise attributes while at the same time augments in its sober beauty and spirited spaces. The client insisted on a utilitarian and simplistic design with a timeless appeal. Bold articulative surfaces narrate this inside story in a nutshell right from the entrance foyer.

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The house opens up with a rectilinear living area. Here is a modest space with prudent detailing and cozy self-contained vibes. Two comfy tanned sofas territories with the facing TV wall to exemplify the douce further. The TV wall takes in polished marble with rose-gold beading and a neat furniture ledge to seemingly merge with the self-textured marble floor. The white PU painted walls and the brown wallpaper for the ceiling not only complement the monochromatic concept but also enhances the richness of the space. At the farther end is the window niche adorned with customized grills and fluted charcoal paneling to reverberate its warmth within.

The adjoining dining space is in itself a work of art with a unique poetry on a blank canvas. A central dining table single-handedly becomes the elemental piece in here. The walls remain plain with white paneling grooved in a way to camouflage the doors. A warm recessed light band runs along these walls to also act as handles for the doors. The chief and a peculiar uproar here is the feature light. It runs along this cuboidal canvas to alter the directional aspects of the horizontal and vertical surfaces. With minimal intervention, this feature works to articulate the surfaces and terminate with a traditional ‘Aum’ profile in the living.

The kitchen is designed majorly considering its functional and utilitarian aspects. An Edwardian color palette is adopted by the cabinet shutters and backsplash expressing mildness while acquainting an easy maintenance. One cannot lay off the beautifully detailed niches in the house. The hand-wash station is embellished with a marble pedestal wash basin and cladded with a 3D patterned limestone tile piece.

The master bedroom for the middle-aged couple is delightful with natural light and maneuvered surface finishes. The highlighter rear wall is finished in grey textured laminate pieces with rose-gold beading for the tone to complement the hardware in the room. To add vibrancy and a little jazzy vibe, a pop of orange is added as a bed-back with its eye-catchy mold. Otherwise, optimal furnishings pertain with rustic toned matte burl veneers.

Another master bedroom is for the elderly brother of the family. The key feature here is the angle protruded furniture being accentuated by the profile lights. The tufted ruby headboard denotes an aristocracy with its distinctive shade that centralizes the core focus onto itself. Here again, minimal furnishings with deep veneers retain the naivety of the space. Ample natural light aids in enhancing the liveliness of the room further.

The third bedroom is for the mixed age group- the son and the grandmother. The conceptualization had to strike a balance between the likable of the two. The intended dominance of the headboard is conveniently shaped keeping in mind the design principles and comfort to add more backrest. Moreover, a winsome niche gets curated with Moroccan tiles and artifacts to accommodate the temple. The sober curtains are veiled by a faux leather finished arch framing.

Equal design attention extends to the bathrooms that are elegant and luxurious with modest lightings and a tile finish to make it appear larger than size. Hence, an apartment that entices the senses of the users making a design complete in itself! A skillfully designed abode has taken shape with a mesmerizing simplicity and a beautified perfection.


Design By: Design Storie +  Fenix John 

Location: Mumbai

Principal Designer: Janvi Mehta and Ar. Fenix John 

Team Member: Mansi Doshi

Photography : phxindia

Styling: Stylefix.india

Text Credit: Megha Hirani






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