10 Ways to Incorporate Vastu for East Facing House

When one starts the design process, the Vastu for an east facing house is considered to be auspicious. Vastu Shastra is a very important factor to consider in Indian houses. It plays a major role in the overall planning and design of any house. Thus, Vastu for east facing house is not only auspicious but also beneficial scientifically. The morning sunlight penetrates the home with the sun rising in the east, filling the interior spaces with light, fresh air, and positivity.

Developing a plan according to the rules of Vastu for the east facing house is considered to be auspicious. There are tips that one can follow while planning a house. These tips would help guide the placement of rooms and various spaces accordingly.

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1. Suitable Colours

Vastu for East Facing House
Hues of blue and greens (Project By: One Habitat Studio)

As the east-facing houses have ample amounts of sunlight coming in, the colours used must enhance the light. Hence, using colours such as blue and green will be appropriate. The blue colour with hues of grey can make the interior of east-facing homes more lively and serene. At the same time, the green colours with aqua touches can make the rooms feel fresh and calm.

2. Site and Exterior Landscaping

Vastu for East Facing House
Open spaces (Project By: Dipen Gada & Associates)

The plot area with a street in the east direction of the house is considered good. The eastern portion of the house must be at the lower level. The drainage must be designed and collected in the east direction. The compound wall must be higher in the west direction and lower in the east direction. Keeping open garden spaces in the east direction would ensure happiness for residents. Also, keeping green spaces more in the east direction would enlighten the indoors by their presence.

3. Car Porch and Services

Parking and Services (Image Credits:

In an east-facing house, one must park the car in the southwest direction. One must avoid parking the car in the north or east direction, as they are not considered to be stagnant or appropriate for the inhabitants. Garages must be kept in west or south-facing directions. There must be no septic tanks in the northeast corner of the house. Also, for east-facing houses, the best place for placing the water tank is in the northeast or north direction. The staircase must be placed in a west or south direction.

4. Main Entrance 

Vastu for East Facing House
Main door (Project By: Walls n Voids Atelier)

For any east-facing house, the main door must be in the center of the house. If it is not in the center, then one must leave a 6-inch gap between the wall and the main door. The northeast and southeast corners of the house must be avoided for the placement of the main door.

5. Living room 

Living room placement (Project By: Walls n Voids Atelier)

The placement of a living room is always essential while planning a home. For example, the placement of a living room must not be such that one has to pass through the bedroom or kitchen while making way to the living room. For an east-facing house, the best direction for the living room is the northeast side, according to the Vastu. In addition to this, the walls of the north and east sides are a bit thinner than the west and south sides, which are considered to draw success, prosperity, and personal and professional life.

6. Pooja Room

Vastu for East Facing House
Pooja room (Project By: Anil Ranka Architects)

For any Indian home, the pooja room is considered to be a sacred space where all our auspicious events take place. Hence, keeping in consideration the importance of this place that it holds in our day-to-day lives, it must be in the perfect direction of the house that can attract all the positivity of the house. The best direction for the pooja room in an east-facing house is the northeast direction. Also, the place would reflect a greater amount of positive energy if it were flooded with natural air and sunlight.

7. Kitchen Vastu

Kitchen (Image Credits:

The kitchen is another place that is associated with the beliefs of wrong and right in Indian customs. In an east-facing house, the kitchen must be placed in the northwest or southeast direction. One must face east in the southeast kitchen and north in the northwest kitchen while cooking. Keeping plants in the kitchen would also turn out to be beneficial for the inhabitants. Appliances such as refrigerators and storage areas should find their place in the southwest direction, ensuring the flow of vitality in the house.

8. Dining Vastu

Vastu for East Facing House
Dining room (Image Credits:

For an east-facing house, the dining room must be in continuation of the kitchen on the east-west or south side. If there is a door in the dining room, it must not face the main door of the house. For the seating arrangement, one must see that the members or the seating face the north, east, and west sides. If the dining space is kept besides the openings that include the greens and the natural light to flood in, that would enhance the experience of the inhabitants.

9. Bedroom

Sleeping Space (Project By:

According to the Vastu, the best direction for the placement of the bedroom in an east-facing house is the southwest direction. Also, the best direction to place the bed is on the south or west wall of the room, such that the head lies in the south or west direction and the legs are in the north direction. The place for the closet or changing room must be on the north or west side of the room. The bathroom in the bedroom must not face the bed directly.

10. Bathroom

Vastu for East Facing House
Direction of bathroom (Project By: The Arch Studio)

Planning for services is essential for any house. Hence, the direction of the bathroom for the east-facing house is also important for planning and design considerations. The bathrooms in any east-facing house must be in the south-east or north-west corners. Any bathrooms must not be adjacent to the pooja room. No toilets can be in the north-east direction in the east-facing house.

Every Indian inhabitant would more or less believe in the science of Vastu Shastra, considering the design and planning of their homes. When one starts planning the house, the first thing that enters one’s head is the directions according to which every room or living space is to be placed. The directions and their influences on one’s personal or professional life hold a bold significance in Indian culture and lifestyle. Hence, Vastu for the east facing house is an important aspect of the prosperity of people’s homes to live in. Apparently, Vastu for the east-facing house bring prosperity and positive energy into the house. Hence, to ensure the flow of intact energy, the above-mentioned tips would help one plan a perfect Vastu for the east facing house for their living.

Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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