• 10 Ways To Incorporate Vastu For North Facing House

    In relation to other orientations, Vastu For North Facing House is the most auspicious and guides design spaces to harmonise with nature and the universe. At the same time, it channelises the energies in a space necessary for peace of mind. Although considered a pseudoscience by many, It takes into account the climate and site context. Being Lord Kubera’s abode, Vastu For North Facing House attracts prosperity and wealth. Thus, a good Vastu For North Facing House is preferable for many in India. One can live in any house by following these 10 planning tips on Vastu for North Facing House.

    1.Colours Suitable For The Vastu For A North Facing House

    Vastu For North Facing House

    The north direction correlates with the ruling planet Mercury, thus associating it with the colour green. Thus, the suitable colours are green and other related neutral tones such as warm grey, khaki and cream. However, the use of darker shades such as red and maroon signifies anger of negative energy.

    2.Site and Exterior Landscaping Vastu For A North Facing House

    Vastu For North Facing House

    When selecting a site, avoid a plot that slopes from north to south. South to north sloping with bigger trees such as Neem in the north west is highly preferable. Tulsi plant is highly auspicious and ideally kept in the north entrance. Bamboo plant, money plant, banana tree, and marigold, are a few plants that will beautify one’s home.

    3.Car Porch And Service Units Vastu For A North Facing House

    Vastu For North Facing House

    Car porches, garages, septic tanks, water pumps, and gardens must be oriented in the south-west corner. North-east is not auspicious for a north facing house. This is to prevent exhaust fumes, smells, and contamination from entering the bedrooms and cause health concerns.

    4.Main Entrance For Vastu A North Facing House

    Vastu For North Facing House

    The position and size of the main entrance determine the auspiciousness of a north-facing house. The ideal position is the north and north-east side of the main facade. Use good-quality material for the main door, which must also be the biggest one in the house.

    5.Living Room Vastu For A North Facing House

    Vastu For North Facing House

    According to Vastu, the north is the most suitable for a living room. The windows in the living room must face north or east to invite sufficient sunlight and wind, which are great sources of positivity and significantly improve health. Provide shading devices or air conditioners to counter the direct sunlight entering the house.

    6.Pooja Room Vastu For A North Facing House

    Vastu For North Facing House

    The north-east orientation is ideal for a pooja room. The pooja room should never share the wall with the bathroom or be near its premises. The pooja must stay clear from bedrooms, toilets, and store rooms. Opt for wood instead of metal and stone as the material used for the pooja room. Copper and brass should be used instead of silver utensils.

    7.Kitchen Vastu For A North Facing House

    Vastu For North Facing House

    In the case of south-facing homes, south-east and north-west are the most favourable orientations. If the kitchen is facing south-east, one must cook facing east so as to direct the smoke from cooking through the ventilators or windows. Whereas a north-west-facing kitchen must ideally have the cooking area facing the west. One must avoid north-west orientation.

    8.Dining Vastu For A North Facing House

    According to Vastu, the dining room and kitchen must connect and face the east, north, or west directions. Bright and cheerful paintings that depict nature or food are to be hung on the walls. Adorn the table with fresh flowers or bamboo plants to absorb negative energy.

    9.Bedroom Vastu For A North Facing House

    The south west orientation is ideal for the master bedroom, as they bring about positive energy while making the room inviting and relaxing at the same time. For houses with more than one level, placing the master bedroom on the topmost floor is most suitable.

    The most ideal position for kids’ and guest bedrooms is in the north-west direction. However, a kids’ bedroom may also orient itself in the southern or western direction to utilise the maximum amount of sunlight in the spaces.

    10.Bathroom Design For A North Facing House

    Vastu for North Facing House considers the direction of a bathroom as important as the rest of the space. However, one must avoid the north-west corner or any corner and centre of the house. East, north-east, and north are suitable for positioning wash basins, shower areas, and any water outlet or drainage. At the same time, the slope of the floor should follow the same rule. 

    Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science that gives importance to influencing energy flows into the house. Vastu for North Facing House is auspicious and attracts good fortune by default. In relation to Vastu For South Facing House, it does not require much thought or effort. Nevertheless, Vastu For North Facing House creates a bright and lively environment as it remains well lit throughout the day.

    Text By: Gopika Pramod

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