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Posted On April 04, 2024

A Deliberate Selection of Materials Contributed to a Harmonious Aesthetic | studio TAB

Aimed to cater to a young family, a deliberate selection of materials contributed to a harmonious aesthetic. The family desired a home that does not dip into the bucket of...

Posted On September 20, 2023

A Home that Identifies with the Indian Context and Cultural Identities | studio TAB

Editor’s Note: Studio TAB shows collaboration between modern designs with a touch of ethnicity in the spaces of this apartment. The infiltration of colors, texture, and patterns through linens does...

Posted On January 06, 2023

Top 30 Interior Designers in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The creative community holds the power to shape the way of how people perceive Interior Design. Achieving the Functionality of a Space while also making it Aesthetically Pleasing, with respect...

Posted On May 09, 2022

Naked House: Redefining Minimalism with Newer Perspectives | studio TAB

Every now and then, an architect meets a project that makes him/her pause and think. To question every sinew of design ethos adopted so far and to introspect what’s learnt...