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Posted On June 22, 2023

A Natural-Light Filled House With Sober and Minimal Designed Elements | House Of Ruya

“While the perfectly curated indoors rightly make up for a house to be home, this residence beholds its interior environment bloom due to the immense goodness of natural light and...

Posted On January 06, 2023

Top 30 Interior Designers in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The creative community holds the power to shape the way of how people perceive Interior Design. Achieving the Functionality of a Space while also making it Aesthetically Pleasing, with respect...

Posted On November 29, 2022

Providing A Contemporary Aesthetic To The ’32 Smiles’ Dental Clinic | HOUSE OF RUYA

The architect wanted to elevate the existing brands’ original spaces and make them feel cohesive. There was a heightened focus on marrying local materials with expensive materials like brass accents...

Posted On April 28, 2022

Space that Exudes Simplicity, Texturally Rich Yet Minimal | House Of Ruya

This minimal space was created with the clients’ growing family in mind and making sure that the home is an extension of themselves and not just a space they occupy....

  • Posted On December 16, 2021

    Residence Adorned with Simplicity and Creative Modernism in Bangalore : Brass and Hues | House Of Ruya

    In the fast moving world today, home is the place that keeps us tied to our roots. It is our haven to unwind, to enjoy and to feel like it’s...