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Posted On May 28, 2024

Vastu for Toilets: Everything You Need to Know

In the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra, the arrangement and design of every space within a home hold profound significance, influencing the flow of energy and shaping the well-being...

Posted On May 13, 2024

Vastu For Flat: Tips To Enhance Your Living

Vastu for flat needs to be understood while designing or for enhancement of the surroundings. When selecting or leasing a flat in an apartment building, it’s important to evaluate specific...

Posted On May 11, 2024

Vastu For Pooja Room: 10 Tips For A Holy Space

Vastu for Pooja room is always in focus in any Indian home. The Pooja room is a holy and sacred space for any Indian who believes in spirituality. In any...

Posted On April 30, 2024

Vastu For Office Spaces To Energize Your Work Space

Vastu for office in 2024 creates conducive work environments, as it encourages positivity and productivity. This cultural tradition is not just a sentimental gesture, but a pragmatic choice. Vastu Shastra...

  • Posted On April 18, 2024

    10 Ways To Incorporate Vastu For West Facing House

    According to people’s beliefs, the Vastu for west facing house is considered less likely than other direction options. The direction in which the main entrance of the house is located...

    Posted On January 29, 2024

    10 Ways to Incorporate Vastu for East Facing House

    When one starts the design process, the Vastu for an east facing house is considered to be auspicious. Vastu Shastra is a very important factor to consider in Indian houses....

    Posted On January 03, 2024

    Unlocking Vastu Purusha Mandala: Planning Secrets for Harmony

    The Vastu Purusha Mandala is an ancient blueprint in the Vastu Shastra that represents the cosmic energy grid governing architectural design. It symbolises the cosmic entity and embodies the harmony...

    Posted On November 29, 2023

    How Vastu for Bedrooms Can Bring Harmony to Your Life

    Vastu for Bedrooms intricately weaves ancient Indian architectural wisdom into the contemporary realm, offering guidelines for creating harmonious living spaces. It focuses on aligning and placing things to improve the...

    Posted On November 08, 2023

    Vastu for Kitchen: A Guide to Creating Positive Energy in Kitchens

    In an Indian household, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and Vastu for Kitchen is one of the most important factors to consider. Cooking elaborate recipes can take...

    Posted On September 14, 2023

    10 Ways To Incorporate Vastu For South Facing House

    Vastu For South Facing House is quite different from any other orientation. Most homeowners consider Vastu an important part of their culture. Managing the energies in a space is necessary...

    Posted On April 10, 2023

    19 Primary Fundamentals of Vastu Shastra for house

    The word “Vastu” refers to the dwelling place of humans and gods, while “shastra” means science or knowledge, hence Vastu Shastra for house is the science of architecture. Vastu Shastra for...

    Posted On August 03, 2021

    Exposed Brick and RCC creating Compositional Structure of the Residence & a Multilevel Altitude | The Interior Workshop

    Specialising in exquisite taste, unparalleled service and unmatched quality, we at the interior WORKSHOP lend our collaborative expertise and passion to design each project with utmost dedication and uniqueness, turning...