• Vastu For Pooja Room: 10 Tips For A Holy Space

    Vastu for Pooja room is always in focus in any Indian home. The Pooja room is a holy and sacred space for any Indian who believes in spirituality. In any Indian context, Vastu for mandir are of prime importance as it serves as the energy source for the inhabitant. As the pooja room connects with any person’s mental peace and stability, its Vastu becomes a checkpoint to consider as the source of wellness and energy in the house. Hence, looking at a few points for placement can be useful while designing.  

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    Project By: HV ASSOCIATES

    The pooja room in any Indian household carries a definite spiritual value for the inhabitants. It is considered to be a holy space from which one gets a positive flow of energy into the whole house. Hence, to design, considering the Vastu is necessary. According to Vastu Shastra, the mandir plays a vital role in harnessing and spreading strong vibes around the home. As many people are not well versed in the vastu shastra, they might miss a few points while designing the house. Hence, to keep in check, these few tips will always matter in the design.

    1. Direction of Pooja Room as per Vastu

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    Project By: HV ASSOCIATES

    The most critical part of Vastu for the pooja room is to decide the position of the space while designing the house. The positioning of the pooja room in the Vastu is important as it directs the flow of energy accordingly. While placing the pooja room, the foremost thing to do is to decide the direction. The ideal direction for the correct Vastu is in the northeast direction of the house. This direction, according to the Vastu Shastra, is always considered auspicious in terms of starting anything new and positive in the house. 

    If one is designing their house from scratch, they must always put the pooja room on the ground floor. Putting the pooja room on higher levels is considered bad for the Vastu. As a matter of fact, Vastu Shastra propagates in the northeast direction to fetch the positive energy from the sun into the house.

    2. Design Of Pooja Room as per Vastu

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    Project By: Uncut Design Lab

    While designing the vastu for the pooja room, one must always look at the movement for entry into the room as well as the ceiling. As per vastu, any pooja room should have a low ceiling. Also, a pyramid shape and a Gopura-type ceiling will enhance positivity in the room, which is the main aim. Also, there are other considerations for the entry, such as whether a two-door entry will be good if there is space. Having a threshold in the entry differentiating the space from the rest of the house will be good for the Vastu. As the pooja room is small, the lower ceiling coupled with a gopura-like shape adds symmetry and will help one slip into a meditative state easily.

    3. Placement of Idol as per Vastu

    Project By: Shreesh Design Studio LLP

    Another important thing after locating the pooja room in the house is the placement of the idol. The idol is one of the important factors in a pooja room, as it allows one to focus and concentrate on the spiritual and holy feelings of meditation. Once the layout and structure of the pooja room are finalised, the idol must be kept in the correct position accordingly. The correct way to place an idol is a few inches away from the wall, at least six inches above the floor. Additionally, there must be no violence-related images or images of dead people. The idol must be placed a bit away from the wall to ensure continuous airflow around it. Additionally, this aids in enveloping the idol with the fragrance of the incense sticks.

    4. Pooja Room Storage

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    Project By: Shreesh Design Studio LLP

    Placing a pooja room separately is one of the ideal choices in designing a modern home. As the vastu for the pooja room is very important to be attentive to, one must keep the space aloof from any interruptions. This will help one keep the pooja room intact and peaceful. Any storage must never be kept above the pooja room, as it is considered inappropriate according to the Vastu shastra. So, to store all the religious books, lamps, and pooja-related items, one must design a simple storage below the idol place. Any storage in the pooja room must face the southeast without being stored above the pooja room. As the storage will be placed in the southeast, it will not interrupt the sunlight entering the room.

    5. Color Palette to be used in pooja room

    Project By: 23 DC Architects

    For the Vastu for the pooja room, one can always use a light colour palette that will ensure peace. Colour is one of the most important factors to look into while doing the Vastu. The use of light and serene colours will be ideal for the pooja room. One can always create a meditative atmosphere by using white and yellow colors. If one opts for using marble white, yellow and ochre colours will work.

    6. Correct Lighting for the Pooja Room

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    Project By: AR Associates

    When you are in a meditative state, more harsh lights do not go with the mood and do not set the correct atmosphere. Hence, giving proper lights in the pooja room becomes very necessary to create a good vastu for the pooja room. Light makes the atmosphere of the pooja room bright and positive. Along with the lights from the diyas, one can add lights with a window in the northeast direction. In the event that there is no window, one can always add artificial light to the settings.

    7. Pooja Room Doors as per vastu

    Project By: RED BRICK STUDIO

    One can always add to the design of the Vastu for the pooja room by adding doors accordingly. According to Hindu mythology, gods take human forms and thus need privacy like any human being. Hence, adding doors to the pooja room according to Vastu is necessary. This will also lead to further cleanliness from the outside dirt and impurities in the pooja room. Wooden doors are most likely to be given for a good pooja room.

    8. Accessories for the Pooja Room

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    Project By: K.N.ASSOCIATES

    Vastu for the pooja room includes all the things that are kept inside the space. All of the things, starting from colours and lights to the floor and ceiling, affect the atmosphere when combined together. Accessories are those things that are very subjective concerning the beliefs of the inhabitants. According to the vastu, various materials can be used in the mandir design. Brass metal accessories can be used in the pooja room, according to Vastu. It is also good to keep copper vessels filled with water in the pooja room to absorb negativity. Also, metal generates a spiritual sound that helps purify the energy of your house.

    9. Best Areas to Keep Pooja Room

    Project By: Design Inc.

    The best area for keeping the pooja room in the house is near the kitchen or the living room. Unless your kitchen area is in the northeastern part, it is unlikely to keep the pooja room near it. Pooja rooms can also be kept in the bedrooms if they are in the northeastern part of the house. One will have to see that the feet do not face the pooja room.

    10. Ideal Dimensions for Pooja Room

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    Project By: KN Associates

    The ideal dimensions, according to Vastu, for the pooja room are somehow fixed, keeping in mind the functions. The ideal dimensions must be 5 x 7 feet in order for two to three people to come together and pray in peace. If the pooja room is at a certain height, then the steps should in odd numbers, that is, 3, 9, 11, 21, not ending with zero.

    It is always important in an Indian household to get the vastu correct. The pooja room and its design affect the beliefs of the inhabitants. The pooja room is a very critical space in the house that drives the energy of the house. To correct the vastu, it should be in the northeast direction. When you pray in the pooja room, you must face the east or north. 

    As per the traditional Vastu for the pooja room in flats, the fire offerings face east, and the lamp should be in the southeast corner of the room. The ideal size of the idol must be 9 inches high and not less than 2 inches high. All of these tips will help one design a pooja room that will fill the house with positivity.

    Content Writing and Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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