• Vastu for Kitchen: A Guide to Creating Positive Energy in Kitchens

    In an Indian household, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and Vastu for Kitchen is one of the most important factors to consider. Cooking elaborate recipes can take a significant amount of time in the kitchen to prepare a delectable meal. As a result, applying Vastu principles to the kitchen is critical to ensuring that the meals prepared are not only nourishing but also full of positive energy. By arranging utensils, gadgets, and food strategically, Vastu for Kitchen improves functionality and practicality. It also ensures a smooth flow for tasks like washing, cleaning, prepping, and cooking.

    The goal is to hit the sweet spot between functionality, aesthetic appeal, and applying the right principles of Vastu for the perfect kitchen.

    Vastu for Kitchen

    The Psychological and Physical Effects of Vastu-Compliant Design

    When translated into English, Vastu Shastra means “Science of Buildings.” Vastu principles transform a house into a dream home by emitting positive energy that promotes physical and emotional well-being. The right room orientation, size, and materials have a positive impact on a family’s health, wealth, and overall well-being.

    The universe is made up of five elements known as panchabhutas: water, fire, earth, air, and space. When all these elements are in equilibrium when designing a home, it results in happiness, wealth, and good health. The kitchen represents Agni, the cosmic fire. Fire energy has a connection with transformation or change. Cooking with passion, transforming raw food into a nutritious meal, is how the cosmic energy of fire manifests itself in a kitchen.

    Vastu for Kitchen

    Vastu for Kitchen

    The South-East corner of any home is the best location for a kitchen. If that is not possible, the North-West Corner is the next best option. But keep in mind that there is a chance of increased expenses or danger from accidents. While a kitchen in the North-East corner causes stress and food waste, a kitchen in the South-West corner causes conflict at home.

    Vastu for Kitchen

    Vastu Tips for Kitchen with Different Orientations.

    1.East Facing House

    1. The kitchen must be in the South-East Corner.
    2. The ideal location for the stove is on the Eastern side.
    3. The sink should be in the North direction.
    4. As the sun rises in the east, which is ruled by the Air element, which also represents wood, it is necessary for the fire to burn. Colours such as green, beige, and brown are ideal for the kitchen colour scheme.
    5. Avoid yellow, golden, white and grey.
    6. The kitchen counter can be brown or green.

    2.North Facing House

    1. Locate the kitchen in the North-West direction.
    2. The cooking platform should be along the East direction.
    3. Do not locate the kitchen in the North-East location.
    4. Off-white, blue and green are the ideal colours.
    5. Avoid the colours red, orange, pink and yellow.
    6. A green countertop is the best choice.

    Vastu for Kitchen

    3.West Facing House

    1. Never locate the kitchen in the South-West or North-East corner of the house.
    2. South-East or North-West are ideal locations for the kitchen.
    3. The cooktop must be on the Eastern wall.
    4. The space element governs the West direction. Use white, grey, yellow and golden colours.
    5. Avoid using colours like green, red and brown.
    6. A grey countertop is the best.

    Vastu for Kitchen

    4.South Facing House

    1. South-East or North-East are the ideal locations.
    2. The cooktop must be in the East or South-East area of the kitchen.
    3. Storage should be in the North-East location.
    4. Locate the sink in the North-East corner.
    5. Use a maroon, brown, or green-coloured slab. Avoid blue or black.

    Checklist for a Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

    1. The ideal location for the cooking platform, like the stove and oven, should be in the East or South-East Corner.
    2. One must face East of North-East while cooking.
    3. Taps, washbasins and drinking water should be in the North-East corner.
    4. The fridge must be on the Western side of the kitchen.
    5. Place all electric appliances, like ovens, microwaves, blenders, and mixers, in the South-East or South direction.
    6. Storage and shelves for stocks must be in the North-West direction.
    7. The kitchen must have ventilation in the form of big windows on the East and North sides to allow natural light in.
    8. If one requires a dining table in the kitchen then it must be on the Western side.
    9. The person cooking should not have his or her back towards the entrance of the kitchen.
    10. Ensure the kitchen is spacious and airy, with ample space to comfortably cook.
    11. The stove represents the finances of the family and must be kept clean, unblocked, and well looked after.

    Never place your kitchen under the stairs or toilet, as it will have a negative impact on the family.

    Vaastu-Compliant Kitchen Designs

    Designed by : ZZARNA SSTUDIO

    Project Name : The Boxy Affair

    The kitchen is in the second-best location in the North-West Corner. The hob is on the eastern side, while the washbasin is along the north wall, in accordance with Vastu principles. The colour theme for an east-facing plot follows muted and earthy tones such as grey, brown, and white.

    Designed by : Inklets Studio

    Project Name : House 48

    The west-facing property has its kitchen in the South-East corner. The hob is rightly located on the eastern wall. The material palette consists of black granite, earthy-toned cabinets, and grey tile cladding.

    In conclusion, the intention of these traditional ways of designing is science-based, with a focus on aspects such as bringing sunlight into the house, ventilating it well, and using materials that are as close to nature as possible. It is more than superstition. Vastu Principles are more than just old wives’ tales. While it is not possible to apply all Vastu principles to the kitchen when purchasing an apartment, the interiors can be tweaked to align as closely as possible with the aforementioned guidelines. Applying all Vastu tips while designing a dream villa, on the other hand, will benefit the home dwellers by bringing in positive energy. Which of the Vastu for kitchen tips will you use to create a kitchen that is healthy, uncluttered, and organised?

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rochelle Dayal

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