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Posted On February 14, 2023

The Bath World Showroom Vadodara, A Luxury Bathroom Fixtures Store | THE CROSSBOUNDARIES

In the world of luxury bathroom fixtures, each product is a work of art – and the showroom is akin to an exclusive art gallery. The Bath World showroom Vadodara, a luxury bathroom fixtures store, newly re-designed by The Crossboundaries is a stunning display of eclectic bathroom products within an edgy, vibrant setting. The 2000 […]

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Posted On February 06, 2023

Accentuating The Aesthetics Of Traditional Indian Wear Concept With Modern Luxury Interior Design | Design Synthesis

An 800 sq.ft residential apartment converted into a fashion boutique “The Style Closet” accentuating the aesthetics of traditional Indian wear concept with modern luxury interior design in Pune. The design intent of the space was to create muted interiors so that the designer’s colourful collection could be highlighted, and add the necessary vibrance and flamboyance […]

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Posted On January 21, 2023

Retail Space For ‘The White Teak Company’, A Lighting & Home Décor Store | Choreography of Spaces

The retail space for ‘The White Teak Company’, a lighting & home décor store, at Parel – Mumbai is an attempt to look at geometries, in solid against its own wire-frame version. Arches have been used in wire-frame, projected panels and surfaces in various finishes to contrast & complement each other. The idea is reinforced […]

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Posted On December 12, 2022

Kalgi, A Salon Where The Feeling Of Luxury Is Elevated | AMOGH DESIGNS

Kalgi, a salon where the feeling of luxury is elevated on its own but the space is yet approachable. This 1000 sq.ft. space was to be divided between Reception, waiting area, salon area (for minimum 5 people), hair wash area, pedicure-manicure area, bridal area, facial/spa area, pantry & bathroom and still all sections blend in […]

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  • Posted On January 11, 2022

    Display of Wood Craft through Modern Techniques and Technologies in this Raipur Retail Design| I Designs

    An expression of materiality and flexibility, the statement seating are symbolic of the brand, its product and its usability. With these iconic illustrations in a retail design space, a buyer tends to broaden the perspective, and also introduces to the modern day crafting techniques and technologies. These pieces challenge the notions of traditional choices and […]

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    Posted On December 08, 2021

    Bold Basics and Cautious Exaggeration Shapes this Retail Design for Kanishk Mehta | Sync Design Studio

    Conscious association of elements of maximalism with contextual design needs, justifies the dark, moody and playful interiors of this retail store for Kanishk Mehta. The bling and splendor coincides with the function oriented design elements like the display units and specially crafted hangers on the center rail, suspended from the ceiling. Dabbed with pretend signature […]

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    Posted On November 25, 2021

    Blend of Bold And Subdued, this Experience Center is Unconventionally Immersive and ‘Muselabby’ | Muse Lab

    Exhibiting the brand identity of the luxury modular kitchen and wardrobe in this experience center, is anything but conventional. Right through the entrance, while your eyes are exploring along the curves and arches, they begin a dialogue with two different samples of modular kitchen through a capsule-like opening leaving you with a desire to explore […]

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    Posted On August 09, 2021

    Gallery Style Layout with Restrained Interior Palette Enhances the Showroom Purpose | Lokirev Designs

    Set in a densely woven market area in the main city of Hyderabad, the site is a very tight plot enveloped by shops on 3 sides leaving only the road side open for light, ventilation and accessibility. The client, engaged in wholesale business of hardware has been fitting his essentials in a typical market store […]

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    Posted On June 18, 2021

    Raw and Earthy Shell with Accents of Traditional Elements : BAGH | Darshali Golani & Parnavi Mendon

    Raw and Earthy Shell with Accents of Traditional Elements : BAGH | Darshali Golani & Parnavi Mendon The project is a showroom for retail ethnic clothing brand called BAGH – by Seasons Vadodara, located in Juhu, Mumbai, designed by Darshali Golani and Parnavi Mendon.  Visit : Darshali Golani & Parnavi Mendon Nestled in a bustling city of […]

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    Posted On June 18, 2021

    Retail Shop Interior Design Ideas

    Your retail store’s layout and design are key elements which will make prospective customers decide on whether to step inside, look around and make a purchase. Shop fitters for an all division building are ready to serve you when you have your interior design ideas ready to be installed. Here are some affordable functional ideas […]

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    Posted On May 25, 2021

    Understand the significance of retail shelving

    If you want to design your retail space, it is essential to discern the importance of retail shelving. If you use good tricks to design your retail space, it will create ample opportunities for your shop. Even the environment of your retail store will be highly inviting, therefore, bringing in more customers. If you plan […]

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    Posted On April 13, 2021

    10 Retail Designs In Indian Amalgamating Experiences With Luxury

    Retail designs in India are inclining more towards ‘generating experiences’ rather than just providing a service or a display. Designers are focusing more on concepts in amalgamation with needs. Not only the requirements are being targeted but, the spaces are carved out in a way that a person can get attached to them in totality. […]

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    Posted On April 09, 2021

    A Retail Store In A Heritage Structure Breaking The Homogeneity Of The Single Plane At Tianu | Studio PKA

    A Retail Store In A Heritage Structure Breaking The Homogeneity Of The Single Plane At Tianu | Studio PKA Context – The Estate and the Store Nestled in a corner, on the ground floor of a Victorian Era building in Ballard Estate – the original Central Business District – ‘The Revival Project’ speaks of a desire to recover and […]

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    Posted On April 07, 2021

    An Experience Center Creating An Emphatic Built Presence | Utopia Designs

    An Experience Center Creating An Emphatic Built Presence | Utopia Designs The project for Shivshakti Laminates involved creating a distinct, memorable experience center for leading Surat-based purveyors of laminates and veneers. This was aligned to the client’s brief, which indicated a desire for an entity with a unique and high recall value, one that would […]

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