New Market Trends for Heating Solutions – Exclusive Interview Abhimanyu Dabas ( Bromic Heating )

Indeed here to define the new market trends for heating solutions- in conversation with Abhimanyu Dabas from Bromic Heating Bromic Heating is the only company to design, engineer, and manufacture gas, electric and portable outdoor heating products. They are the developers of radiant heating solutions that offer both ultimate performance and stylish designs. Apart from[Read More]

Insights on SIRJAN Group, in an Interview with Mr. Dalbir Singh

Sirjan Group is a Design & Build brand based out of Delhi. With a rich experience of 21 years and numerous executed projects now into quality construction and global business understanding, they are doing projects PAN India with top of the Architects and Designers in the industry. In an exclusive interview with Editor of The[Read More]

An insight on Virtual Learning Culture In Architecture

An insight on Virtual Learning Culture In Architecture : A conversation with Ar. Sejal Mittal, Alcove Studio. Ar. Sejal Mittal is a passionate architect and design education coach, now practicing in the industry for about 6 years. Alcove Studio is an outlet to her design aspiration where she executes luxe interior design and architecture projects.[Read More]

East Asia- An Innovative Restaurant Interior in Borivali | aplus design

East Asia- An Innovative Restaurant Interior in Borivali | aplus design “EAST ASIA” the name itself defines the “rising” — the sun, from the direction was eventually referred to as “Orientals.” Taking the Oriental as a design challenge through a new, innovative concept and unique space. The project idea was comprehensible by the client of[Read More]

Why Are Architects Necessary?

If you’ve ever watched Christopher Nolan’s movie “Inception”, then you not only know it’s an intriguing film, but you also will have realized that architects have rather distinct ways of thinking. Many might find their perspective to be a bit ‘out there’, even somewhat odd, but also occasionally quite genius. From the smallest design details[Read More]

An interview with Ar. Himanshu Patel

Back to Basics!   Ar. Himanshu Patel is passionate about design is driven by ideas rather than personalities. His d6thD Design studio promotes vernacular architecture using locally available materials, and climate-responsive architecture. His primary interests lies in creating spaces that create a harmonious relationship between mankind and nature.     Q: Your prime focus lies[Read More]