• TADstories with Jinal Mevada | Interior Factory

    Jinal Mevada, the founder of Interior Factory, shares her passion for interior design, which was instilled since childhood.

    Interior Factory is an interior design studio founded by Jinal Mevada in Mumbai. The interior design studio balances functionality with aesthetics and client aspirations.

    In the following conversation with Jinal Mevada, she reveals her deep passion for design and her design philosophies.

    Jinal Mevada of Interior Factory

    What is the story of your passion for design? 

    It came from my family as I come from the family of Furniture manufacturing business. My family is in this business since last 40 years. I am the 3rd generation into this. I have seen my father and uncle making beautiful furniture pieces for some renowned architects. My love/ passion for Interior design came from that. Moreover, since I was in school I had a clear vision of becoming an Interior designer.

    What pushed you to commence your own interior design studio?

    I always wanted to have my own design studio. After working in different studios for over 5 years I felt like taking the next step. Thereby, I started my own studio, Interior Factory, as I was getting few inquiries of projects via friends and family.

    TV unit design

    Journey of Design Process!

    Could you write in short about the philosophy you go with when designing a certain project?

    My philosophy of interior design involves creating spaces that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the quality of life for the inhabitants. It’s about understanding how design choices affect people’s emotions, behaviors, and well-being. It’s also about balancing functionality with beauty, and creating spaces that reflect the values and personality of my clients.

    What is the inspiration behind your concept developments and design ideations?

    Concept development and design ideation in my projects I draw inspiration from various sources, including nature, art, architecture, culture and even technology. often we seek inspiration from current trends, client preferences, and the intended functionality of the space.

    Interior design by Interior Factory

    With online platforms showcasing a variety of trends, how did you decide on your signature style amidst the ever changing trends?

    Understanding client’s personality, preferences, and values is key. our style reflect who they are and what makes them comfortable and confident. We love Trying out different trends and styles it helps us figure out what resonates with us. We try to step out of our comfort zone and explore new looks.

    What values do you prioritize in your life and how do they reflect in your way of work?

    I prioritize values such as honesty, integrity, empathy, collaboration, and excellence in my personal life as well as the way i work. I prioritize honesty and integrity, as I always strive to be truthful and transparent with my clients in my actions and communications at Interior Factory.

    Living room interior

    A Sneak Peek Into The Projects By Interior Factory

    Could you share the story of a project which has truly challenged you go beyond your conventional style of design?

    The 3BHK project which we recently handed over. It was challenging for us me to go beyond my conventional style of design and design a house full of colors for my client. Traditionally, my design style leaned towards sleek and minimalist aesthetics, focusing on neutral tones and also we did and entire project virtually as my clients were not residing in India so that was a challenge for us to discuss designs and selecting materials virtually.

    With the technological advancements, which is the one tool you feel is a blessing to deal with design challenges?

    3D modellings in SketchUp or 3D’sMax of our ideas with incredible accuracy and detail. It allows for easy manipulation of designs, quick iterations, and seamless collaboration among our team members.

    What role do you think a well designed interior space has on the users mood and workability and how do you achieve it in your designs?

    A well-designed interior space can have a profound impact on the mood and workability of its users. A thoughtfully designed interior can evoke positive emotions and enhance mood. Factors such as color scheme, lighting, and layout play crucial roles. For instance, warm colors like orange and yellow can promote feelings of warmth and happiness, while cool colors like blue and green can induce a sense of calmness and tranquility.

    Comfortable surroundings contribute to the overall well-being of individuals. Factors such as seating comfort, air quality, and temperature control are essential aspects of a well-designed interior. In my designs, I aim to achieve these goals by employing a holistic approach that considers the needs, preferences, and behaviors of the users. I start by thoroughly understanding the purpose and function of the space and conducting research on relevant user demographics.

    Dining And Storage

    Considering the wide range of materials available today, how do you choose the right material palette which aligns with your design language and the client aspirations?

    Selecting the appropriate material palette for a design project involves a careful balance of aesthetic considerations, functional requirements, sustainability concerns, and client preferences. We start by comprehensively understanding the design language of our client or theme of the project. Is it modern, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic? Thereafter, accordingly we consider the textures, colors, and overall feel we want to achieve.

    Different spaces or elements may require specific materials based on factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, safety, and intended use. For instance, a kitchen countertop may need to be heat-resistant and easy to clean, while flooring in a high-traffic area should be durable. We consider the budget constraints of the project as well while ensuring that the selected materials meet quality standards.

    Beyond Design!

    Apart from designing, which are other hobbies that inspire you to keep going?

    I love dancing, painting, travelling and am a certified Kathak Dancer. I also love doing Yoga and spending some quality time in nature as I do my morning walks.

    Which aspect of interior designing brings you the sense of fulfilment?

    Firstly the connections and relations we create with client by designing their dream home and seeing our vision come to life through the transformation of a space be incredibly rewarding. Also, experiencing that those spaces are being enjoyed and appreciated by others is deeply fulfilling. Ultimately, it’s the creative process and the impact it has on people’s lives that often brings fulfillment us.

    Looking ahead in the future, what are some of the commitments to yourself to help you grow as an individual?

    I commit to lifelong learning and gaining new experiences. I also strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance by setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks effectively, and making time for activities outside of work that bring you fulfillment and relaxation.

    Beyond professional achievements, what personal legacy do you hope reaches the masses and can make an impact on their lives?

    I aspire for people to embrace lifelong learning and to use their knowledge and skills not only for personal success but also for the betterment of society.

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