• TADstories with Umesh Anghan and Hiren Bhingaradiya | Antariksh Design Studio

    Umesh Anghan and Hiren Bhingaradiya, the principal architects of Antariksh Design Studio share their journey in architecture and design.

    Antariskh Design Studio is an architecture and interior design studio situated in the city of Surat. Founded by Umesh Anghan and Hiren Bhingaradiya, the firm focuses on architecture, interior design, landscape and product design.

    In an interesting conversation with the principal architects of Antariksh Design Studio, they share their journey.

    What is the story of your passion for architecture? 

    We as designers, our thoughts are always trying to deliver a state of art spaces and thinking about what we can create or adopt new that we haven’t created yet. as we believe that new days are always meant to be for new thoughts and new spaces. that is what always fascinates us for architecture. architecture is one of the only field that allows you everyday new experience, creation and imagination in different perception.

    What pushed you to commence your own architecture studio?

    Our studio, Antariksh Design Studio is based on individual’s specialization and taste of spaces, a combination of contemporary and Indian traditional style. We are coming from very different individuals thought process and that different taste of spaces and individual’s specialization pushed us to commence our own architecture studio.

    Journey of the Design Process!

    Could you write in short about the philosophy you go with when designing a certain project?

    We believe that every space has a story, So are we creating a story that our client can tell about their home or spaces. We always trying to educate our clients about a good architecture or interior spaces rather than delivering a set of drawings. Talking about the designs, we always trying to continuously thinking about 5 things when designing and are : the space should be fusion of different styles, it should be state of art, it should be timeless, it should have some stories and it should always have art and nature within.

    Salon design by Antariksha Design Studio

    What is the inspiration behind your concept developments and design ideations?

    We starts with “What craziest we can do for this project?” and then we going for any styles or details that matches. creating a material pallets and ends with detailing development.

    With years of learning and practice in architecture, how did you evolve your design language?

    We always been thankful to our mentors who gave us the visions. Our design exploration is based on what individual project could tell us but talking about evolution of our design language is a merger of different styles together that we have practiced in our past experiences.

    What values do you prioritize in your life and how do they reflect in your way of work?

    Art and nature has always been our priorities in our work as we believe that art and nature is neutral that you can find everyday everywhere. they can create magic in spaces. we always trying to incorporate art and nature in our project because some of our local art styles are about to vanish. We always present that in a very pleasant way so that people love the art and craft work and the artisans get enough money to sustain their tradition.

    Sneak peek into the projects done by Antariksh Design Studio!

    Looking back at all the design projects you’ve worked on, which is the project that has made an impact on you?

    There are few projects that may have impact on us, but talking about our loved ones is called Parth Salon, a project that has lots of stories to tell. innovations, imagination, thoughts, complications lots of stories and learning were there in that project. That project taught us that stuck to your vision until it gets over. because at the end the results were always shocking if you’re imagined that project in very different way.

    Considering the quick paced lifestyle of today, how do you use technology to deal with the project challenges?

    We are not much adaptive when it comes to technology. We believe that technology does not build something for you unless you have imagined it in that manner.

    Antariksha Design Studio

    Could you share the story of a project which has truly challenged you go beyond your conventional style of approach?

    It’s a story of project Parth salon, where we have to create surface that never ends means continuous and smooth. so we thinking about the conventional style of creating arches and smooth surfaces from plywood and HDF carved in machines. coming to costing that costs us almost at half the price of the site. we kept thinking about what else we can go for as we don’t have any options. one day having thought about skeleton of aluminum and plywood and making arches and smooth surfaces from gypsum board. but the final finish was lime based texture and one more obstacle was in our way, ” the cracks” generates by the climate changes. we have dealt with the cracks with the new way of arranging and jointing gypsum boards that never cracks. we have beautifully ended that project without cracks and structure stands monolithic way even today.

    Antariksha Design Studio

    How do you think your projects can make a change in the way people perceive built spaces?

    A good space can make change in every certain way. a good space can always keep you think better, feel better and share better. and it ends to feel comfortable, confident and politeness.

    Beyond Design!

    Beyond professional achievements, what personal legacy do you hope reaches the masses and can make an impact on their lives?

    Live with nature without harming them. we always trying to escape from our day to day life to any natural resources places around us. imagine if you are living among that nature and you are witnessing the growth of that surround with your life. nothing can have as good impact as nature on every living species.

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