Home That Is A Testament To Luxury And Sophistication | Moi Den Interiors

Moi Den Interiors’ recent Interior Design project at Niti Bagh, New Delhi, is home that is a testament to luxury and sophistication. The house is designed to reflect the client’s personality and everyday practical needs, while at the same time catering to their sense of aesthetics. Home That Is A Testament To Luxury And Sophistication[Read More]

3BHK Duplex In A Luxury Apartment Society In Bangalore | U and I Designs

Perched on the 6th and 7th floors, this 3BHK duplex in a luxury apartment society in Bangalore, was a home crafted for a young couple with their 10-year old daughter, and grandparents who occasionally drop into town.  The core concept revolved around creating a cozy living space without being excessively cluttered.  Fronted by a large[Read More]

A Modern, Minimalistic And Subtle Interior Design | THE GREY DESIGN STUDIO

‘Saxenas Residence’ is a House designed for a Dynamic couple duo with shades of greys and browns with white Colors to create modern, minimalistic and contrasting spaces throughout the house. The client wanted a Modern, Minimalistic and Subtle interior design for their house. Though the Main resident of the House was just the couple, but[Read More]

The Radiant Home – An Expression Of Calm, Inviting And Cozy Space | Beyondwalls

Due to the Pandemic nature of this project, countless challenges were encountered. Despite the inability to find labor and materials, delays in timelines, and delays in the completion of the project, the designer’s spirit was unaffected. It took longer than usual to complete the project but She worked alone throughout the entire concept, development, and[Read More]

When Modernism Meets Traditionalism | JAN Design Studio

Assimilation of ideas in balanced state to give an aspect of privacy as well as openness for a joint family. Spaces are not heirs of their function, but of a series of circumstances related to structure, energy, time or freedom of interpretation from whoever uses or lives them.The warli art pattern jaali gives a unique[Read More]

A Homely, Simple, Cosy Home | Poorv Design Co

When we entered the house for the first time, it was a bare shell with interesting and beautiful views and lots of Natural Light coming in from huge full-length windows. We instantly knew it’s strengths and we decided to plan our design around the room’s strengths. Our client’s brief was very simple; they wanted A[Read More]

The Architecture That Transports Us To 1990’s India | Studio Onebyzero

A need for an office began when we started taking up projects on our own in early 2021, due to the erratic lockdowns and restrictions, we continued to work in our 8’ by 8’ study space at home. In the mid of April 2022 we decided to renovate a 28 year old 2bhk home of[Read More]

A Unique Blend Of Colors And Materials | The Cozy Atelier

Nestled in the lush green landscape of Dharampur, this 1500 sq. ft  3BHK Row house speaks all volumes of coziness. The idea was to offer a space using smart planning and aesthetic design. Speaking of personalities, we had 6 members of the family each pair coming from a different generation. To sum it up this house[Read More]

Timeless and Contemporary Space With Minimalist Architecture | Ajitbendre Design Studio

The brief given by clients was that they wanted a Timeless and Contemporary Space With Minimalist Architecture and well-lit at glance. This gave us the inception and an idea of creating well transparent spaces yet with some privacy, using Classical material colors and pallets. Timeless and Contemporary Space With Minimalist Architecture | Ajitbendre Design Studio[Read More]

Office Interiors For a Young Digital Media Company Gimbal Media | Aloft Design Studio

A unique design challenge presented itself in the form of office interiors for a young digital media company. We inherited this project post the planning stage and had to quickly build upon the original vision for the office. Gimbal Media’s brief for its new design was clearly defined but still left room for plenty of[Read More]