The Architecture That Transports Us To 1990’s India | Studio Onebyzero

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A need for an office began when we started taking up projects on our own in early 2021, due to the erratic lockdowns and restrictions, we continued to work in our 8’ by 8’ study space at home. In the mid of April 2022 we decided to renovate a 28 year old 2bhk home of 600 sq ft space which is located in a rather calm street amidst the busy Shenoy Nagar area. The Architecture That Transports Us To The Early 1990’s India is resonated through elements like the window grill and the teak wood windows which we decided to retain.

The Architecture That Transports Us To 1990’s India | Studio Onebyzero

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Due to the post pandemic situation our approach was centered towards an open plan by removing the walls of the two bedrooms and combining it with the living space, allowing for easy interactions and productive discussions. This allows ample natural light to fill the office space keeping it vibrant through the day. Within the 600 sqft space we were able to accommodate the waiting area, the main workspace, a conference room and workspace for the principal architects.

The entrance verandah of the office welcomes you with lush green plants and abundant sunlight, it has easily become our favorite chai spot in the evenings. Upon entering the office the large 8’ discussion table takes all the attention, this beautiful piece of furniture is completely made of live edge wood pieces.

The legs of the discussion table are made of scrap wood sourced from timber yards and were matched to the live edge piece taken for the table top. The louvered shutters for the door and storage enhances the feeling of an informal office setup that we have always strived to achieve. The conference room is separated by a glass partition, while still maintaining a visual connection to the other spaces.

The furniture were made from reclaimed teak and pillai maruthu wood were all custom made for our requirements and they take the forefront while keeping the walls simple in white.  Wood taken from old doors, windows and frames were converted into usable furniture. Planks of reclaimed wood from different sources have been joined and bolted together to make the tables and chairs. The use of rattan for the chairs keeps the space light and takes us back to our childhood home – bringing back a sense of nostalgia. 

The leather finish green kota stone adds to the warmth and rustic nature of the space. Being a non-porous material it is a perfect addition to our office and can withstand the humidity of a place like Chennai. The use of different indoor plants which are a must in all our designs, compliments the wooden furniture and makes the space lively. The Ficus plant next to the waiting area adds the necessary drama to the space and is always a conversation starter. The white walls are adorned by the black and white photos taken by the principal architect, Deepak during his various travels. The pressed prints from Calcutta add texture and detail to the walls.


Designed by (Firm Name) : Studio Onebyzero

Project Type : Office Interiors

Project Name : Studio onebyzero office

Location : shenoy nagar , chennai

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 90 days

Project Size: sq feet : 600sqft

Project Cost Appx : 12 Lakhs

Principal Architect(s) : Deepak sundaram and kavya rajendra

Photograph Courtesy : Yash r jain

Products/Materials/Vendors: Lighting: LIGHTSCAPE / Sanitaryware: JAGUAR /

Furniture: Pillaimaruthu and teak wood / Flooring: Kota stone flooring by pearl marbles

Paint: Asian paints / Artifacts: Calcuttan and self

Firm’s Instagram Profile: Studio Onebyzero


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