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Posted On March 16, 2023

Love For Neutrals And Simplicity Is Reflected In This Modern Home In Gurgaon | The Space Affair

Love for neutrals and simplicity is reflected in this modern home in Gurgaon , which is super special to us, as it laid the foundation to the formation of our design firm – The Space Affair. It all began when I started renovating my own home. As I went with the process the interest and […]

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Posted On March 29, 2022

Magnetic Screen Door Buying Guide

Your home’s porch and deck are some of the best spots to enjoy the summer air, but it’s hard to do that when insects and other bugs from the neighborhood are crawling in your home.  A magnetic door screen is an easy and cost-effective way to keep the bugs out of your home while still […]

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Posted On March 22, 2022

Remodelling your kitchen? Consider replacing kitchen doors

Maybe you’ve just moved from your previous home, and you’re now looking for ideas to design your new place. Or perhaps you got bored of the existing design in your current home and want to make some changes. If you’re in the second category, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need a total […]

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Posted On December 22, 2021

Different Types of Garage Door Hardware

Garage doors and their components are something most people probably have less knowledge about. The diversity in parts and hardware of garage doors makes it really difficult to understand their purpose and function. However, to make it all easier for you, we are here to help you educate you on the basics. If you are […]

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  • Posted On December 17, 2021

    Top 4 Areas To Install Aluminum Windows And Doors At Home

    Special decor and accessories look suitable at the selected places. It creates a luxurious outlook with perfect security features. The doors and windows are not only installed for their look but safety and security. Have you imagined anyone entering your home premises without your permission? If you have properly installed doors and windows then no […]

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    Posted On December 04, 2021

    How to Repair Hardie Plank Siding? DIY Ways to Deal with Siding Damage

    Hardie plank siding is a traditional style of exterior wall cladding that has been around for decades. This type of siding offers great durability and weather resistance, but it can be damaged by the elements over time. If you have hardie plank siding on your home or business and need to repair it, this blog […]

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    Posted On November 18, 2021

    4 Door Replacement Options To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

    Your home’s front door is a crucial element in your home’s design and aesthetic appeal. While providing security and protection for your property and your family is its main function, it reflects your taste and style as well. Nowadays, however, a house’s front door can do more to improve your comfort and lifestyle. Modern-style doors […]

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    Posted On October 14, 2021

    8 Signs You Need A Locksmith To Replace The Locks On Your Doors

    Are you about to move to a new house? It’s something definitely worth congratulating you about. However, all encouraging words will fall on deaf ears because you’ll have a lot on your plate to deal with. In all the chaos, you may even forget to pay attention to the locks installed on your doors. It’s […]

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    Posted On September 09, 2021

    How much do replacement windows in San Rafael cost?

    If you are planning to renovate an apartment or house and want to calculate a budget, you need to know how much it costs to install a window. There is no simple and unambiguous answer to the question “How much does replacement windows in San Rafael cost?”. Each customer has their own ideas about which […]

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    Posted On August 17, 2021

    Sprucing Up Your Front Door in 2021

    A home’s facade accounts for almost all of its visibility as far as a passer-by is concerned, and more often than not, the average person’s eye focuses specifically on the front entryway door of a home. It’s kind of like making eye contact with a person. The door is essential. It’s universal. This is how […]

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    Posted On June 19, 2021

    The different types of front doors

    The front door of your home is more than just a door and indoor climate regulation measure; it’s a statement for your home. Choosing the right door is a long-term investment that not only influences your home’s feel but also influences its long-term resale value. That’s why it’s important to know what options there when it […]

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    Posted On April 27, 2021

    50 Entrance Door Design Giving Intrinsic Craftsmanship Goals In Residential Projects

    According to VIP Realty, Designers today are focusing a lot on creating first impressions. Designers today are focusing a lot on creating first impressions. Need be a retail store or a residence, the design of an entrance door is as important as other spaces. It is the first thing a person comes in contact with when […]

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    Posted On April 23, 2021

    Which Exterior Doors Type Is Best For Your Entryway?

    Once you decide to go shopping for your exterior doors for your home replacement, do not fall for the first manufacturer or supplier you come across. Each believes they have what you may just want for your door and convince you to buy before considering your specifications.  Besides providing security, your front doors should also […]

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    Posted On February 24, 2021

    5 Benefits Of A Solid Core Door

    One of the most important assets your home must have is a durable and strong door. No one will ever live in a house without doors. This fixture will serve as your security from the outside elements. is a durable and strong door. No one will ever live in a house without doors. This fixture […]

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