4 Door Replacement Options To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Your home’s front door is a crucial element in your home’s design and aesthetic appeal. While providing security and protection for your property and your family is its main function, it reflects your taste and style as well. Nowadays, however, a house’s front door can do more to improve your comfort and lifestyle.

Modern-style doors use energy-efficient technology that allows you to use less energy for temperature regulation. This is because energy-efficient doors use specialized materials and state-of-the-art designs with advanced insulating capabilities. Effective insulation is needed to prevent leaks and heat exchange which could interfere with the temperature regulation in your home. In essence, this type of door acts as a barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures. 

When it comes to energy-efficient doors, there’s a wide selection available in the market which offers quality both in design and function. There are also home solutions companies that offer product and installation packages. This can be a convenient option for homeowners who are looking for a one-stop shop. 

It may be helpful to find out more about door design and replacement companies in your area as the offerings may vary per state. For instance, companies offering door replacement in Northern Virginia may offer designs tailored for hot summers and cold winters to match the needs of their immediate market, while the options may be completely different in other states.    

If you’re curious about the door options popular in the market, you can use the following list as a quick guide.

  1. Fiberglass Doors 

Fiberglass is a durable yet cost-effective door material. It can be formed into different shapes and used for various purposes such as insulation. Fiberglass doors have up to four times better insulation capability as compared to wooden doors. This is because it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Fiberglass doors have also become the more durable alternative to wood doors as they can be formed to look and feel like actual wood without the risk of deterioration.  

Fiberglass doors are made up of the frame, the core, and the outer covering. These three parts are key when it comes to the strength of the door and the security it can provide. When it comes to design, fiberglass doors can both be stained or painted making them more flexible.  

Cost-wise, fiberglass entry doors are usually priced around USD$2000 to USD$8000 depending on the size, detailing and finish, attachments, etc. Installation costs can also add to the total amount.

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  1. Steel Doors 

Steel entryway doors can be a good energy-efficient option, making them a popular choice in modern homes. They are effective in preventing home temperature loss because they are made with a thermal break.

To create a steel door, two pieces of steel are forged together with a space left in between, known as a thermal break. This empty area helps prevent temperature loss because it delays the transfer of heat or cold from one surface to the other. It can also act as a noise barrier due to its soundproofing capabilities.  

Apart from this, the weather stripping also adds to the energy efficiency of steel doors. Usually, these doors come with a light magnetic weather stripping that acts as a seal to prevent drafts and heat loss. This type of weatherstripping is also known for its durability.

  1. Storm Doors 

Storm doors are typically designed as secondary outer doors. They serve as protection for the main entry door against inclement weather and cool temperatures. Providing an additional layer apart from the main door, they also help fortify insulation and regulate the temperature inside the house. Storm doors can also help protect the main entry from other elements that may cause deterioration, such as moisture, heat, and damage from exposure to elements.  

They usually come with an automatic open-and-close mechanism, though most would have an option to open a part of the door in place if needed. There are also options with either a right-hand or a left-hand open, so it may be useful to take note of which one will match with your main door. There should also be ample space to install a storm door to allow ease of use and conformity with the house’s exterior design as well.  

Storm doors would require maintenance to care for their function and appearance as well. You may need to check if the hinges and latches would need to be cleaned and oiled to ensure that they would function as needed, while the door surface may also need to be cleared of accumulated dirt from time to time.  

  1. French Doors 

French doors can be a great entry door option for those who want to have a view of the outdoors inside their home. These classic-style doors are usually made of glass and installed as a pair that opens and closes at the center. Moreover, they’re often designed to be entryways from a deck or a patio in the backyard and may be used with a screen door.  

French doors have standard in-swing and out-swing types, which will require space for operation. This is why it’s essential to measure how much space will be needed and if the installation will work well with other elements in your home. Also, many French doors come in standard door sizes, but some companies can customize them according to your requirements.  

When it comes to energy efficiency, French exterior doors usually come with a tight seal which is essential for adequate insulation. This makes French doors an effective barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures which could potentially reduce the energy needed to regulate the temperature inside the home. 


Having an energy-efficient home is ideal because it can help you save energy and have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. You can achieve this by carefully choosing the right front entry door that would best suit your design and style preferences and match your property as well.

Additionally, it can also be a wise investment as this upgrade can help boost your home’s aesthetic and functional value in the long run. In this regard, it may be helpful to do your research and look for the most cost-effective designs and deals so you can maximize your investment.