• Different Types of Garage Door Hardware

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    Garage doors and their components are something most people probably have less knowledge about. The diversity in parts and hardware of garage doors makes it really difficult to understand their purpose and function. However, to make it all easier for you, we are here to help you educate you on the basics.

    If you are in the market for a new door, itis important to understand the Garage Door Hardware Index basics:

    There are basically two types of hardware for garage doors:

    1. Door Hardware: The parts that contribute to the physical operation of the door

    2. Decorative Hardware: The parts that contribute to the aesthetics and appeal of the  door

    1. Door Hardware


    The tracks allow the door to roll, and they are the rails located on the walls or ceiling, You can find them in different types that serve different purposes.

    Normal Headroom:

    Normal Headroom fit for most houses but some homes do not allow enough headroom space. They  take 12 to 16 inches for a door to open by making  a curve

    Low Headroom:

    Low Headroom is compatible with both torsion springs and extension springs. They use a double track to function.

    High Lift Track:

    High Lift Track is ideal for spaces where you don’t want the door hanging in the room. They work by going up the wall a bit and curving back.

    Vertical Lift Track:

    Vertical Lift Track is more frequently used for commercial applications. They work by going straight up on the wall.


    Rollers are like wheels that get attached to the hinges of the door to allow its movement along the track.

    Here are some different types of rollers:

    Steel Rollers:

    Steel Rollers are the standard ones that require some maintenance and lubrication. It comprises 7 to 10 ball bearings.

    Nylon Rollers:

    Nylon Rollers have steel stems and the roller is made of nylon. They are more popular with lighter doors and require no maintenance.

    Nylon Rollers with Ball Bearings:

    Nylon Rollers with Ball Bearings are intended for heavier doors that make them quieter during operation.


    Hinges serve as a connection between the garage door panels and allow a section to curve slightly along the rounded portions of the track of garage doors. They are located on the inner side of the garage door.

    • Hinges are of three types:
    • Residential Hinges
    • Commercial Hinges
    • Quiet Hinges


    Struts are the horizontal bars that go across the door length of panels to prevent bending or breaking by stiffening each section. They are located on the interior garage door side.


    Cables function by being attached to the brackets on the door bottom and working alongside with spring system to open and close the door. Homeowners commonly referred to them as wires.


    Drums are made of metal, they are round, wheel-looking parts that get wrapped around the torsion spring doors. They  are located on either end of the garage doors


    Pulleys are used only with the extension spring garage doors. They connect the spring with cable while allowing the smooth door operation. Pulleys require some maintenance and need to be lubricated regularly.


    Springs are coils that are known for compression and contraction that allow the garage door to move upward and downward.

    Mainly, there are two types of garage doors springs:

    • Extension Springs
    • Torsion Springs

    2. Decorative Hardware

    Decorative Hardware is known for enhancing the look and appeal of your garage door.

    Hinges and Handles

    You can attach fake hinges to your garage doors to make a stylish swing door. They can also be mounted on the surface of your door. These hinges do not offer any functional purpose, but they add a stylish appeal to the garage door. You can avail hinges and handles in an array of designs and options.


    With decorative windows, you can add a unique look to your garage doors. By availing them in different designs you can transform your garage  doors with endless possibilities

    The Bottom Line

    When it comes to selecting the perfect hardware for your doors, you should always keep quality a priority. It determines the durability and efficiency of the product that are crucial aspects of any product. If you are willing to learn more about garage doors and their components or have any questions, visit Capital Garage Door in Ottawa to have a talk with industry experts.

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