Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Automatic Door

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When arranging a house, everyone wants to make sure all devices and equipment last longer. However, it turns out not to be true in many cases, and frequent renovations are needed.

One of the elements of your house that’s particularly prone to damages is the automatic door. Since it’s predominantly designed for public buildings, offices, or bigger houses, it might be difficult to maintain it in good condition on your own.

However, there are some tips and tricks that will surely help to expand the lifespan of your automatic door and make it look just like new. Below, we present some of these tricks.

How Does an Automatic Door Work?


An automatic door is an entrance usually used in public buildings like offices or shopping centers. Some homeowners also install automatic garage doors since it’s the most convenient option.

There are a few main types of automatic doors. The first one is the automatic swing door – it is based on a mechanism that automatically opens the door, then holds it for the pedestrians to go in or out, and finally closes by itself.

Another common automatic door type is based on the sliding operator. When a person is approaching the door, the motion sensor automatically opens it, sliding to the left or the right. Once the pedestrian passes by, the mechanism is closing automatically.

Both types are based on a motion sensor that can feel an approaching person and make the mechanism work. To read more about the mechanism of the automatic door, click here. You may also want to check out the website of EAS – Entrance Access Solutions to see how it works.

Automatic Door – Maintenance

It may seem that maintaining automatic sliding doors can be problematic.

In fact, however, when you follow certain guidelines, it may become as easy and repetitive as other household chores.

First of all, it’s essential to check the safety of the door regularly. Only this way you can make sure that it can be used without any doubts. Check the condition of the motion sensors and the speed of the opening-closing mechanism. If you have any problems, contact professional services, as they say – better safe than sorry. Accidents involving automatic doors are not frequent, yet it is essential to prevent them effectively.

If you’re interested, you can find some more automatic door maintenance tips, for example, here.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Automatic Door

Correct and effective maintenance can surely prolong the lifespan of any automatic door. However, you can do even more to make your door serve their function for longer.

For instance, it’s advisable to check the door regularly for the presence of any debris or small objects that may disturb the mechanism of opening and closing. It often happens that it’s not serious at first, but may cause a larger problem if it’s not spotted earlier.

Another important thing that can make your door last longer is applying lubricants. If you hear any strange sounds that it makes or notice that your door is not moisturized properly, a lubricant may be of help. To see some examples of door lubricants, click here.

Finally, it’s vital to run some tests in order to check the accuracy of the motion sensor – automatic doors may have trouble functioning when there’s a larger group of people passing through them. When you are not sure about these conditions’ safety, consider further maintenance or replacing the sensor.

Automatic Door Care – Additional Tips

Remember that the automatic door should not be the only way out of the building – in case they don’t work properly, there should be another staircase or emergency door as a way out. It can be particularly meaningful in case of fire or another danger.

If your door is mounted up in a building that serves a number of neighbors, make sure that they know its structure and don’t touch the door while passing through it – it can damage the system or the motion sensor.

Also, let all users know how they should react when the door suddenly stops. It’s not a reason to panic, but the place of an emergency button should be known and easy to find.


An automatic door is a real blessing for large public buildings, smaller companies and private houses. However, they should be maintained carefully, as the risk of a breakdown is significant.

If you pay attention to the functioning of the door on a daily basis and take notice of any problems or errors, you will not have to replace doors every year.

When you’re not able to properly take care of the door, it’s not a bad idea to hire a specialist who will repair it and provide essential tips.