Common Safety Issues With Rolling Doors

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Rolling doors are a fantastic option for any business that has a loading dock or a garage that receives a lot of deliveries. They have good R-value, so they keep in air conditioning and heat. They can be lifted quickly and repeatedly throughout the day. They are certainly very secure as they are heavy and can be locked from the bottom.

Unfortunately, rolling doors can be dangerous. It is important to take certain safety precautions when installing and using such a door. 

Typical Injuries

There are a few common injuries associated with these doors. A person may be hit from the downward impact of a door that is closing. They may stand to close to an opening door and get injured by it as it ascends. Workers have also been known to become entrapped between the sliding door and the floor.


Obviously, these injuries are very serious and it is important to train employees in safety. They should also wear proper protective equipment. 

Selecting the best quality product will help. If you select a door with softer edges, you may be able to lessen the impact of an accident. Some doors have extra safety mechanisms that can reverse a falling door. Buzzers and warning bells are also important safety features.

Typical Equipment Failures 

The Office of Environmental Health, Safety, and security recently reported several potentially dangerous incidents involving faulty lifting components on rolling doors.

In one instance a man was exiting a building and pressed the button to lower the door as he left. As the door descended the shaft and the drive sprocket failed to engage. The door shut much faster than it was supposed to, nearly hitting the worker. 

In another incident, a worker pressed a button to open a door that was several floors high. When the door got a foot away from the top, the drive chain dropped from the sprocket and the door crashed shut. 

There have been instances of doors suddenly unraveling during installation and door springs that have lost their energy.

One should never walk under a moving door, but always wait until it has fully closed. It is also a good idea to use a traditional door when you are the last one to exit a facility. You should follow installation instructions carefully and have the door inspected on a regular basis. You may want to hire trained contractors to install the door.

It is important to provide safety training to your employees and make sure that they are following protocol on a regular basis. 

Finding the Perfect Door

Be sure to do your research when you are shopping for the perfect rolling door. Take the nature of your business, how many times a day the door will be used, and the kinds of equipment you use in your business into consideration when you select a door. 

You should ask the salesperson a lot of questions. They can advise you of the best brand to buy and tell you the importance of a well built rolling door

The safety and comfort of your employees are very important. Selecting a top-quality door, installing it properly, and maintaining it will help you keep a safe workplace.

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