• The Best Interior and Exterior Shutters for your Home

    The primary purpose of a home shutter years ago was to protect your home from the harsh elements brought about by external factors such as weather changes and extreme climates. Today, a home shutter serves a multitude of purposes from insulation, noise reduction, and aesthetics.

    If you’re planning to add a shutter to your home or replace old ones, then you have come to the right place because this article will discuss some of the best interior and exterior shutters that are available in the market today.

    Timber Shutters

    Shutters within the timber type are popular among individuals who are enthusiasts of the vintage or classic look, the most popular one being Cedar shutters. A Cedar shutter is made from Western Red Cedar, a softwood that is known to be quite lightweight and offers the most optimal thermal insulation.

    A Cedar shutter is typically oiled or painted, but the natural colour and texture are still maintained, adhering to the natural wood finish. Also, Cedar shutters are treated with UV stabilised lacquer. This is quite advantageous, especially for health buffs since prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause grave medical conditions such as cancer, according to the Cancel Council.

    Aluminium Shutters

    One of the best features of aluminium shutters is durability. This is because it is made up of high-quality materials such as tempered aluminium, stainless steel assembly components, and glass-reinforced plastic components.

    Because of its durability and strength, an aluminium shutter can withstand strong winds during extreme weather conditions and protect the interior of your home from flying debris; truly a weather-resistant home shutter.

    Aluminium shutters are perfect for homes that are within the city or quite near roads because it significantly reduces noise. By choosing an aluminium shutter, you will have a relaxed environment in your home and more peaceful sleep since you won’t be disturbed by passing cars or the bustling city sounds.

    If you’re an enthusiast of the modern look, then an aluminium shutter is the best choice for you because it gives out a sleek and contemporary appeal to your home. An aluminium shutter can drastically improve the aesthetics of your home and increase street appeal.

    Smartwood Shutters

    If you want the look of a timber shutter but with improved technology, you might want to consider a Smartwood shutter. Smartwood shutters are painted with a non-toxic PVC polymer that makes the shutter flame and water-resistant as well as better acoustic qualities and thermal insulation compared to a timber shutter.

    Also, Smartwood shutters are more durable than Cedar ones, which means the chances of it warping, cracking-up, or splitting are far lesser. You won’t easily notice scratches on Smartwood, making it more appealing to the eyes.

    The home shutters mentioned above are, without a doubt, the best in the market today and certainly a must-have for any home; you can never go wrong in choosing them. However, this does not mean that you should buy them anywhere.

    When buying timber, smartwood, or aluminium shutters, it would be best that you buy from shutter specialists who have years of experience producing and installing them. By doing this, you are not only making a sound investment, but you will rest assured that the products are of high-quality and that you are getting your money’s worth.

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