The different types of front doors

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The front door of your home is more than just a door and indoor climate regulation measure; it’s a statement for your home. Choosing the right door is a long-term investment that not only influences your home’s feel but also influences its long-term resale value. That’s why it’s important to know what options there when it comes to choosing the right front door for your home. Below, we’ll outline some of the attributes available today for a quality front door. A great example of a proper entrance would be these like these security doors in Adelaide.

Front door styles

There are a variety of designs and styles from which you can choose with regard to your front door. The traditional design features wood panels and beveled insets, with roughly 8-12 panels making up the interior of the door surrounded by a solid frame. Rustic or cottage-style doors will feature less beveling and paneling, such as a recessed shaker door or solid door topped with with a stained glass window. Rustic doors, especially if they are made from wood, can feature vertically-oriented paneling to create a “log-cabin” effect. Doors can come with intricate engravings as well as with a variety of handle and fixture possibilities. Most doors will come with windows, with the possibility of windows being positioned at the top or spaced throughout the door, though some come as solid slabs, which works well if you have windows adjacent to the door. Some homeowners even choose to include stained glass to create a unique effect with penetrating light. Whether you want one door, two doors or even arched doors, there are a variety of chooses when it comes to front doors.

Front door materials 

As varied as the designs for front doors can be, there are as many materials from which you may choose. Popular choices for front door materials include wood, fiberglass and steel. Wood has the greatest aesthetic possibilities as far as designs, stains and engraving, with optimal insulation and security features, though it can be on the more expensive end. Fiberglass offers greater energy efficiency compared to wood and doesn’t rot or warp, an advantage in areas that consistently experience heavy weather. Steel doors are considered the best investment with regard to security and energy efficiency, as steel doors come with a foam core and steel is the most durable material; although it can be limited as far as designs are considered, steel doors can be made to have wood finishes. Depending on the weather, your neighborhood and your budget, the right door for 

you will need to take all these factors into consideration. 

Front door costs

Front door prices range depending on your location, though you can expect to pay the least for fiberglass, followed by engineered wood or composite doors, then steel and finally hardwood doors. Any intricate custom engraving, glasswork or sidelights will obviously increase the price from the initial cost of the door.

In the end, there are a variety of elements that influence which front door is right for you. We hope that you feel a little more comfortable with the front door options available. If you you’re looking for front doors Glasgow or need help with your front doors installation, we’d love to be able to bring the best front door into your home.

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  • Fiberglass was the material that I read about that interested me the most. These are the kinds of things that I really like using since they can improve the energy efficiency that we have here at home, something that I see myself needing to improve very often. I’ll look around for any window and door experts that offer fiberglass for sure so I can have them help me out with some replacements.

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