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Posted On December 29, 2023

A Cardiac Clinic That Looks Like An Office | Art is Interior Design

Located at the heart of the city a 700 Sq.ft clinic is nestled between two great hospitals, KEM and Sassoon A bare shell and open layout was given to us...

Posted On December 05, 2023

This Apartment Shows Ardent Affection for Arches | Paperish a Design Studio

Situated in the humdrum city of Mumbai, contemporary styles in arches are explored in this home by Paperish a Design Studio. A minimal thoughts, with minimal requirements client wanted to...

Posted On October 02, 2023

The ‘White Office’ Elegantly Marries Minimalism, Tranquility, and Authority | R.A.I (Rai Architects & Interior designers)

This innovative venture harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, creating an environment that exudes serenity while evoking a sense of empowerment through thoughtfully curated design elements. The ‘White Office’ elegantly marries minimalism,...

Posted On June 29, 2023

Sky High’s Office Is An Epitome Of How Industrial Design Can Blend With Modern Elements | Sky High

Sky High’s office, an architectural and interior design firm, was a sight to behold. As soon as you entered, you were greeted with a massive industrial-themed reception area that set...

  • Posted On May 19, 2023

    A Modern House With Clean Spaces And Minimal Furniture | Studio SPlace

    The site is located in Malad, a 750 sq.ft apartment with a very tight budget. When the clients approached us with their house it was an extremely chaotic, dark and...

    Posted On April 25, 2023

    This Office Interior Is Designed With A Mix Of Colours, Textures And Emotions | H & S Muley Associates

    Our brief from the client for this project was to achieve a space that is calm and fresh to work. This Office Interior is designed with a mix of colours,...

    Posted On April 15, 2023

    The Lime House Is Designed Using Sustainable Materials, Passive Design Strategies And User-Oriented Furniture Design | Design Unbound

    The Design aim of the “Lime House” revolves around transforming the concept of interior design in dense India urban cities. The owners of this small two-bedroom apartment in an old...

    Posted On January 30, 2023

    A Blend Of Multi-Functional Utilization Of Office Space Design With Aesthetics | CONCEPTION DESIGN STUDIO

    What can elucidate a designer more precisely than his workplace? A 700 sq.ft. area transformed as a design studio is a blend of multi-functional utilization of office space design with...

    Posted On January 17, 2023

    Modern And Minimalistic Design Style For This Vastu Compliant Home | NuVibe Architecture & Interior Design Studio

    As you approach “The Suave Space”, the entrance door is given a very simple, subtle yet rich look, completely made in veneer & polished to retain its natural color. The...

    Posted On January 07, 2023

    Vadilal Scoop Shop Themed With Scoop To Swirl Concept | Studio Invoke

    Vadilal Ice-Cream was setting up a chain of outlets for its products to be served and for takeaways under its SCOOPSHOP brand. Vadilal Scoop Shops are exclusive ice cream parlours...

    Posted On September 30, 2022

    Simple And Classic Home Wrapped In A Feel-Good Vibe | INNOVER BY SAKSHI GEHANI

    Through the first phase of the pandemic, I completed a Mumbai based 2bhk for a very sweet family doing up their very first home. While the project was completed, both...

    Posted On September 02, 2022

    The Simplicity of this Modern Workspace Magnifies Strength and Creativity | Aarna Architects

    The outcome had to reflect what we believe in, stand for, and intend to bring out in our projects, i.e achieving a combination of simplicity, utility, conceptual elegance, and beauty....

    Posted On September 02, 2022

    Eyewear Retail Design that Harmoniously Blends Modernity and Elegance | Amogh Designs

    Optifyy, a new-fangled eyewear showroom catering its services to best fit the needs of its customers has been mapped out by Amogh Designs. This eyewear retail design of about 700-800...

    Posted On July 22, 2022

    Fur Family Haven: A Pet Shop and Clinic with Strikingly Playful Design Palette | Architerio

    KITMEER pet shop & clinic located in an existing commercial complex in Vasana, Vadodara. The concept of design began by establishing a long, continuous ribbon-like wall that makes its way...