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Simple And Classic Home Wrapped In A Feel-Good Vibe | INNOVER BY SAKSHI GEHANI

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Through the first phase of the pandemic, I completed a Mumbai based 2bhk for a very sweet family doing up their very first home. While the project was completed, both the client and our team built a delightful bond through the process. Sometime passed and the client approached me to do their second home which was bang opposite the first one and had an identical layout, but was to be occupied by his parents. And the client this time was to be his brother who wouldn’t even be around in person as he was based in the USA. The design brief this time thus, was to build a rather simple and classic home wrapped in a feel-good vibe for the parents to feel comfortable in and which makes them happy to be living in! As I built the concept and design, the main job was to smartly trim, trim and trim and bring everything down to bare minimum and essentials and yet keep the essence of the design alive.

Simple And Classic Home Wrapped In A Feel-Good Vibe | INNOVER BY SAKSHI GEHANI


By keeping everything fancy at bay, I welcomed a variety of finishes, materials, textures and subtle colours onto the moodboard to maintain a homely vibe conducive for the parents to be comfortable in The living room concept – Tropical oasis boasted the use of sage green in ample across the living and dining along with natural wooden finishes accentuated with hints of grey and matt black! Natural bamboo panels formed for the perfect finishing material for the Tv console placed against a backdrop of a simple and minimalistic wall design to add to its elegance. A statement wall unit was designed to adjust an unwanted offset of a column to create space for a comfortable size of a 3 seater sofa. We created open niches and closed ones with the help of M.S frame work to create an aesthetic and functional element and added a hidden pullout storage behind the sofa that formed the base of this metal + wood wall unit.

The living area was completed with a gorgeous accent chair upholstered in a beautiful floral prin shades of sage green, mint and coral. The sofa sits in a rich mushroom-y like beige while the bold cushions of sage and a couple of motif printed coral cushions add the drama and colour pop to sync it with the all sage green dining set!

I had never used deep shades for curtains and risked it with this living room by choosing a sage green, printed in motifs fabric and I must admit it was the best choice for the space because of the freshness, character and the gorgeous backdrop thus forms for the seating arrangement. The accent chair and sofa both are lifted by the bold curtains they have been placed against.

An all-wooden dining table and backdrop is complemented with a sage seating on both sides of this 4 seater dining arrangement and the backdrop is completed with a hidden side pullout for crockery and deep green pendant lights.

As we move into the 1st bedroom – one which was assigned as the temple and multi-utility room, we see a beautiful traditional mandir set up with carved moulding pattis and hanging urulis along with floor standing samayis. The room was further provided with a study and a single bed. A beautiful embroidered fabric makes for the blinds of this room to continue the ‘Traditional dance’ we created here with the use of maroons, olives, natural wooden & brass elements and traditional motifs.

The master bedroom, my favorite space in this home, flaunts our concept ‘The Clay Pot’. The clay pot or earthenware is a traditional Indian item found in most households and is known for its properties but also its simplicity and earthy vibe! I based the designs of this room around the most commonly found shape of the traditional ‘matka’ – round and the color of mud that is used to make it – beautiful, deep and warm! I layered the headboard of the bed with a gradient effect formed by using hues of the red mud brown/burnt orange resembling closest to that of the clay pot. Starting off with the deepest one from bottom, gradually going lighter along its 3 layers and finally the wall paint shade being the 4th one, the lightest tone. This bed translated into such a simple yet statement piece with wood and pvc flute panels forming its base to further add to its subtle yet mindful details! The same pvc fluted panels were used on the bed backdrop wall supporting a curved detail created in flexible plywood and gypsum which was then to be washed with a warm indirect light to create a cosy ambient lighting above the bed.

The deep mud colour went on to form the base of the tall beige curtains which looked dynamic in their simplicity. The dresser is such an interesting element of the bedroom and makes for a perfect corner there! Using the round shape for the mirror but continuing just round the border in matt black without the mirror below the wall hung drawer, makes for a unique and interesting detail. The front of these drawers have been finished in the pvc flute panels which add a stylish feel to the dresser storage. The backdrop wall of this dresser is dressed with vertically brushed strokes making for a beautiful texture against the mirror which is further enhanced by the pendant lights washing the corner of this wall and also providing for the additional light for dressing purposes.

These beautiful pendant lights too were selected with the idea of propelling the concept of the ‘Clay Pot’. The lights very closely resemble to a ‘potters wheel’ – a wheel used to create handmade clay pots. The glass disc above the exposed bulb also reflects the ripple effect that is created during this act of creating pottery, thus making them the perfect aesthetic element to highlight and complete the gorgeous corner. A warm, fuzzy and homely vibe is what we intended and its exactly that and a lot more in its soul that we managed to create for our wonderful clients here!



Project Type : Residential

Project Name : The Parent’s Abode

Location : Mumbai

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 6 months

Project Size : 700 sq.ft

Principal Architects : Sakshi Gehani

Photograph Courtesy : Ruhma Ukaye


Firm’s Instagram Link : INNOVER BY SAKSHI GEHANI


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