Modern And Minimalistic Design Style For This Vastu Compliant Home | NuVibe Architecture & Interior Design Studio

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As you approach “The Suave Space”, the entrance door is given a very simple, subtle yet rich look, completely made in veneer & polished to retain its natural color. The vertical grooves carved into them elevate the overall character of the door. The brass name signage over the veneer door highlights & adding colored planters around the door in the lobby area perfectly complements the monochromatic entrance look.

Modern And Minimalistic Design Style For This Vastu Compliant Home | NuVibe Architecture & Interior Design Studio

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We planned the space with a Modern and Minimalistic design style for this Vastu compliant home. As per the Vastu principles, the door needed to be inward-inclined towards the house, which was a challenge to accomplish without it looking odd. We achieved a visual balance by introducing an outward-inclined name-plate into the design.

The TV unit wall is designed with an extended look by incorporating the same design on the hidden sliding door leading to the passage, not breaking the flow of the geometric wall design. The grooves on the TV wall panelling define varying sizes of rectangular shapes to create an interesting design. Ceiling to wall drop-down veneer detail with crystal hanging lights forms the focal point of the entire wall. It is a modern & minimal design with a combination of storage & an open unit to showcase artefacts, which adds aesthetics to the space.

A modern designed mandir forms the most attractive corner of the room with vertical rafters & a glowing triangular cut-out backdrop made of acrylic & veneer.

The handle-less detail for all the shutters & drawers makes them look more elegant.

Mumbai flats with compact room sizing leave only a small area for the kitchen, leaving little space for movement. Our client wanted it to not feel claustrophobic while using the kitchen. To achieve this, we opened up the kitchen by breaking the wall along the passage, that helped blend the passage area into the kitchen, making it look more spacious and larger. We made the flooring of the passage and the kitchen area the same to meet the design concept of the kitchen, visually giving the kitchen a larger appearance. This instantly converted the dark & unventilated passage area to a naturally well-lit space by bringing in ample light and air through the kitchen window, creating a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

The design of the kitchen revolves around the beautiful dado tile selection with the white full-body vitrified counter-top. The matte-finish black designer handles stand out on the sage blue, white & wooden cabinets across the kitchen. The rafter detail on the ceiling drops down into a shutter of a cabinet, merging beautifully into the design. The semi–partition designed for the kitchen beautifies the walk along the passage as it holds places to fit in planters or artefacts in it, breaking the direct visual connection from the living area. The hidden sliding door is for better functioning of the AC in the living room while it also adheres to full privacy in the kitchen during guest visits.

As one enters the bedroom, the front wall adapts a minimalistic design concept with clean, straight horizontal lines painted on a plain wall that is psychologically meant to create a strong sense of tranquillity and calmness. These lines are of varying thickness to form a dramatic design that blends into a symphony as they strike into the corner wall unit. This corner unit in wooden texture made of zig-zag shelves forms a fun reading corner with a bench seating alongside. The headboard also adapts the same straight line pattern to complement the design.

The massive 3-door sliding wardrobe accommodates all the storage space the client needs as a couple. The laminate selection for this wardrobe brings a balance of texture into the space by subtly blending into the colour schemes of the other walls, allowing it to elevate the floral prints of the selected upholstery in the design.

This bedroom has been designed for the client’s 18-year-old daughter. The design had to be trendy & peppy yet mature enough to be liked by her for the coming years. For the highlighting wall, we did a hand-painted grey-white chevron wall, which feels young adjoining a plain grey wall. To make it a spacious & uncluttered space, a minimal handle-less L-corner study table with open shelves in white ash laminate above justifies accentuating the wall, allowing the room to open up & giving the opportunity for a lovely display corner in the room. The dark wooden vertical element on the shelf matches the bed colour & appears to be suspended from the ceiling that holds all the shelves together, a noticeable detail of the design.

Also, the wardrobe, with a beautiful self-designed chevron laminate & rose gold strips highlighting the shutters, fits in well with the theme. Curtains in pastel pink give a subtle girly vibe to the bedroom. The dresser design is quite minimal with an oval backlit mirror with a sleek rose gold frame & an overlapping design shelf. The yellow high chair for the dresser is just the perfect eclectic colour pop element the space calls for. The rose gold geometric legs of the study table, rose gold strips on the wardrobe shutters & rose gold mirror frame all add a touch of opulence to the space.

Fact File

Designed by: NuVibe Architecture & Interior Design Studio

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: The Suave Space

Location: Mumbai, Maharastra

Year Built: 2021

Duration of project : 3 Months

Project Size: 700 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 25 lacs

Principal Architect: Anmol Revankar

Photograph Courtesy: Studio Varad Anvekar

Products &Materials: Finishes: Silver Laminates / Lighting: Aman Enterprises / Sanitaryware: Vaishali Sanitation Pvt Ltd / Flooring: Milagro / Kitchen: Shiv Kitchen Studio, Priyanka Ceramics / Paint: Asian Paints Royale / Artefacts: Amazon / Wallpaper & Furnishings: One Up / Hardware: Bose, Enox, Hafele

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