A Blend Of Multi-Functional Utilization Of Office Space Design With Aesthetics | CONCEPTION DESIGN STUDIO

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What can elucidate a designer more precisely than his workplace? A 700 sq.ft. area transformed as a design studio is a blend of multi-functional utilization of office space design with aesthetics. The site sets in mundane neighborhoods consisting of typical commercial and residential units. This whole establishment contradicts the needs of a design studio therefore we as the creators intended at designing a space that makes one look inward and develop a connection with the creative instinct. The built fabric consists of an entrance lobby, waiting area, multipurpose space, workstations, meeting space, pantry, and a toilet.

A Blend Of Multi-Functional Utilization Of Office Space Design With Aesthetics | CONCEPTION DESIGN STUDIO


The idea behind the design was to create a space to evoke one’s consciousness about purity in design. The pure intention was to celebrate the given spatial condition to the fullest. The ideal working space should be flexible, friendly and should serve various kinds of events for staff, friends and family. 

Thus, the focal point of the concept was how all the places flow into each other yet functions separately. This led to an open and flowing floor plan, which makes a studio space to breathe, to adapt to various kinds of events.

The design attempts to achieve a workspace that cohesively responds to the immediate context and the city’s climate by overtly integrating nature into the architectural experience of the space. The derivative is a simple grey box with an element of landscaped balconies. 

On the arrival, we see a lobby characterized by wooden pergolas and a minimally designed concrete block wall creating the foreground and dividing the common lobby space   perfectly into the entrance foyer.

The small waiting space with carefully crafted wooden chairs precisely finished in the warm shade to add drama to the space and a flatbed cushioned seating to accommodate a crowd. Behind the seating is the only dead wall of the space, finished in vibrant exposed brick which dominates the overall calm setting of the complete workspace. 

The fabricated box frame perfectly serves as a dividing element between the waiting and multipurpose table area (which  acts as a discussion table, drafting table, model-making table, lunch table, etc) and its porosity helps the workspace to appear like one large space.

The meeting area follows the same minimal and formal language. A simple but elegant teak wood table in the center of the space and seating all around it forms a perfect backdrop for the long discussions.

The workstations have been planned precisely in the northwest corner to enjoy the most significant play of light, shadows, and wind. It has been purposely opened to the north to take all the fresh light in throughout the day. 

The book rack made in up-cycled teakwood makes a bold statement at one of the corners of this space.

The interior of the space is kept simple and minimal giving more importance to architectural experience and nature. Materials such as brick, grey, wood, metal, and balconies populated with easy maintenance plants render a natural feel to the space. With lime plastered grey walls and a plain white ceiling, we have conceptualized an interior that echoes the spirit of  the profession. 

Tactfully designed furniture pieces were introduced to add warmth to the spaces. In a general sense, we have kept the material palate natural, devoid of any cosmetic layering, to enhance realism and comfort.

Despite the office being adorned principally in a single hue, the design is bold, arresting, and unrepentantly alluring. this workspace attempts to exhibit innate truthfulness, by keeping the interior minimal giving more importance to the architectural experience created by merging functionality with nature.



Project Type : Office Interior

Project Name : The Grey Box

Location : Nashik

Year Built : Nov 2020

Duration of the project : 9 months

Project Size : 700 sq.ft

Project Cost : 15 lakhs

Principal Architect : Ar. Pritesh Mutha

Team Design Credits :  Ar. Rohit & ID Pooja chavhan

Photograph Courtesy : Yash Katariya

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Texture paint by Limocoat / Wallcovering / Cladding – Wired cut exposed brick / Construction Materials – M.S. pipes / Lighting – Litax Lights / Doors and Partitions –  Saint Gobain Glass doors & Partitions / Sanitaryware – Grohe & Toto / Windows – Sai Glass / Furniture – Handmade furniture by local carpenters / Flooring – Vitrified Tiles by Nexion / Kitchen – Sunbird Kichens Paint – Royale by asian paints / Hardware – Godrej.




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