Apartment Interior with Sober And Subtle Taste of Aesthetics | Studio Frozen Music

The owner of this apartment interior residence is a civil engineer and a builder himself, with a sober and subtle taste of architectural aesthetics. He wanted to have a warm and cozy interior ambiance in tune with a clutter-free functional layout. Myself being the architect for this commercial apartment building, I had designed the primary[Read More]

Manifesting Art Deco Design in All its Elegance and Luxe | Designerwork

The brief called for converting this existing 4 bed apartment into 3 bedrooms with a magnificent living room to cater the requirement of the 3 generations living in it. We decided to go for an opulent yet sophisticated Art Deco design style interiors for the space. And what screams “opulence” better than ‘Art Deco’? In[Read More]

A Modern Minimalist House with Neutral Palette and Subtle Contrasts | Travis Designs & Design Mould

Designed for a family of 3, this abode opens into the foyer with a bright-toned custom cabinet infused with rattan which brings in the modern and mid-century vibes. Our idea was to create a sense of contrast while also celebrating the beauty of rattan’s simplicity with a modern minimalist house. A Modern Minimalist House with[Read More]