Evolving Retail Design that Reimagines Cultural Touchpoints | FORUMaDvaita

Pataaree is a wedding accessories retail design studio based out of Chandigarh, India. They create customized products for wedding ceremonies including favors and decor props. The products are a reflection of the traditions and ceremonies which compliment wedding rituals and add that personalized touch to each experience. Evolving Retail Design that Reimagines Cultural Touchpoints |[Read More]

Impressions of Vivid Palette and Composed Layout breathes Life into this Modern Home | Anand Patel Architects

This modern home of Shivalay Sharnam developed by Shiv Infrastructure located at Kudasan, Gandhinagar, is an exhibit of liveable spaces. The designers of Anand Patel Architects have tried to convey an unconventional touch of warm colors that symbolizes varied personalities who would pay a visit to the place, in search of a perfect home. Integration[Read More]

Apartment Interior with Sober And Subtle Taste of Aesthetics | Studio Frozen Music

The owner of this apartment interior residence is a civil engineer and a builder himself, with a sober and subtle taste of architectural aesthetics. He wanted to have a warm and cozy interior ambiance in tune with a clutter-free functional layout. Myself being the architect for this commercial apartment building, I had designed the primary[Read More]

Manifesting Art Deco Design in All its Elegance and Luxe | Designerwork

The brief called for converting this existing 4 bed apartment into 3 bedrooms with a magnificent living room to cater the requirement of the 3 generations living in it. We decided to go for an opulent yet sophisticated Art Deco design style interiors for the space. And what screams “opulence” better than ‘Art Deco’? In[Read More]

A Modern Minimalist House with Neutral Palette and Subtle Contrasts | Travis Designs & Design Mould

Designed for a family of 3, this abode opens into the foyer with a bright-toned custom cabinet infused with rattan which brings in the modern and mid-century vibes. Our idea was to create a sense of contrast while also celebrating the beauty of rattan’s simplicity with a modern minimalist house. A Modern Minimalist House with[Read More]