Aquathermicss, Gujarat’s First Luxury showroom Of Gyser And Ro Water Solution | KRITNAM ATELIER

Aquathermicss, Gujarat’s first luxury showroom of Gyser and Ro water solution. In the rapidly expanding business metropolis of Surat, Gujarat has it’s first premium showroom for gas water heaters and RO plants including international products from Ao Smith and Xylem.

Aquathermicss, Gujarat’s First Luxury showroom Of Gyser And Ro Water Solution | Kritnam Atelier

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The area is 1500 square feet and is occupied by 1. Gujarat’s first live demo zone [at the entrance]. 2. The lounge’s central exhibit area [with a window display], 3. The main cabin, and 4. The storage area.

the use of a neutral interior tone to prominently highlight an already well-known brand’s existing product tone without the use of any additional ornamentation details. The space needs to seem elegant.

Industrial Idyllic Each machine has its own personality. Using influence from their existing machine products and mood boards, the design was produced with a holistic spirit of natural and true. A neutral interior tone was used to subtly highlight the product tone of an already established brand without the need of any additional decorative elements.

Exposed ply finish, stucco concrete, powder-coated metal, and fabric floor. The tranquilly, exhibit clutter, and rustic vibe all work together to create a pleasant ambiance in this space. Each piece of furniture is created with an artistic and eclectic flare, while still being in line with the current product brands.

Each piece of furniture has a own distinct identity and dominance such as a live demo unit, a cabin, a console, brochures organiser etc. A fabric surface appears smooth and roomy. The floating luminaries create an ambiance reminiscent of a museum where machine made and furniture artifacts display. 

 A wall-mounted display demonstrates the uniqueness and significance of a product. Greenery offers elegance to the place by bringing it alive. In a holistic sense, the space is completed by equally valuing filled and vacant space.


Designed by : Kritnam Atelier

Project Type : Commercial interior

Project Name : Industrial Idyllic

Location : Surat , Gujarat

Year Built : September 2022

Duration of project : 35 days

Plot Area : 2000 sq.ft

Built up : 1500 sq.ft

Project Size : 1500 sq.ft

Project Cost : 20 lac

Principal  Designer : Maher Desai

Photograph Courtesy :  Prachi

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – stucco concrete paint , Exposed ply , powder coat metal and Fabric floor / Wallcovering / Cladding – concrete chemical / Lighting – 1.In cabin space -flexi ply hanging light by sunshine light 2. black track hanging light -YPB electrical / Doors and Partitions – Ruchi Raj glass / Sanitaryware – Vida sanitaryware / Facade Systems – Maitri artwork / Windows – Ruchi Raj Glass / Furniture – D M Mistry / Flooring – Sleep Vision fabric and furnishing / Paint – Indresen Paint -Stucco concrete paint / Artefacts – Shree Rama art Gallery / Hardware- Hafele.

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