• The Spaces Of “House Of Bliss” Build A Narrative Of Contemporary Class And Comfort | Atelier |X| architects

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    Rising from the ashes, quite literally, the spaces of “House of Bliss” build a narrative of contemporary class and comfort. Visualised by Saumil Nagar, Principal Architect of Atelier |X| Architects, the refurbishment project redefines the Living Room and the Main Bedroom into voluptuous expanses overlooking the garden area. With its laid-back charm, the 1,500 sq.ft project embodies Eclecticism and muted characteristics of Postmodernism. Designed for a workaholic family that loves to socialise, the Indore bungalow reflects the duality of their lifestyle philosophy of “work hard, play harder.

    “The terrace garden penthouse has delightful corners with symbolic additions that define the space. But the sheer luxurious aspects of bathroom make you want to stay a little longer.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

    The Spaces Of “House Of Bliss” Build A Narrative Of Contemporary Class And Comfort | Atelier |X| architects

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    Fabricated with foresight, a sleek glass-shutter frame visually binds the Living Room and the garden area. With its unique ability to double up as an ideal abode for rather sizable gettogethers, the Living Room is also lovingly dubbed, the Entertainment Room.

    In contrast to the previous wood-heavy space, the volume now douses a soothing colour palette paired with whimsical details.

    Materialising a seamless stucco finish, the concave, state-of-the-art Bar Unit flaunts a brass top with a fearless show of its design engineering. Complementing the composition, a 100-year-old rug displays cultural opulence, elevating the character of the room. A projector screen rolls down to the Media Console that demonstrates linear fluting.

    Refurbished Bar Chairs and a stellar Bar Unit outside, roll on wheels for ease of function during frequent gatherings.

    Residing in the city known for its greens, the bedroom relishes a serene garden view. A Gulmohar Tree provides a dense backdrop to the magnanimous Main Bedroom.

    Instigating calmness, the muted earthy colours oversee a smooth transition between spaces planned in a linear layout. The fluted marble bed-back not only restrains the morning light, but also conceals a small coffee station behind.

    Fractionalized by the furniture layout, the room cuddles into a cosy corner for unwinding and reading.

    A synchronised-sliding door leads to the spacious Dresser with fluted wardrobe walls for optimum storage. The weight of hardwood shutters is further diminished with the use of fluted glass.

    Transitioning to the Bathroom, the fluting details continue with subtlety and the colour tones begin to get warmer, intentionally. The exotic fragrance of Champa and an inviting play of light and shadow lead to the outdoor shower.

    The intuitiveness that comes with AXA’s signature style of building tropical spaces probably led to offering a function to this previously untouched open-to-sky Bathroom. The use of louvres transforms this area into a relaxing space for refreshing baths in scorching summers.

    What was once a dark and heavy space, now breathes through filtered sunlight and pockets of green. House of Bliss offers the luxury of ‘truly living’ with a sense of belongingness and delight!

    Fact File

    Designed by : Atelier |X| architects

    Project Type : Residential interior Design

    Project Name : The Terrace Garden Penthouse

    Location : Indore

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 6 Months

    Project Size : 1500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Saumil Nagar

    Team Design Credits : Saumil Nagar, Jagruti Bhandari & Prakhar Patle

    Photograph Courtesy : Anuja Kambli & Vishesh Anand

    Products/Materials/Vendors : Lighting – Hybec, The white teak company / Sanitaryware – Kohler / Furniture – Stanley, Blue loft, Westelm, Defurn, Iota / Flooring – Shree marbles, stone galaxy / Artefacts – Rugberry, Curio casa, Home artisan, Jaipur rugs / Hardware – Hettich.

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Atelier |X| architects

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