• This Villa has been Conceptualized in a Scandinavian Design Style with a Minimalistic Sense of Lightness and Calm | Studio Tilt

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    Aimed at providing a unique holiday experience are three villas nestled in North Goa, each conceptualized in a distinctive design style. This villa has been conceptualized in a Scandinavian design style a minimalistic sense of lightness and calm.

    This Villa has been Conceptualized in a Scandinavian Design Style with a Minimalistic Sense of Lightness and Calm | Studio Tilt

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    Editor’s note : Bathed in the Goan sun, the charming Nordic-hued interiors of this holiday home welcome picturesque and unobstructed views. Its contemporary style, with hints of Scandinavian flair, transports its visitors to a calming-clutter free abode. Geometric tiles in the kitchen and the floral minimalistic wallpaper give way to simplicity, openness and airiness. Further invigorating the space with warmth through its alluring Rattan furniture and neutral-toned setting, the cosy Scandi Retreat stands as a true holiday delight!  ~ Venessa Thomas (Co-Editor)

    The layout of the two bedroom villa with an open kitchen is one that reeks of unobtrusiveness and simplicity. The idea to create a stark difference between all three spaces yet maintaining a casual, breezy vibe that spells out a vacation, led us to fabricating spaces out of the ordinary with a home-away-from-home feel.

    You enter into the living room directly through large, white, arched double doors which give ample natural light to the entire area. Furniture is mostly all custom made and minimal, a central jute chevron rug ties the pieces together.

    As the design style suggests, the palette throughout consists majorly of shades of whites and beige, with subtle highlights in peach/ orange. Striped upholstry, patterned, geometric tiles and some quirky art are some experimental elements that bring about a certain freshness into the space. 

    Both the living and dining area have slim, wooden rafters on the ceiling. The central cluster of hanging lights on a sloping roof brings some warmth into the space. The cane lights are from clay mango. The lotus, cane floor lamp with an orange rim is from Jaypore.

    We were clear that we wanted to have more inclusive spaces, hence the bench seating came about at the dining area, such that people can be a part of both sides of conversation.

    The black metal light is from Jainsons. A decor corner near the sofa houses ceramic decor accents, some pampas grass and a bamboo table lamp.

    The living & dining has an open kitchen. There wasn’t a dedicated kitchen space actually and the space given was really tiny, but we managed to extend it, providing for all appliances required for a premium rental. We have used a matching kalinga stone for the kitchen countertop as well as the dining table top.

    Separating the sand-colored kitchen cabinets from Livspace is a monochromed, patterned backsplash in black and white. We wanted the design elements to really stand out as the highlights, so in a deliberate attempt, we didn’t add too many eye-catching art forms and stuck to simple frames, albeit with some fun, colored art in spots.

    The lighting throughout the villa is also very minimal, mainly accentuated by accent lighting- hanging or floor lamps. The art has been largely sourced from Calcuttan Gallery & the Kulture shop.

    The dining area leads to the ground floor bedroom- we broke down the wall separating the spaces for an obstructed view & to make the space feel more inclusive and opted instead for louvered, folding wooden doors to partition the space.

    A leafy wallpaper in black & white greets you upon entry. The furniture is entirely in wood and rattan, in soft curves. The bedrooms are pretty decent in size so we could include a bench seating by the window, to relax, read or simply gaze outside.

    An interesting element used here is the open wardrobe, where a large, middle section is kept open for hanging clothes, flanked by a closed section on either side. The wardrobes kept minimal yet functional, with a perfect balance of open and closed portions, flows within the minimalistic Scandinavian compass. 

    The space has been accessorized with some décor accents, small plants, books and a few knick-knacks. The bench set up in the balcony outside makes for a perfect, cosy spot to enjoy your morning coffee amidst lush greens.

    The bathroom was re done totally, using grey terrazzo tiles.

    A wooden, floating staircase leads us to a lounge area on the floor above with glass walls that make for a visual connection between the spaces. The space has been converted into a third bedroom for guests and keeping in mind the size of the space, the color palette is largely white, with a fun, monochromatic wallpaper for backdrop.

    With a lounge chair that makes for a quiet, reading nook in one corner, this den doubles up as an additional bedroom. The flooring here is wooden, which gives the necessary warmth to the space and breaks the patterned tile effect in the lower floor as well as the top floor bedroom.

    A chest of drawers added for storage purposes instead of a traditional wardrobe. We have mostly done away with traditional wardrobes throughout the project.

    The entire approach was to give holiday goers a truly, unobstructed space so there is no television in the house. The view from the primary bedroom balconies is also an obstructed one, overlooking an open expanse.

    The primary bedroom on the upper floor is a delight in itself, with gorgeous, terrazzo floor tiles, locally sourced and black-stained furniture, the stark contrast really making the space come alive! textured, patterned tiles in navy, white & grey, sourced locally.

    A rattan bed flanked on both sides by minimalistic side tables in curves, stands in the centre of this double heighted bedroom with floating, wooden rafters on the ceiling. The lamps are from Akway and the gorgeous art in black and pink from Calcuttan Gallery.

    The focal point in the room however, is the wooden, arched wardrobe designed in cane weaving, with a black, metal clothes rack next to it, as the open hanging space for clothes.

    Opposite, stands a small work desk, perfect for those who wish to work when away and overlooks the expanse outdoors.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Studio Tilt

    Project Type : Residential Interior Design

    Project Name : Scandi Retreat

    Location : Siolim, Goa

    Year Built : April 2023

    Duration of the project : 6 Months

    Project Size : 1500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architects : Abhijit Sawant & Natasha Kumar

    Team Design Credits : Karina Dang & Vishal Shahane

    Photograph Courtesy : Manthan Yadav

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Lighting – Clay Mango, Jainsons, Akway, Orange Tree / Furniture – largely custom made / Flooring – locally sourced / Kitchen – Livspace / Paint – JSW paints / Artefacts – Artwork from Calcuttan Gallery & the Kulture Shop; Ceramic & Pampas décor from Belle Nest, Craftribal, coastal Habitat / Wallpaper – LifenColors

    Firm’s Website Link : Studio Tilt

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Studio Tilt

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