Oriana Facade Offices With Terrace Garden and Soothing City View

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ADDA Architects & Urban Designers designed the offices for Oriana Facade,  a design firm which emphasizes in delivering the most qualitative fabrication in the field of fabrication and architecture, located in Surat, India.



The office’s main terrace façade is separated into geometric grid of glass partitions set with the spider hinges. The glass façade gives the view of all the separated areas while keeping it one and symmetric at the same time.

The use of different materials on the exterior such zinc, stone, green wall, & funder max to create a different look on the offices with terrace garden sitting space.

Each glass façade is angled to optimize the level of shape provided, while allowing the direct natural light to illuminate the office floors and walls. The exterior being on the north direction, the natural daylight is soft and gives the soothing city view from the staff area and open terrace.

The working experience is designed to be gentle, dark, quiet and sophisticated with its hierarchy of volumes and spatial textures. Zinc, B.P.G, dark blue veneer, Italian and green wall choreographed to manufacture shadows and intrigue.


DesignerADDA Architects & Urban Designers
Design Team: Mayank Parekh, Kaushal Laheri, Roshani Panchal, Ritul Suthar, Jenish Soni
PhotographyPhotographix | Sebastian + Ira





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