Simple Yet Luxurious Home Interiors| Adda Architects

5/5 – (1 vote) Simple Yet Luxurious Home Interiors| Adda Architects Client wanted an elegant and contemporary home for him and his family. He wished for a simplistic experience and yet a luxurious one which is contradictory in itself. The choice of the client  was extremely simple yet elegant, timeless, no bright or dark colors[Read More]

Farmhouse Design which Connects With The Culture – ADDA Architects

4/5 – (7 votes) Farmhouse Design which Connects with the Culture – ADDA architects The clients had an idea of transforming the farmhouse into a place where their younger generations could feel connected with the culture and recreate the feel of places that the older generation had grew up in. With use of modernistic materials[Read More]

30+ Ideas for a Beautiful Swing Design for your Homes

5/5 – (1 vote) There is always that carefree voice in our head that tells us to run around bare feet on a beach or jump into muddy puddles. While those carefree days of childhood are firmly in the past now, we can certainly capture some of those intrinsic joys and simple pleasures in our[Read More]

40+ Elegant, Transcendental, And Experiential Foyer Design Ideas

Formally defined as, “an entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public, especially a hotel or theatre,” the definition of the foyer has evolved. Now, we see ‘foyers’ in apartments, too. The resultant of the modern desire to have spatially rich spaces has made foyers a recurrent space in interior[Read More]

Oriana Facade Offices With Terrace Garden and Soothing City View

Rate this project ADDA Architects & Urban Designers designed the offices for Oriana Facade,  a design firm which emphasizes in delivering the most qualitative fabrication in the field of fabrication and architecture, located in Surat, India.   The office’s main terrace façade is separated into geometric grid of glass partitions set with the spider hinges. The[Read More]

Prince Villa, An Exquisitely Beautiful Farmhouse | Vinay Interiors

4/5 – (1 vote) Prince Villa, An Exquisitely Beautiful Farmhouse | Vinay Interiors The farmhouse project has been designed keeping in mind the Client’s requirements of a place away from the city din, which is cozy, warm and gives the feeling of residing in the farm as the site is surrounded by fields. Opening of[Read More]