The Luxury Canvas: Soaked in Nodes of Calm & Luxury | Kritnam Atelier

A smooth yet simple apartment soaked in nodes of calm & luxury with the depths of neutrals and luxurious nodes, strikes the right balance between airy and capacious, functional and minimalism. The home models a warm base palette enlivened with color harmony and patterns extracted from the nature. The 1200 sq.ft home in Surat, Gujarat[Read More]

Residence that exudes a Balance of Vintage Vibes with Contemporary Design Elements | Dinterplay Architects

When faced with the challenge of blending the bucolic ways of living with the inescapable modern grind, Dinterplay Architects had a creative solution in mind. They designed the contemporary design Zarukha House from the ground up with an open-roof central court and impeccable latticework on the facade, two elements nearly impossible to find in architectural[Read More]

Minimal Design Dwelling with Simplistic Textures and Subtle Statement Décor | A J Architects

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul” The intent of this minimal design is to take advantage of the home’s contemporary interior, bring in additional natural light, and utilize a combination of pastel wall color and contemporary furnishings and accessories to achieve a comfortable but eye-catching ambiance. Visit: A J Architects Minimal Design[Read More]

Profound Simplicity with Focus on Uncluttered, Earthy Minimal Design | Muse Architects

Away from the bustling chaos of a city, this quaint 3 BHK minimal design home is on the urban fringe of the diamond city amidst enchanting landscapes and natural hues. The neat and serene spaces were the confluence of the design narrative. The aim was to achieve materiality with a minimalistic approach. Wood is a[Read More]

Fluid and Functional Office Design that Fosters Creativity and Discipline | Vedhas Arch design

The existing Office Design space of the client in the complex occupies an area of 1440 sq. feet. Within these dimensions, the functions are articulated in such a way that there seems an easy, fluid and functional flow of the hierarchy of spaces. This fluidity is mainly achieved because of the rhythm that is generated[Read More]

Palette of Minimalism and Simplicity Adorns this Office Design | Sattva Design Studio

This is the Office Design of Cement Article Factory which is located in vallabhvidyanagar GIDC within the manufacturing unit.We have selected 1800 sq. Ft. Out of 60,000 sq. Ft. Area for office construction.The client has been into manufacturing cement products for the past three generations. One of the key requirements was to display all the[Read More]

Taste of Traditional as well as Modern Interior Design in the Skewed Brick House | Hundreddesigns

Designs are responsible to invoke strong emotions when you witness them. Be it calm, excitement, belongingness, or a sense of nostalgia. Mallika’s “Skewed Brick House” design plays with your senses by introducing sundry design elements one after the other resulting in a balanced, most spectacular outcome a Residence can have. There is a taste of traditional as[Read More]

A Colorful Abode of Modern Interiors | Designbox Studio

The key to any design is capturing the spirit of the client”, as the quote says this residence reflects the free and joyful spirit of the client in terms of the vibrant colors used in the residence which is balanced by the neutral surroundings and elements of modern interiors. On entering towards the house, the[Read More]

Idea of Sustainable Architecture by Understanding and Responding to Climate and Context | Aangan Architects

Sustainable architecture is now an evolving field of practice and what better than making one’s own residence a structure of successful experiment? It’s contextual alignment with immediate environment, user beliefs and activities is evident with the space planning and structural materials. The concrete portrait in the double height is a sight of absolute delight when[Read More]

This Institution Design is Balance of Engineered and Organic Design with a Spin of Minimalism | Atelier Aztec

Atelier Aztec was appointed by the directors of Red & White group of institute to shape up the interior space of their new establishment, institution design. The institute spreads across 6000 sq.ft. consisted of lecture rooms, multimedia rooms, library, medium-high focus study pods, administration and services. This Institution Design is Balance of Engineered and Organic[Read More]