• 30 Types Of Beds to Style Your Sleep Sanctuaries

    The numerous types of beds on the market are your gateway to a captivating exploration of sleep sanctuaries. This comprehensive guide on types unveils the distinctive features and origins of various beds, offering essential insights for your bedroom decisions. The types of beds explore the classic elegance of four-posters to the space-saving wonders of trundle beds, where most types narrate a unique story of design evolution. Beds are more than mere pieces of furniture; these types of beds are the anchors of our daily retreats and sanctuaries, where we rest, rejuvenate, and dream.

    1. Platform Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Studio Tilt

    Originating from modern Asian design, the platform bed offers a low-profile and minimalist look, making it an excellent fit for contemporary bedrooms. It is characteristic of clean lines and simplicity and provides a sleek and uncluttered appearance, aligning well with modern aesthetics.

    2. Canopy Bed

    Project By: Atelier 226

    With roots traced back to medieval Europe, the canopy bed brings a touch of romance and sophistication to the bedroom decor. Featuring a four-poster frame with fabric draped overhead, it gives privacy and protects from light and mosquitoes, thus making it an ideal choice for master bedrooms seeking a timeless appeal.

    3. Bunk Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Image Credits:

    Primarily used by sailors on ships in the 16th century, the bunk bed remains a practical solution for space-saving concepts. For many years, it has been an excellent choice for shared children’s rooms, dormitories, or hostels. Stacking beds vertically maximises floor space, fostering a playful environment and offering an efficient way to accommodate multiple occupants in a single room.

    4. Murphy Bed

    Image Credits:

    Invented in the early 20th century, the Murphy bed is a versatile space-saving solution. It was named after William Lawrence Murphy, who invented this bed around the 1900s. It is wall-mounted and capable of folding away, and it is particularly suitable for studio apartments or guest rooms, impeccably combining functionality and practicality.

    5. Sleigh Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Image Credits:

    Tracing its roots to 19th-century France, the sleigh bed features a distinctive scrolled headboard and footboard. This classic design adds charm and elegance, making it an ideal choice for traditional bedrooms seeking a touch of historical grace. It is a very popular choice for Neo-Classical interiors because of its scroll-like features.

    6. Futon Bed

    Image Credits:

    Inspired by the Japanese design style, the futon bed is a sofa-bed combination. Perfect for multi-functional spaces like home offices, where people can rest and work as well. It seamlessly transitions from a comfortable seating option to a practical sleeping solution, offering adaptability for various room uses.

    7. Trundle Bed

    Project By: 1 POINT SIX 18

    Originating in the Victorian era, the trundle or truckle bed is a space-saving innovation. It has a hidden bed with wheels beneath the main bed, which, when pulled, will accommodate additional sleeping space. It proves to be an excellent choice for children’s rooms or guest bedrooms, as it can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

    8. Poster Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Studio 7 Designs

    Evolving from 16th-century England, the four-poster bed features tall posts at each corner, adding a regal touch to master bedrooms. Its grandeur and luxurious look make it a timeless choice for those seeking a sense of luxury in their bedroom decor.

    9. Half Poster Bed

    Image Credits:

    A Half-Poster Bed is a variation of the traditional four-poster bed. It typically features two tall posts at the head of the bed and two short posts on the foot side. This design offers a touch of elegance and visual interest without the full enclosure of a traditional four-poster. Half-poster beds can be found in various styles, from classic and ornate to modern interpretations.

    10. Mid-Century Canopy Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Hohm Design Studio

    This bed is a fusion of mid-20th-century design and contemporary elegance. Featuring clean lines and minimalistic aesthetics, it takes inspiration from the mid-century modern movement. It looks similar to poster beds and has a headboard that can be upholstered or wooden.

    11. Adjustable Bed

    Image Credits:

    In the early 1900s, Dr. Gatch designed the first adjustable bed as an in-patient facility. With innovations and technology playing a massive role, the adjustable bed has now become a modern solution for bedrooms with specific health considerations. It is motorised for various positions and provides customisable comfort and support, catering to individual sleep preferences.

    12. Daybed or Diwan

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Shreya Patel Designs

    The exact origin of the daybed cannot be defined, but in recent design trends, it has been modernised and relevant. The daybed is also known as a multifunctional piece of furniture, serving as a chaise lounge, seating, and a bed all together. It is a sofa by day and transforms into a bed by night, making it suitable for guest rooms, living rooms, or common rooms.

    13. Water Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Image Credits:

    The first design of a water bed was made by physician Neil Arnott, but the modern version emerged in the 1960s. The water bed provides a unique sleeping experience. It is filled with water, offering unconventional support and comfort, making it an interesting choice for those seeking a distinctive element in their bedroom.

    14. Round Bed

    Image Credits:

    Iconic of 1960s pop culture, the round bed features a circular frame and was first seen in luxury hotels or high-end complexes. It is not a very dominant choice as a bed, but it ends up adding a contemporary flair to spacious bedrooms. It can be used in kid’s rooms, nurseries, or large master bedrooms.

    15. Cabin Bed

    Image Credits:

    A space-saving design, the cabin bed is elevated with storage beneath. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, it maximises play area while providing storage solutions, making it a practical and efficient choice for smaller spaces.

    16. Sofa Bed

    Project By: Nika Design Studio

    Tracing the roots of the sofa bed to 19th-century Europe, it is one of the most applied and practical space-saving multi-use furniture in the bedroom or living room. With technological advancements, transforming from a sofa to a bed has also become easier and more mechanical. It is well-suited for living rooms, guest rooms, and kid’s rooms.

    17. Floating Bed

    Project By: The Crossboundaries

    A product of modern design, the floating bed pretends to be suspended above the floor, creating a visually striking and unique atmosphere in bedrooms. The legs or floor supports are far inside and thus give it a floating and futuristic appeal that looks well-suited for those seeking an unconventional look.

    18. Loft Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Frolik +Co

    Another important space-saving solution, the loft bed, is elevated with flexible space beneath. Ideal for small apartments or kid’s rooms, it optimises floor space, allowing for other activities or storage underneath. It is a category of bunk bed, but with only a top bed.

    19. Panel Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: De’ Caves By Chitte Architects

    The panel bed features headboard and footboard panels that hold the mattress in place. It suits various bedroom styles, providing a balanced and classic look for those seeking a timeless yet contemporary design.

    20. Wingback Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Archaic Design Studio

    Originating in the 17th century, the wingback bed is an upholstered bed that features a high headboard with winged sides. Adding sophistication to master bedrooms, it offers a classic and everlasting design for those seeking an elegant touch.

    21. Upholstered Platform Bed

    Project By: Design Studio Associates

    The Upholstered Platform Bed boasts a padded headboard and frame, providing a plush and luxurious aesthetic. Originating from modern design trends, it’s perfect for contemporary bedrooms and a popular choice as per design trends. They are popular because they allow you to vibe with a variety of patterns, colours, and materials.

    22. Floor Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Studio 78 Architects

    The Floor Bed, inspired by minimalism and Japanese design principles, sits directly on the floor without a traditional frame. Originating from Asian cultures, it’s a versatile choice for bedrooms, offering a low-profile and contemporary feel. It complements various styles, from modern to bohemian.

    23. Storage Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Image Credits:

    Taking inspiration from modern design trends, this bed is ideal for bedrooms where maximising storage space is crucial. Featuring drawers or lift-up platforms, it provides a convenient and organised way to stow away linens, clothing, or personal items, making it especially suitable for smaller bedrooms or those looking to declutter their lives.

    24. Metal Beds

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Projects 3.14

    Originating from recent design trends, this bed frame blends industrial and minimalist influences, making it ideal for those seeking chic and edgy bedroom decor. The metal bed frame is well-suited for modern, urban, or industrial-themed bedrooms, offering a stylish focal point that merges form and function.

    25. Rattan or Cane Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Project By: Studio Tilt

    A Rattan or Cane Bed infuses bedrooms with tropical charm, featuring a frame crafted from natural rattan or cane. Taking a cue from traditional craftsmanship and sustainability, it adds an airy aesthetic, making it perfect for spaces seeking a relaxed and organic ambiance, especially in coastal or bohemian-themed interiors.

    26. Rustic Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Image Credits:

    Originating from rural design influences, it is ideal for bedrooms seeking a warm and inviting atmosphere. Crafted from wood with distressed finishes, it showcases the beauty of imperfections, knots, and textures, creating a weathered and authentic appearance.

    27. Single Bed

    Project By:

    A single bed typically measures around 39 inches by 75 inches and is also known as a twin bed. It is a good deal for smaller bedrooms, kid’s rooms, or guest spaces. The single bed provides a comfortable and cosy sleeping surface without occupying excessive room space.

    28. Lighted Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Image Credits: India Mart

    A Lighted Bed is an innovative piece of furniture that incorporates built-in lighting elements into the bed frame. These LED lights are on the headboard, footboard, or bed frame itself. These lighted beds serve both practical and aesthetic purposes by providing illumination for reading or creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

    29. Tatami Bed

    Types Of Beds
    Image Credits:

    These beds take inspiration from traditional Japanese design, featuring a platform bed frame paired with a tatami mat as a base. They are known for their simplicity and close connection to the floor. The tatami mat, made from rice straw and woven rush grass, provides a firm yet comfortable surface.

    30. King and Queen Size Beds

    King Size Bed (Image Credits:

    Queen Size Bed (Image Credits :

    A King-size bed is a spacious and luxurious sleeping solution, whereas the queen bed is a go-to option for many households, offering a comfortable compromise that fits well. The king-size bed measures around 76 inches by 80 inches, and the queen-size bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches. The king size is ideal for extra-large rooms, and the queen size is applicable for compact rooms.


    This exploration of “types of beds” will be an aid in creating or enhancing your personal sleep haven. The perfect types of beds extend beyond functionality; it’s a statement of an individual’s style, comfort, and the profound understanding that a restful night’s sleep is not just a necessity but an art form.

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Ishita Jindal

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