Striking Balance of Elegant Design and Sophistication is a Salient Feature of this Residence in Ahmedabad | Projects 3.14

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Effortless blend of the earthy material palette and contemporary aesthetics define a lifestyle of elegance and subtle luxury. An assortment of textures of stone, abstract patterns on upholstery, brushed brass finish, natural wood grains on furniture and lime plastered wall finish in the living area with delectable plants, features an abode, tastefully done. The dramatic, cavernous entry is a prelude to this residence of elegant design and sophistication. The essence of mindful composition is hence, a prerequisite for a soulful space. ~Yamini Vaswani

Striking Balance of Elegant Design and Sophistication is a Salient Feature of this Residence in Ahmedabad | Projects 3.14

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The space is like a canvas where the shared spaces act as a base bound together with soft lime plastered surfaces and kota flooring. The brass and wood surfaces help in accentuating the design. While the private spaces are a clear reflection of individual predispositions, from crazy kadappa flooring for a bohemian themed room to a chalky white minimalist space. Each bathroom is designed to complement the space with continuous floor or surface treatment.

Like many apartments, CP house posed the challenge of isolated blocks of individual spaces, the concept was to create a spine or a trunk that binds all the spaces together with private spaces acting as the trunk’s branches.

The pathway of the entire house is defined by grey and brown kota strips that lead to the arched entrance door. The entrance passage is enveloped under a vault which is rendered with lime plaster flowing from the ceiling to the walls. The visual disconnect creates a sense of mystery which then unfolds into the living and dining spaces.

The powder bathroom preserves the aesthetic of lime work used in the common spaces. Natural fiber suspended light highlights the modern take on thikri craft.

The living room has a long lime plastered sofa that sits behind a cluster of center tables made of bronze, wood and brass. Overlooking the living room, a teak wood and brass panel forms a perfect backdrop to an uncut wooden dining top. The balcony connected to the living room renders the ceiling and lime plastered walls with diffused natural light. The stripped kota then guides one to the kitchen which is in juxtaposition to the dining space with elegant design. The lime plastered walls then merge into the modular kitchen that has a homogeneous color palette that harmonizes with the walls. The passage is then terminated by a hand painted mural sitting under an arch. The mural is an abstraction of the lush vegetation that surrounds the apartment.  The rooms branch out to three veritable bedrooms each representing the user’s identity.

The free spirited personality of the elder daughter is illustrated by a bohemian inspired bedroom with black stained furniture on a crazy kadappa floor. The eccentric bathroom is washed with grey lime plaster with an eccentric green chest of drawers. The solid platform in the younger daughter’s bedroom is an extension of multiple activities around the bed, marking her insouciant lifestyle. The wall panel flutes camouflages the storage and doors giving the space a unified look.

The master bed sits on four spherical wooden bollards surrounded by furniture made of rattan and block printed linen upholstery.  The boxed lounge that opens into the balcony is inspired by the local flora and fauna where the textured shutters are treated with an ebullient hand painted mural. The peppy pink sofa with brass legs sits over the neutral backdrop of lime and wood.

A modern hanging light with hand painted indigo florals stand out against the earthy backdrop of the furniture pieces. Neutral tones of the master-bedroom are then continued inside through the beige and handmade patterned tiles in the bathroom.

Conceptual Sketches

Material and Color Palette

Fact File

Designed by: Projects 3.14

Project Type: Residential

Project Name: CP House

Location: Ahmedabad

Year Built: 2020

Duration of project: 2 Years

Project Size: sq feet: 2100 Sq Ft

Project Cost Appx: 1 Cr

Principal Architects: Noopur Shah & Chinmay Patel

Interior Styling: Projects 3.14                                    

Photograph Courtesy: Ishita Sitwala

Products and Materials: Furniture: Gulmohar Lane | Lighting: Futura | Kitchen: Tiara Kitchens | Sanitary ware: Kohler and TOTO | Paint: Asian Paints | Hardware: Electro plating Work

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