• 20 Home Library Design Ideas For A Personal Reading Space

    Home library design is one of the most precious spaces in the house. An avid reader wishes to have a home library that suits their needs. They need ample space, a cozy corner, a sitting chair, and a table to keep their belongings in their home library design. A home library design can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a dedicated room, a special nook, or even that awkward end of the hall that you never knew what to do with. It can be the perfect display of quiet reflection and beauty.

    Doing a home library design allows you to customise your reading space with the choice of colour and light and create the desired ambiance. Home library design can be your inspiration for a wonderful display. Thus, 20 such ideas for home library design will help one cultivate their reading space.

    Home Library Design
    Project By: Navien Niesaar Design

    Home library designs are very intimate for the users; they need the correct amount of peace, light, and air to use them. They might not be luxurious enough, but these spaces that are necessary. Hence, these will be given more priority than any other space in the house. The accessories and furniture will be the most sensible choices for the user. Looking into 20 such home library design ideas will help us understand it better.

    1. Library in the Work Space

    Project By: Pangram Studio

    Today’s trend of working from home has risen, increasing the need for a small work space in the home. These work spaces are functional throughout the day and even nights if required. A small library for a reader, along with their work space, will make the space even more interesting and comforting. Having a home library in the work space will provide better sitting options near the desk and other equipment.

    2. Having a Bedside Reading Nook

    Home Library Design
    Project By: 3 Square Design

    Having a big private space for the library is not always possible in the house. And also, there are choices for people to have small reading nooks in spite of having big private spaces. These small reading nooks can be on the side of the bed desk. These small reading nooks can thus be very comfortable and private.

    3. Window Seat Library

    Project By: House of Design Stories

    One can implement home library design in the most favorite areas of the home that have good seat and lighting. Looking at the opportunities that one gets near the huge opening, it is a perfect area for reading. One can have a small set up of shelves near the window where they can display their collection of books. This seat can also have small cushions for comfort and plants near by for freshness and aesthetics.

    4. A Warm Space for Library

    Home Library Design
    Project By: MN Design Co By Garima Agarwal

    A house with spaces dedicated for every function can have a space that is purely for reading. This space can have different themes according to one’s choices. The space can have a warm, dark colour for its theme, which will create a warm-feeling space. The warmth of the space offers the user a different feel for the space from the rest of the house. One can have a big cupboard for the display of the books and seats around it so that one can have the space to themselves.

    5. Modern Vertical Display At The Edge

    Project By: ReCreo

    Books are the display of one’s choices, interests, and knowledge in the house. They can be the best way to decorate their houses with the simple outkeep of the collection. This collection of books can be kept around the regular movement of the home. The long vertical stack of books at the edges of the wall can make the look of the house simple yet modern.

    6. Wooden Displays That Hang Over The Wall

    Home Library Design
    Project By: Auro Design Studio

    A home library can be in any small space that has the potential to accommodate a person. These small spaces in the house can have small seats that will have the books within their reach for reading. These small spaces can be anywhere in the house, such as near the bed, in front of the bed, near the window of the passages, or besides the balcony. These kinds of home libraries will be present in the house without disturbing other spaces.

    7. Closed Cupboard for the library 

    Project By: Bhavin Wadhwana Design Studio

    Everyone is not fond of displaying their book collections. People also like to keep their reading private for their own pleasure. These kinds of choices can be given priority by giving them a closed storage area where they can sit and read without the display. These spaces can be made of wooden cupboards that can store their books, allow them to be around them, and allow them to enjoy their reading privately. Such areas can be in the study room, bedroom, or living room, near the kitchen passage.

    8. Display in Between the Gathering Area

    Home Library Design
    Project By: SPACESTRY

    Every home does not give the opportunity to have books in a private or bifurcated space. One also tends to have a small library in the area that is most hectic, and that is the living room. Rather than decorating the house with any other décor, one can always make the books their valuable display. One can have a wall that has built-in open shelves near the sofa where one can take the books and read whenever they want without disconnecting from the house.

    9. A Hanging Box Storage Associated With Desk

    Project By: 3 Square Design

    As there are compact spaces available in the house, people often combine two spaces and their functions in a common space. Home library design can always be associated with a simple desk and its function. Thus giving opportunities to use the chair and the desk for working as well as reading purposes. Such areas or desks that are kept in the bedroom can have hanging box storage where books can be kept. Such ideas are very flexible and space-friendly in small homes.

    10. Open Boxes For Kids’ Library

    Home Library Design
    Project By: Make That Space

    Today, houses have different spaces for kids and their upbringing. These spaces can have different types of book displays that can turn that space into a small library. These spaces can be as simple as having small, colourful boxes beside their study desks. They can be associated with a desk that will have different books within their reach, along with a small chair and table.

    11. Hanging Shelves With A Rug And A Plant

    Project By: RSAA Studio

    A home library needs no luxury to be incorporated into the design. It can be as simple as possible, with a comfortable chair and leg rest, to sit for a longer time. This will give the reader the flexibility to spread their area in any minimal space that is obtained. In a home, there can be a small library set up with simple shelves, a chair, a rug, and a plant near any window that is comfortable.

    12. Library with a view

    Home Library Design
    Project By: House of Design Stories

    A house with a garden in the centre of the rooms or the whole place can have wonderful opportunities for having spaces that will be small home libraries. A library with a collection of books besides the huge opening that views the lush green grass in front of the seat can have a different effect on the space. This will enrich the home library design in an unspoken way in the house.

    13. Library Beside The Sofa

    Project By: RSAA Studio

    As per the need of the hour, one can have various types of seats planned in the dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms that can be associated with their daily functions. This way, one can have a home library design incorporated into any space and make their reading atmosphere hassle-free. One can have a sofa beside a bed where there are shelves where one can store their books to read.

    14. Built in display behind the living area

    Home Library Design
    Project By: Alkove-Design

    Books can be the best display ornament in the house to display one’s choice of interests. They can also be a good topic for conversations with the guests. They can be displayed with different types of furniture designs that will be made out of various materials and colors. This will make the furniture more attractive and useful for storage and aesthetic purposes.

    15. Creating A Small Leisure Space 

    Project By: RSAA Studio

    There are a lot of spaces that are available to make into the home library. These spaces can be made out by making various open and closed storage spaces with seats ahead of them. These seats will provide more opportunities for making compact spaces larger for their use. Home library design can be the best space that will make the best use of the compact spaces.

    16. Small Library Besides the Balcony  

    Home Library Design
    Project By: studio TAB

    A balcony is a luxury that one can have in their homes or rooms. They can be used in various ways to have a view, light, and atmosphere all along. A person can have the best place amongst nature to read and spend their time. Having a small library behind the wall of the balcony area is a good idea.

    17. Library in Between the Spaces

    Project By: studio TAB

    Another way of doing a home library design can be in between two spaces as a unique partition. These partitions will make the space connect in a different and interesting way. People keep on finding new designs for the partitions in their interior designs of a house. This way the home library design will act as both a space connector as well as a leisure space.

    18. Small Passageway Libraries 

    Home Library Design
    Project By: Make That Space

    To use every inch of the space available in the home has given designers the ability to create spaces with numerous opportunities in one space. One such space in the house are the passageways that can be used as small libraries of a certain size. These passages can have floating shelves that will have independent shelves accommodating the collection of books.

    19. Giving a Window Seat Library

    Project By: The Ad Effect

    The huge opening of the house can also be used as a window-seat library. These spaces can be multifunctional as a home library design. Storing plants and various show pieces along with lights above a seat to sit and read is a very good idea for a home library design.

    20. Having a private chamber

    Home Library Design
    Project By: arcKala design studio

    Having a good place for reading and spending time is an ideal way to design a home library. These spaces will have all the freedom of the space to be designed. Bright or light colours can depict the theme of the room. It can have furniture that will enhance the place with its presence.

    Doing a home library design can be one of the most interesting tasks for designers to create spaces for their users. The home library design can include extra spaces that are accommodated within the daily spaces. All of the designs must have a good amount of storage that will help one store their collection of books for their daily reads. Having small openings around the home library design will give the space a radiant environment. Making useful seats around the book display will help them have a cosy reading space. Implementing these home library design ideas will help one have a personal and intimate reading space in their home.

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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