20 Bedroom Mirror Ideas To Make Any Space Look Enhancing

Bedroom mirror ideas influence the space in a very intrinsic manner. They can enlarge a small bedroom space by the reflections. Bedroom mirror ideas can add glitter to dull spaces and make them interesting. They can be enchanting once placed in different forms and shapes. Bedroom mirror ideas must also be placed carefully according to the directions to build proper vibes in the space. Hence, looking at the following 20 design tips for bedroom mirror ideas can be useful. Bedroom mirror ideas are beautiful décor elements that add up to any home. They can be as simple and minimalistic as the most attractive piece of the space.

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
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No bedroom is complete without a mirror in it. It is the most delicate and important element for the bedroom space to be functional. Choosing different kinds of mirrors comes with the challenge of them being appropriate. The number of mirrors used in the room also matters when choosing bedroom mirror ideas. The choices and ideas are evaluated on a day-to-day basis according to one’s lifestyle.

1. Decide the suitable areas

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The first step is to decide where to place the mirrors in the bedroom. There must be places that are very intimate for one in the bedroom. These spaces can be decorated with mirrors that are not functional or decorative in nature. The placement of the mirror will make the bedroom space look large or narrow. It will also determine the overall movement in the space while dressing or doing any other activity.

2. Focus on the shapes

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
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As the mirror is the decorative element of bedroom the shape and size matters the most. This will decide the way it is placed in any bedroom. The shape will decide its position in the bedroom. One can choose a circle mirror placed over the bed or a rectangular long mirror leaning against the wall. The shape of the mirror can be decided according to the theme of the bedroom design.

3. Keep in mind the directions

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As in Indian culture, one believes in the directions and placement in the house of certain elements for better vibes. Mirror is one of those elements that is considered to be affecting the energies of any place. One should keep in mind the directions of its placement in the bedroom such that it can generate positive energy in the place.

4. Choose the right surface

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
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When one places the mirror in the bedroom they have to choose the correct surface to place it. One cannot place it where it reflects the tv otherwise it would hinder everyone while watching the tv. Also, the mirror cannot have the external light reflections from the window or it will always heat up the room unnecessarily.

5. Hang the mirror at the proportionate height

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While placing it as a decorative element according to its shape and size one must decide the proportionate height for the mirror. This will make the surface aesthetically appropriate with the mirror on it. Any mirror shape on the wall at a lower or higher height will not suit the place.

6. Hang the mirror over the nightstand

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
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The bedroom looks are defined by the designs of the bed and the side tables or night stands as we call them. Both of these furniture define the aesthetics of a bedroom. Hanging a mirror above the nightstand is a good idea for decorating the room with the mirror. Mirror can be of small size or any shape that one likes according to their choices.

7. Designate a Hybrid Desk nightstand

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Often there is a trend and the need to have a small working desk as a piece of furniture in the bedroom. This small desk can have a simple desk elevated from the wall with a wooden or fabricated chair. This will make the bedroom more suffice for the users while in the space. Hence, one can keep a small mirror of any uncertain shape and bold color to decorate and highlight the furniture. By adding the mirror one can state the space differently.

8. Place A Mirror Behind the Bed

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
Project By: Artisan Design Studio

While designing a bedroom the main thing one has the focus on is the design of the bed that is most important. A bed design is incorporated with a bed headboard and the back paneling. One can always be creative to design the back paneling in the room. A mirror can be placed in the center of the bed as a decorative frame or placed at the very corner while intersecting with the corner. This will make it a part of the headboard as well as the décor for the wall.

9. Use Full Size Curve Mirror

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The bedroom is a space that speaks about one’s choice of aesthetics according to the theme of the house. A bedroom demands a certain ambiance that will soothe one’s mood while in the space. Giving the required furniture and spaces for their use is necessary. Giving a half curved shape full-size mirror for the dressing is a good idea to decorate it with a mirror.

10. Add Mirror with Creative Textures 

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
Project By: Artisan Design Studio

One can always use different colors and textures to add to the bedroom. Certain colors will suit the bedroom adequately. Along with the colors when one decides to have textures they can play with mirrors using various shapes over the walls. A wall opposite to the bed can be colored bright and differently shaped mirrors can be used to create the texture over it.

11. Mirror for the dresser

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Dressing table is a very useful and necessary element of the bedroom design. Once, finalized the layout for the bedroom it must provide with the proper dressing area with a full sized rectangular mirror that will be useful for getting ready as well as act as an element of décor in the bedroom. These mirrors can have hanging lights besides them and also can have lights behind them. Both of the ideas will make the mirror look good in a bedroom.

12. Use Artistic Mirrors

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
Project By: Manoj Patel Design Studio

To mix and match has been a trend fro designing any space. These days there is a demand to combine the themes with antiques and give the design a rustic look. These designs will help one manage the theme of the house or any particular space. Using antique shaped mirrors will give the bedroom a unique and different look.

13. Make it look simple

Project By: Manoj Patel Design Studio

One can have a small space where there is a small sitting table and chair in the bedroom. This corner is often used as a leisure space or a space where one can read or work. Having a simple décor to go with a simple bedroom is sufficient for any deign theme. A small round mirror above the table can look good and suit any design.

14. A Framed Mirror

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
Project By: De’ Caves By Chitte Architects

Along with different types of design themes one can have different designs for using the mirrors. These designs can vary from sizes, to shapes to colors that one can use and experiment in their bedroom. One such design is a framed mirror that can be placed over the dressing table with a small stool in front for sitting and getting ready. These kind of mirrors will give a little bit of royal feeling due to the frames.

15. Use mirror over storages

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There is also another use of mirrors in the bedroom where there is not enough space. These spaces where one can place the mirrors are the cupboards or small storages. This way one can use surfaces in a multiple manner. Small storages have already occupied the space which can also be decorated by applying simple mirror.

16. Make it look vintage

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
Project By: go Beyondwalls

One can use different shapes and size of the mirrors in different places for making it look unique. There can be a small space in the bedroom beside the tv unit or any wardrobe where one can hang an oval-shaped mirror of metal frame. This type of mirror can be combined with a piece of wooden furniture that will make the theme of the bedroom look vintage with the type of materials.

17. Lean the mirror to a wall

Project By: J Architects

Keeping a fixed mirror is not the option always one may choose. Mirrors can also be kept loose by leaning them against the wall with proper support. One can always have a full size mirror loose leaning against the wall besides the bed in bedroom. This will make the design of the room look casual and flexible.

18. Mirror infused in the bed headboard 

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
Project By: J Architects

A bedroom is designed with different type of paneling behind the bed that are often created by infusing the bed headboard. One can always use the mirror combined with the bed head board inserted inside along with the back of the bed. Using a circle mirror with wooden grooved paneling with lights at the back will make the look amusing.

19. Mirror as a piece of art


The wall above the bed is also used for various types of décor. These decors can be complemented with the use of the mirrors. One can paint the wall with textured grey color and place small and big mirrors upon them. These kind of mirrors placed besides each other can look as a piece of art over the wall.

20. Mirror as Wardrobe shutters

Bedroom Mirror Ideas
Project By: Spaxis Design

Today’s trend for interior design of the bedroom includes shutters with mirrors for the wardrobes. One can use a mirror over the shutters with various designs. This will make the wardrobes look more decorative and different than simple laminates. Also, it will be useful as a dressing table if there is not enough space in the bedroom for a different dressing table.

Looking at the above bedroom mirror ideas, one can say that the interior design trends do revolve around such small elements of the space that we have never thought of. Nowadays, it is more likely to have bedroom mirror ideas that are creative and unique. This represents their taste and sensitivity regarding their use of the space. Bedroom mirror ideas support the functions of dressing and décor at the same time. Also, they have been a part of the art when used in different shapes and sizes. Thus, these bedroom mirror ideas can help one decorate their reflections of the choices in their space.

Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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