• Stunning Bedroom Layout Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

    Bedroom layout ideas change with design trends and demand. Nowadays, most common bedroom layout designs take inspiration from nature or have bold themes. It will always be the most challenging activity in planning. Bedroom layout design and ideas are not only about placing the bed and side table; they determine how functions, emotions, and vibes come together and make this space of the house relaxed, calm, and qualitative.

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    To make your bedroom space more comfortable and aesthetically appealing, check out these bedroom layout and design ideas that will be your guide:

    1. Geometry and shape
    2. Standard Dimensions
    3. Door and Window Location
    4. Furniture Placement
    5. Style and Décor
    6. Artefacts
    7. Sustainability
    8. Lighting: Natural and Artificial
    9. Focal Point

    1. Geometry and Shapes:

    The geometry of bedrooms affects every aspect of the bedroom layout. The shape and size of the bedroom affect room vibes. Some of the most common in bedroom layout shapes are:


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    The most common and evergreen shape for bedroom layout is the rectangle. It collects all the design features perfectly. This shape is also the most recommended in bedroom layout; while taking this shape, we have no wasted corners. Every piece of furniture and bedroom accessory will be easily located in the right place in this bedroom layout.


    A square shape gives symmetry to the bedroom layout plan. This shape gives harmony and smoothness to the bedroom layout.


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    The circular layout limits the space, and it is difficult to place furniture. A circular bedroom layout is not suitable for general practice. If the building plan is circular and has perpendicular walls, it is still not feasible to place furniture due to corners.


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    A triangle-shaped room is not compatible with general practice. Room corners are not usable, and it creates a confused circulation space.

    2. Standard sizes:

    Bedroom size determines the design, planning, style, and décor of the room. It plays an essential role in furniture layout and accessory design. Although it also depends on the overall size and requirements of the client, some bedroom size ideas will help to decide the layout of bedrooms:

    Small Master Bedroom:

    The small master bedroom size is 12’-0”x12’-6”. In a small master bedroom, we usually consider a queen-size bed with side tables, a dresser, and a coffee table, chair, or ottoman.

    Medium Size Master Bedroom:

    We usually take a medium master bedroom, which is 12’-0”x14’-0”. This bedroom size is suitable for those who have a king-size bed, a medium-sized 6-shutter closet, a coffee chair table, a dressing table, and a puffy.

    Large Size Master Bedroom:

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    The large master bedroom size consists of 16’-0”x24’-0”. It contains many furniture options, including a large king-size bed with a designer bed back, a large ottoman, a designer lounge chair, a chest of drawers, a study table, and a large sliding closet. Designer artefacts or large paintings give the final touch to the room.

    3. Doors and Window Location:

    Door and window openings affect the layout of the layout of the bedroom furniture. Try to avoid giving more than one door an opening on one wall. Large windows is suitable for bedroom layout with less furniture. Door and window openings influence the bedroom’s circulation. It should be placed in such a way that it does not disturb the privacy of the room.

    4. Furniture Placement:

    The placement of furniture depends on many things, i.e., the size of the room, the placement of doors and windows, and the and the size of the furniture. Some quick tips for placing furniture:


    It should be placed in the centre of a big wall with a side table. For small rooms, it should be placed in one side corner of the room to place large furniture. If we have more than two doors and windows in a medium-sized room, then try to place furniture in the in the corner of the room.

    Side Table:

    Side tables are used for storage and add value to the room. It creates aesthetics in a room. Side tables are recommended when room space is adequate.

    Coffee tables and chairs:

    Coffee tables and chairs give a unique style to the bedroom layout. It is more than just a sitting space. It adds prime time to your space. Big coffee tables are preferred in front of the bed or near large windows. In small or medium-sized bedrooms, coffee tables and chairs should be placed near the window for clutter-free circulation.

    TV Unit:

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    This interesting entertainment piece should be located in the centre of your bed. It will be good if we add storage or a bookcase along with a TV unit to make it multifunctional.

    5. Style:

    Bedroom style should touch on the essence of users’ function and aesthetics. Small bedrooms should have a minimalist style. Medium- and large-sized bedrooms have many options depending on the client’s requirements. Some trending design styles for clean and clutter-free layouts:


    Project By: JNM Space Creators LLP

    This is the most decent and simple style. The sleek and uncomplicated lines and monochromatic colour scheme have an adequate finish. It helps to create a layout with a simple arrangement of furniture and style in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

    Modern Design:

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    Modern design styles approach eco-friendly design. This style is also good to go with the bedroom layout. It replaces the extra décor and style with a smooth and symmetrical series of finishes. In modern style, we tried to place the element centrally.

    Transitional Design:

    Project BY: Shanmugam Associates

    This design is a mix of traditional and modern updates. It is best for big-layout bedrooms. Transitional design is defined by its neutral colour, high-end functional furnishings and fabrics, and traditional features of architectural elements like fireplaces and cornicing.


    Project By: deSigneR

    Art-Deco style is recommended for rich and elegant spaces in interiors. This well-known style is defined by its design elements. Symmetry, bold colours and design patterns, bold lighting, and metallic accents are the key features of this style. It gives a bedroom a unique style and design.

    6. Artefacts:

    Artefacts give the final touch to the bedroom. It shows the interests of the client. Artefacts are the final presentation of the bedroom layout.

    7. Sustainability:

    Sustainable design is always a good solution. It gives nature’s vibe to the bedroom layout. Add planters, furniture, and decorative accessories that are eco-friendly to make a sustainable bedroom layout. Here are some tips for sustainable bedroom layout ideas:


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    Opting for sustainable furniture like wooden bedframes, chairs, or woven chairs made the bedroom layout eco-friendly. Choose sustainable furniture wisely that will be long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.


    Sustainable fabrics are woven rugs. Fabric colours have very large effects on the human mind and bedroom layout. It created the final vibe of the room. Bold fabrics made the bedroom layout cosy, dark, and united. Light fabrics made the bedroom layout free, happy, calm, and relaxed.

    8. Lighting:

    Lighting plays a significant role in bedroom layout. Natural and artificial lighting determine the bedroom layout and design. Centrally placed beds with table lamps on the side table or wall lights add aesthetics to the room, and on the other side, large sliding windows wake you up with Good Morning. Some key points of lighting are:

    Natural Lighting:

    Project By: Foxline Architects & Interiors

    The furniture should be placed in such a way that it does not disturb the direct natural light from the opening. Avoid giving an opening behind and in front of the bed, as it creates discomfort for the users. Natural lighting helps to maintain the good vibes in a room, and it also helps to give a sustainable approach to bedrooms.

    Project By: Foxline Architects & Interiors

    Artificial Lighting:

    Artificial light plays a key factor in placing furniture in the bedroom. Smart wall lights around both sides of the bed give light illumination to the room. The designer lamp on your study table adds function as well as aesthetics to the room. The false ceiling design illuminates the whole room layout. Focus the light to highlight the focal point of the room.

    9. Focal point:

    Project By: Earthen Studio

    The focal point is an essential element in a room, as it brings balance and harmony. It serves a crucial purpose in furniture placement. The focal point can vary and be anything that brings comfort to your space, such as a bed, TV unit, lighting, or furniture. Artefacts and fabrics are the most common design elements for focal points.


    The bedroom’s layout’s primary function is not just for sleeping. It is the place where humans share their emotions through different activities. It should be planned with a vision of balance in function, layout, and design.

    For small bedrooms, a bedroom layout should be made where all the furniture is located perpendicular to the wall. Furniture should be multifunctional or have the function of being recessed into the wall.

    Avoid using large or single-function furniture for small bedrooms. For medium and large bedroom sizes, the layout should maintain balance and harmony.

    Each design element in medium and large bedrooms should have meaning and be aligned with the layout. It should not break the monotony of space.

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Pushkar Pratap Singh

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