N House: Oasis Of Modern Architecture In The Midst Of South Indian Fabric | Artisan Design Studio

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N House: Oasis Of Modern Architecture In The Midst Of South Indian Fabric | Artisan Design Studio

A renovation project inclined towards increasing the current area by 3000 sqft, in order to facelift for the house. located in Nellore, a port city in Andhra Pradesh. The design concept was to modernize the architecture as well as interiors keeping in mind sustainability and passive design while considering the hot and humid temperature of Nellore. Narrow windows with large openings over north and the white paint around the house help to control heat gain while playing with shadows. Contrasting the built-up mini garden plays the role of reducing the heat island effect.

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Providing a contrast through façade, by including sliding foldable aluminum fins extending till terrace in order to maintain privacy and contain the view. While Vastu played an important role in zoning, planning, and redefining the entire house, the grandparents’ master bedroom fell in the southwest direction over the ground floor along with formal living, kitchen, and dining. Along with an informal sitting area, the first floor resides in the bedroom of son, daughter, and guests. The gym, a home theater to serve parties, falls under the second floor. Hence each floor holds different functions and meaning over the section.


With silver river Italian marble adding drama and lifting up the space, artefacts collected panels behind the formal living complements the veneer display shelves. When angular wall paneling breaks the monotony white painted walls adds to the beauty.


Tactile textures and soothing colors act as aggregate to the developed cozy corners. Minimal and sleek was the theme to maintain the unity and ambiance of the space.


Located in a manner that gives easy access and views to all common spaces of the house.The Oak veneer adds warmth to the room integrating through the figures carved over, in order to prevent sharp edges highlighting the design. Seating ledges contrasting the black marble acts as a fun element and connects to nature.


To provide a vision of entry and exit through the elevator, it is located in the center of kids, guest and office area. Black and white patterned pallet merging with marble cladding on the wall bifurcates the space and provides a unique identity with green chair and little pop of color. Centre chandelier is adding drama to the space.


Walls, floor and bed painted in shades of grey define a union. Being the major size room of the house, zoning was parted in three functions (bathroom with dresser, bed area, study area). Considering the client’s fondness for gaming, a study area housing two screens and gaming collectables was designed. Living the experience through rgb light was the design aim.


Bringing the fresh and elegant feel through texture paint and golden accents. Tropical wallpaper accompanying green texture breaks the monotony of the grey wall and foregrounds the corner. A Golden framed mirror over the adjacent wall compliments and brightens the rooms with golden strips flowing along the bed.


Bright yet contemporary feel with the use of walnut veneer paneling. Voids over bed, tv section and ceiling provides warm ambiance with the help of indirect light.


Client being a jewelry manufacturer required the office with two separate entries divided in two levels for the staff members.


A multifunctional space which holds space for a family to get together along the gym and entertain people through home theater. A space of all is the design vision with a blend of dim and bright lighting serving various different purposes.


Plumeria Rubra plant invites through the entrance, guided by the stepping stone leading to a sit-out area which was designed to generate front façade aesthetically. Sit out area merges with the front façade and acts as the main element of the design, by providing a fresh view to the sight.


FirmArtisan Design Studio

Project name – N House

Design Team – Harsh Porwal and Shubham Jain

Location – Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

Area – 8000 sq.ft

Year: 2020

PhotographerUmang Shah

Text – Devanshi Siddhpura


Artisan Design Studio an architectural and interior designing firm established in 2016 by our principal designer Harsh Porwal. The firm deals in bespoke  Architectural, interior projects ranging from residences to the office and retail design projects. Artisan Design Studio strives to create modern and contemporary designs with a touch of modern minimalism. 

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