Modern Residence Is An Interesting Mix Of Different Styles : Contemporary Mixed With Traditional | KN Associates

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Modern Residence Is An Interesting Mix Of Different Styles : Contemporary Mixed With Traditional | KN Associates

The entire house was conceptualised in the form of huge mass, voids of the same volume, and extended columns and beams to show an open structural grid. This project is defined by two principle elements. The first is the play of volumes in a dwelling that illustrates interesting double height spaces and second is the use of raw materials and perforated brick patterns. The height of the beams that give the grid its shape varies in relation to the functions catered by each space.

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As visible from a distance, height of the porch is high for a grand entrance and is lower in spaces like gardens where privacy is required. Detailed pattern of kota stone flooring on the porch area, leads to the exquisite ancient door from Rajasthan, which is the gateway to the house.

The living room at the ground level opens out onto a veranda-like balcony that extends towards the landscape. Another feature of this house is the well-articulated wooden staircase. The staircase and the skylight above it creates a visual link between all floors, accentuating the verticality of the house, and provides the upper levels with a heightened sensation of open space.

While the bedroom on the upper floor gets a double heighted balcony that overlooks the porch, with a brick pattern feature wall in the backdrop. Interesting human sculptures have been incorporated on these exposed walls and in other open spaces of the house. The metal louvres that seem to complete the volume grid on the porch and on the balconies provide screening against glare and light showers, while still allowing natural ventilation. The entire terrace is not kept open so as to provide a semi-shaded space for informal gatherings. The beams extend out to the end of the terrace to complete the symmetry of the volume and by doing so, deliver enough light to the semi-open terrace which is the central space of activity for the family.


Located in Vadodara city, in a municipal layout, the site measures 68’x82’, with the shorter side facing the road along the western edge, the brick house is conceived as an extrovert form with solid mass of brick which stands still and bold from outside; surrounded by green spaces from three sides.

Huge voids have been planned in such a way that it balances the masses created through brick walls, and provides natural light and ventilation from every corner, making it a logistic relationship between built and open spaces.

Living room :

A contemporary door decorated with intricate wooden carvings, inspired from the exquisite heritage doors of Rajasthan, sets the mood before one even sets foot inside the house. We believe that exposed brick work in any setting is a wonderful combination of modern and classical elegance.

The foyer area is designed in complete brick work, combined with a contemporary Buddha statue making a statement. The entire house is an interesting mix of different styles: contemporary mixed with traditional, neutral colors integrated with pop colors, cozy corners merged with double height spaces.

Debunking the myth that bold is better, neutral backdrop allows us to bring out some bold elements into the design. The living room certainly attests to that statement. Lines of high-quality furniture and architecture of the room comes alive with vibrant colored cushions against the grey backdrop shows off a bold personal style in the living

Dining room :

A versatile and appropriate dining area, focusing on architectural elements in modern design becomes the focus.

Indian Bethak :

The neutral color scheme allows the Indian baithak, classic center table, rustic wooden furniture and modern dark wood paneling/louvers come to the forefront and tell the story of the room design.

A hint of vibrant hues has been added to modernize the otherwise classic Indian seating room.

Master bedroom:

We believe that texture is a vital element for creating a warm and a comfortable bedroom space.

Oversimplifying things in the room, earthy tones are used as a soft, often monochromatic space that exudes quiet warmth.

What were the primary materials used in the house– for flooring, walls, textures. Were there any modifications to the structure? The architecture of the house was done by us so the entire house is made keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

Use of natural materials like kota stone, wood, granite and exposed brick in Flemish bond adds an earthy touch. Every now and then, brick jaalis have been designed to break the monotony of the regular course. Reinforced concrete has been used to juxtapose along the traditional materials.


Designed by: KN Associates

Project Type: Residential Architecture & Interior

Project Name: Hemal Shah’s Residence

Location: Vadodara

Year built: 2019

Size: sq feet: 10,000sq.ft.

Project Cost appx: 2.7 crore

Principal Architects: Narendra Joshi & Pritesh Patel

Photograph courtesy: Tejas Shah Photography

Products and Materials: Lights: Prism Lightings, Customized lamps | Paints: Berger paints | Furnishings: Aavran | Sofas: Customized by K.N. Associates | Dining table: Customized by K.N. Associates | Flooring tiles: Classic marble | Rugs: Dhurrie Store, Udaipur | Furniture in living/family room: Customized by K.N. Associates

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